Shifting to Supporting Jill Stein Green Party The Political and Social Revolution Continues On!


I (and millions of others) are shifting our efforts to helping Jill Stein Green Party run for President. Bernie took us so far, woke up so many and we have no idea what pressures were put upon him so I believe we owe him major thanks.

The political revolution moves on, so does all the effort for societal changes.
If we want a better world we have to be involved.

For anyone who either paid attention to mainstream media (PLEASE stop doing that) or for anyone that didn’t keep up on things never forget there was massive election fraud, voter disenfranchisement, ballots thrown out and on and on which is all the more reason to continue working for change. We have virtually no voice left, if we don’t work now it’s all gone and to not do what we can to peaceful make things different would be awfully selfish as we’d be handing off an unfix-able mess to the next generation.

Media will be relentless in it’s push to say it’s only Trump or Clinton which is a lie.

Media and the Dem establishment want you to not know of or overlook Clinton’s support for empire, regime change, the fact her choice for Pentagon Chief is already saying we have to escalate in Syria (which would inevitably mean conflict with Russia, a nation with nukes), they will skip mentioning her claiming to agree with Bernie on no TPP goes against her hand picked Dem platform people voting against opposing the TPP and on and on.

The only thing the system has to offer is fear.

Trump is horrible. Hillary is horrible. Trump would do horrible things. Hillary already knows how to do horrible things. She cheerled the war in Iraq, admitted afterwards she never bothered reading our own security reports saying they were not a threat. All she did was read the Cheney/Bush/Powell/Rice script that “OMG we’re doomed, we have to go to war!!!!!!!”

Now we see a low estimate of 250,000 dead, other estimates at over a million innocent now gone, we left a vacuum and now see some nasty groups and we have 20 vets every single day, every day committing suicide.

Hillary went out of her way to cause what lead to those things. She went around the world promoting fracking and GMOs. She isn’t the lesser evil, she’s just evil just as Trump is.

People now have to make a decision who to support. I am supporting Stein. I’m not going to buy into this mindless fear campaign. I am going to work to make this a better world just as I always have. That is why I supported (and still do, but I won’t vote for Clinton) Bernie Sanders. That is what this site was about.

Independent voters are at 43% of the US as of a while ago, lots more due to #DemExit but numbers are not available yet.Dem Party was at 30%, obviously less now.
Repub Party was at 27% or something.

We have the numbers, we just need to be involved, get paper ballots to replace the machines, and understand it is ALL of us that need to work at change, not just a few. It won’t work if just “activists” put forth the effort. The “bad” people.. war mongers, corporate puppets, greedy selfish people…they work overtime at making things worse, they don’t leave it up to others. We have to be even more committed to change than they are at their power and money hoarding efforts.

I’ll be building a new version of this site when I can. It will be about helping Stein and collaborations musical, video etc dealing with Earth, rights, etc.

Please do NOT contact me trying to sell me on supporting Hillary or anything else along those lines, as I said I’m not falling for that garbage. If you want a better world you can’t support a lying manipulative corporate puppet who desires money and power and has no qualms with war for profit sold on lies.

Here is Stein’s site, if you want to help, the big things now are simply signatures to get her on all ballots (simple enough, I’ve done it) and showing support so she has the numbers to be in on the national debates because THAT is where she can skyrocket in support, but we need to be leaders, not lemmings, so support her now.

Unsubscribe from all Dem emails and newsletters. Nothing coming from them is worth your time.

#DemExit (leave the Dem Party/change party affiliation/update your voter registration. Go here for info and to do that, it’s easy but varies by state.

Life is not a spectator sport. The curtain is up, this is not a dress rehearsal, life is happening and our actions or inaction affect people, animals and planet.

Jill’s site

Thanks and Peace,


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DNC Convention almost upon us, PLENTY you can still do, PLEASE DO THESE and SHARE with DELEGATES!

can still do sm
Hi All, The Convention starts Monday 25th. The way it works will presumably be they nominate Hillary right away as that’s pretty much procedure. BUT Bernie can since he has NOT conceded yet call for it to be a “Brokered” convention.
That means basically that the two of them will both state why they should be the one nominated.
He has MANY things on his side with the most obvious being every poll puts him above Trump. She either is barely above, ties or loses.I’ll skip many of the other reasons and get to what you can do.
Do all or some but DO SOMETHING!
This world won’t get better ignoring it, dis-empowering yourself with thoughts that we are powerless or by waiting for others to do something.
YOU have to make the world what you want!
1) Get word to delegates to NOT boo when the yays for her are called for as boos will make it louder and make it seem like she has more yays.
2) Get word to delegates to be involved and follow rules such as Roberts Rules of Order (I’ll put some links below)
3) Get word to the DNC and superdelegates that she can lose, if they want to do what is best for the party they HAVE to nominate Bernie.
4) #DemExit Which means change your registration/party affiliation to Green Party or other. You will still be able to vote for Bernie if he is chosen or anyone else but the mass exodus that is going on especially to the Green Party (which is very, very, closely aligned to Bernie’s stand on issues) sends a very strong message to the superdelegates that if they do not choose Bernie they are looking at a loss in November to the Republicans AND a party that will just crumble away.
5) Get word to anyone going to Philly to demonstrate/visit/protest/support Bernie that they MUST ACTIVELY MAKE SURE IT REMAINS PEACEFUL! They have to ACTIVELY encourage and keep it Peaceful. There can be anger, frustration, it will be hot, there could very well be agitators that are not Bernie people trying to make us look bad as that would hurt our cause, so encourage and spread word to make Peace happen.
6) Try to awaken people (especially Hillary supporters) to the facts including she could easily lose, etc.


IF BERNIE IS NOT NOMINATED THEN WE PUSH HIM TO RUN INDEPENDENT OR WITH THE GREEN PARTY. THE GREENS ARE STRONGER BY THE DAY, HAVE GOTTEN ON MORE BALLOTS AND THEIR DONATIONS ZOOMED UP 1,000% (One Thousand Percent) and Jill Stein has offered Bernie to be put right on their ticket as President, so he’s either going to be running as Dem or could be Green.

If he doesn’t then Green Party is the way to vote. Millions have decided that, Independents make up a massive 43% of the US voters, 44% of Dems have said they will vote for Bernie if he runs Independent and the Dems are only a mere 30% of voters. Repubs are even less. WE HAVE THE NUMBERS, WE CAN EASILY GET A DECENT PERSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW AS LONG AS WE STICK TO OUR BELIEFS!
Bernie said over and over that we are powerful IF we stick together and not let us get divided. So we support him or Green and we can do this.
We have the numbers. Stand for what you want NOW. This is the time, not 4, 8 or 12 years from now, but NOW.
Go to facebook and get all the info, get some or all of it out there and LET’S MAKE THIS THE TYPE OF WORLD WE WANT AND IS ACTUALLY IN OUR REACH!
Post with lots of info in the comments on it
Or if that doesn’t work for some reason, just go to my page

Thanks and Peace,

MELLOW OUT there can be MUCH more to this than we see!

*EDIT – if you’ve already read this please see end of post for update from me THEN one I added with new info TWICE*
OK, whatever is going on with Bernie and the Hillary endorsement is possibly more than it seems on the surface. It is possible. Bernie does have the ability to plan things out and be strategic, we know that through his being able to get bipartisan support for bills, so keep in mind there could be more to it than it seems.
There is the possibility he’s doing this knowing she’ll be indicted or the DNC will see him as uniting and then by the convention he’ll have a better chance at being nominated because for whatever reason she won’t be able to run.
It is possible.
Anyway, it’s not at the convention yet, so it’s not like today is everything.
IF it boils down to it I (and millions others) will NOT vote for her and I would assume most of us will vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, but we are not there yet.
— Do NOT dismiss the fact that Bernie’s faced the evil for years and he’s worked to change things in a planned out, smart way.
–We’ll see what’s up at the convention.
–If he continues to support her then we walk.
Strategic battles especially one where Bernie (or any outsider) is going up against the whole machine will end up being complicated and often will not be what they appear.
A news item today mentioned that she has 53% of Americans thinking she should be indicted.
So just picture if he wins over her supporters, shows he can unite the party and then she is indicted or whatever, then he’s in a much, much, much better position for them to choose him.
We still have a couple weeks to go.
— Allow yourself to consider that things are more than they seem.
It’s on to the convention.
— THEN and ONLY THEN we all should make our decisions of what to do.

I just hope people can mellow out a bit and ride it out. It’s only 2 weeks.
Waiting and seeing what happens will not hurt.
Waiting won’t hurt but people can cause hurt to the movement by letting emotions take over. We have to be smart.
Those that profit from war, those than don’t care about rights and all those other people that don’t want Bernie are careful controlled planning people. They picture things and carry them out. We need to outsmart them and with emotions so damn high right now we can end up being our own undoing.
— And for the record in case anyone who doesn’t know me stumbles upon this post or comment, you’re not going to find many people that want change more then me or many more people that have poured themselves into supporting Bernie and all those issues for a long, long time, so I know, man oh man do I know the frustration and sadness and everything else.
But just like we haven’t seen all the workings behind the scenes in many things, this is the same.
== 2 weeks.
2 weeks and we’ll see what’s up and can decide then.
Just 2 weeks.

Update … I should have made it clear that if you want to leave the Dem Party and change your party registration to let’s say the Green Party then doing that BEFORE the convention may be a good idea so as to show the superdelegates we are serious and they should choose Bernie.  
When I was saying wait, I mean wait until the convention to see exactly what is up and if Bernie has any plans that we don’t know about and that he can’t say before the convention.

UPDATE 2………. ‎Thanks to Marty Matlock‎ for this:

Sorry if this has already been shared…
share this text…….it is directly from Bernie’s campaign and is ruled as perfect by Bernie himself through a delegate phonecall 5 minutes ago’

Copied from Laura Weaver

FAQ time:

Q. Why did Bernie endorse Hillary now?

A. They threatened to completey shut him out of the convention if he didn’t.

Q. Couldn’t he have said screw them and go and fight at the convention anyway?

A. No. Hillary has more delegates, Superdelegates, and supporters on the DNC rules committee. They would have voted down every one of our platforms, denied Bernie the opportunity to speak, and basically shut him out of the entire process. All the leverage he has gained up to this point would be gone.

Q. So wait, Bernie DIDN’T quit today?

A. No. He had to say she won the primary, he endorses her and will help the party defeat Trump, yadda yadda but he DID NOT concede. There is a very big and important difference. Had he conceded, all of his delegates would go to Hillary and he would no longer be an option for nominee.

Q. So Bernie can actually still win??

A. YES. And if he wasn’t still TRYING to win, he would have conceded. The ONLY option he had to get to the convention with his delegates behind him and have a chance to still win was to do what he did today. He is not a traitor. He didn’t sell us out. He did the only possible thing he could have done to keep fighting for the nomination.

Q. So how can Bernie still win if he’s losing the delegate count and he just said he will help Hillary win the election?

A. By far the most important thing to the DNC, even more important than making sure Hillary beats Bernie, is making sure the Democratic nominee beats the Republicans in November. They scrutinize every poll, every opinion of the public, every event to judge whether a candidate is strong enough to win in November. There are A LOT of things going on right now that show how weak of a general election candidate Hillary Clinton is:

-66% of the country sees her as untrustworthy

-60% thinks she should have been indicted for the email scandal

-A lot of Bernie supporters won’t vote for her

-Congress has requested the Department of Justice investigate her for lying under oath about the email scandal

-There’s a possibility more emails will be leaked by wikileaks or hackers further proving her guilt

-Many believe the FBI is secretly investigating the Clinton Foundation

-Her “wins” during the primary havr been tainted with accusations of fraud, suppression, lawsuits, and investigations

And then there’s Bernie. An honest candidate people trust and whose approval rating and trustworthy rating crushes Clinton’s. This is the argument Bernie will make at the convention. With all his 1,900 delegates inside arguing this case and 100,000 supporters outside arguing this case, we hope the DNC realizes he’s the only choice. He CAN win the convention, but he has to get there first. That’s why he endorsed her today.

Q. So it’s still important that all of his delegates go to the convention and we all still March on it like we planned?

A. It’s more important now than it ever was before.

Q. What if the DNC still refuses to nominate him at the convention? Can he still run third party now that he endorsed her?

A. Yes. In fact, running third party has never been an option until AFTER the convention. We need to stick with Bernie and see this through to the convention. He’s led us this far. Do not abandon him now.


And let me add that it appears one of the best things we can do right now is #DemExit (change registration from Dem Party to Green Party or whatever although Green is probably closest to alignment with Bernie, but do not change if you are a delegate). Change BEFORE the convention (July 25th) because that will send a message to the party and superdelegates that they will NOT get enough support for Hillary to win, it shows we will stand for what we want.
This is NOT abandoning Bernie, but supporting him by showing the DNC our power and that it is HE that we support, not anyone else.
ALL registered voters can vote in November, so if Bernie is nominated you can vote for him even if you have changed your reg. The only people that shouldn’t are delegates and anyone that may have a downticket primary, but most of us can change and it will send a strong message. Media will dismiss us but note and do not forget that Independents are over 40% of voters, and 44% of Dems said they’d vote for Bernie if he ran Independent.
Imagine the Dems seeing 44% of their party leave. They would see they have to serve us.
So, #DemExit before July 25, then if they choose Bernie vote for him in November, if they don’t we push Bernie to run Independent, if that doesn’t happen then you can write him in or vote for someone like the Green Party which I think makes the most sense. They’ve already seen a huge jump in donations and most people are leaning in that direction.
Let’s make this happen people, leave the Dem party (you can reg back with them later if you want and in the November election party affiliation is not required, so no matter who you want to vote for in the Pres election you can no matter what party you’re reg with, we are only switching to show the Dems they are risking loss of this election and the end of their party.
Do this NOW, they need to see it happen BEFORE July 25, so do it today!

Learn about and find how to support Bernie Sanders (and other good stuff)

UPDATED Saturday June 19, 2016

Bernie won 22 states, Dems abroad, several states were virtual ties and Puerto Rico and California counts are not in yet. California still has over 1 million votes to count with mail in and provisional ballots. Hillary does NOT have enough delegates to win, the press is wrong, it’s onward to the Convention and THAT is where it will be decided, NOT before then!

If you want to help Bernie become the nominee there are a few things to do,
1) It is vital we get delegates to Philly everybody!
*** Delegates (Pledged delegates, the ones we won with cotes in Primaries) did not have a choice but to stay at the convention hotel @ 450+ a night (Even ones LIVING in Philly are required to stay there!).
*** The estimated cost with expenses has varied between $3,000 – $8,000 most delegates were not aware of this.
*** Some need to pay in advance for whatever their transportation is, so time is of the essence.
*** These people are our voice folks, the DNC sets this up, the cost is there and so we have no choice but to get the money to the delegates.
We voted, that gave delegates to Bernie but unless we get them to Philly it does no good, so…
A) Go to the site
B) Scroll down on that page
C) Pick your (or any) state, click there on the little thing on that state that looks like a couple links in a chain or in the blue where it says the state name.
D) Then on the state page scroll down and look for delegates with their name in red. Click one of those names and it’ll take you to a “gofundme” page where you can donate. Even just a little bit helps.
+++NOTE+++ Not all delegates have pages set up or set up yet, some may have the money to do it on their own, others may not have had a chance to get a page yet so check back there, let’s not leave anyone out in the cold.

2) Making sure the superdelegates (and everyone but especially them) know Bernie is the best choice. The FBI is investigating Hillary, bew evidence shows military secrets were ale to be gotten by the Russian gov’t because they could hack into the server she illegally was using in her home to carry out Sate Dept work, new emails show collusion between her campaign, the DNC and the press and her level of trust from the American public is very low among many other things. She could lose to Trump, Bernie would win against him. Share that information far and wide in social media and elsewhere.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence of election fraud that has gone on. Polling places with non working machines, poll workers trained wrong and giving out provisional ballots when they should have given regular ballots, flipped votes, registrations changed by someone other than the voter, HUGE discrepancies between exit polls and vote counts and on and on.
This is not just about Bernie, this is an American issue. If our votes are not counted then we have no voice, we have no say in how the country is run or what happens and that is totally against what we are supposed to be.
International organizations have rated us as terrible when it comes to election integrity. We like to think of ourselves and pure and a shining example of democracy, but sitting and thinking that’s what we are is how it happened. No one made sure it STAYED pure, so now we have a mess and we had all better be involved. I know that’s a tough thing to swallow but it is what it is.

Here’s a relatively short video, it will bring you up to speed on the issue and some of what is being done. get informed and get vocal.

Here are a couple sites with info, I’ll add more as I can. You can also check into some facebook groups.

Below is info about Bernie. If all that you know about him comes from mainstream media or other candidates please read up on him. His history, his unmatched comprehensive policies and the fact we can guarantee he is what he says he is means he is the person for the job of President. With the economic, diplomatic and environmental problems we are facing we need someone like him in office. He should get our support as he will help us all including long into the future when our kids will inherit this world.

Just a couple quick additions here…
2,000 Drs endorse Bernie’s universal healthcare proposal (which by the way will SAVE you money)
185,000 nurses endorse Bernie
as do 250,000 American Postal Workers Union,
700,000 strong Communications Workers of America along with many, many others including but not limited to unions of healthcare workers, electricians, technical engineers, iron workers, transport etc etc.
One thing to note is when the vote to endorse is up to the union members they overwhelmingly support Bernie but when it’s just left up to the people running the unions they tend to lean to other candidates. That says a lot. When the people choose it’s Bernie.
Many prominent journalists, artists, government officials, business leaders, athletes and scholars also join the massive growing list.
170 economists endorse Bernie’s plan to reform Wall St (which can protect us from
another crash like in 2008 or worse)
Bernie’s top contributors are Active Duty Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

If you are wondering about the Nevada convention please note you’ll not get anything resembling reality through mainstream media. Boiled down the DNC broke a number of their own rules trying to tilt things in Hillary’s favor and there was no violence from Bernie’s supporters. The only person arrested was a Clinton supporter who assaulted a delegate of Bernie’s.  More updates will be below the videos as I can add them or just look into independent media. Don’t let any of that distract you from the important issues we all face.

If you aren’t informed on where Bernie Sanders stands on issues or what some of his campaign is about please read up at  Or go straight to  for the many issues and policies clearly spelled out including how everything will be paid for which IS NOT A BUNCH OF TAXES ON YOU. You’ll actually save money plus many people will make more money plus imagine our country where everyone is healthier and better educated and we have a strong and sustainable economy.

—— As is (unfortunately) always the case there are misunderstandings and often outright distortions or lies about anyone running for office and what they stand for/have said/etc. So please in all cases read up from multiple sources and verify facts.

If you would like to see a few very important reasons why Hillary Clinton or others should not be our choice please go to

A few videos about Bernie are below if you’d like to watch them.

If you think you “aren’t political” just please remember that every aspect of your and your children’s lives are affected by politics. Everything. Your job, your money, how clean (or polluted) your air and water is, food labeling and safety, your rights, schools, parks, social services, your retirement fund, trees, oceans, lakes, safety of roads, cost of college, your legal rights and everything else.
You can’t be “not involved” because if you ignore it (like so many have) you end up with things worse (which is what we see right now and what we’re working to change for the better).

Bernie Sanders has a solid indisputable record of fighting for people’s rights, civil rights, justice and to have a fair economy and that is why this site and those associated with it back Bernie Sanders for President. This site is in existence to make this a better world through collaborations on music, art, film and video and since Bernie stands and has stood for many of the same important things much (but not all) of the focus of this site right now will be in support of Bernie and making sure people know what he actually stands for and plans since mainstream media isn’t exactly the best source for that.

If all you know about Bernie is what other candidates say or what some in media say please do yourself, your kids and our country a favor and read up at

Boiled down his policies are based on people being paid fair livable wages, rich profitable corporations should not be getting subsidies (which is also called corporate welfare or handouts because there is no reason to hand money to a company that is already raking in plenty of profits) and to stop the special treatment to the top most richest people.
He wants a well educated and healthy country which obviously helps individuals, it will help all businesses because if everyone has decent health care they miss less work and if they are educated they benefit and companies will have a much wider pool of qualified workers to choose from and also we as a country will be much stronger as we again can lead the world in technology (which we have not for years now) and innovations.

He wants to get the money out of politics because today unless you have tons of money your voice is not paid attention to. That’s not a a party issue or a conservative or liberal issue, it’s an American issue, it’s our government, it is about WE the people.

He’s out to help us all and anyone saying any different either is not fully informed or for whatever reason wants things to remain as they are and the way things are is poverty is spreading, the middle class is disappearing, the “American dream” being more and more an unattainable dream, our schools and health care rated way below several other countries, our health care costs higher than everywhere else, prescription drug prices higher than anywhere else and our environment and infrastructure needing serious attention.

We can not allow this to continue.

When we see children and picture their future it should not be in question if they will be happy, healthy and be able to live to their potential.

We can be a strong country that leads the world. We can invent and manufacture, we can inspire, we can do this by focusing on fixing what is wrong and setting things up so that as long as we stay involved we will not head down the path of letting things deteriorate by ending up with politicians that do not care and do not serve us. The outrageous fact that money is what drives who gets in office and what legislation is or is not passed must end. Money must be gotten out of politics and that can be done.

You can find Sander’s stand on these and other issues at Please visit there, read up, vote for him in your state’s Primary or Caucus, volunteer to help in his campaign and let’s work together for ourselves and our kids. We HAVE to do what we can, we can’t say to kids that it’s too late or nothing can change or we’re going to leave things as they are. We can’t do that because we don’t have the right AND we can’t do that because the truth is that things CAN change as long as WE decide to make to happen. Humans are capable of great good. This country is capable of great good. Let us together get decent people in office and during that time work on all the important issues together.

The next time you hear someone complain about how the poor get “all this free stuff,” show them this.

Some stats & graphs on income inequality (which affects all aspects of life, not just how much money people have), it affects issues like social justice, national security, the environment and everything. This is the stuff that people need to see, so share it with others. We all know things have changed drastically in just the last few years but the numbers are shocking even if you are informed.

170 Prominent Economists Back Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Rein in Wall Street

America’s Top 10 Corporate Tax Avoiders

And along with those shocking abuses of the people and our system by the rich we have things like the CEO of United Health taking home 66 MILLION DOLLARS in ONE YEAR. $66,000,000. One man, one year. That’s over $1,000,000 a week. That’s over $181,000 A DAY EACH DAY OF THE YEAR. Look at that. How much do you pay for health care per year in premiums? Divide that into $66,000,000. and that many people pay for one guy. All your money and their money sent in to United health covers what? X-rays? No. Mammograms? No. Office visits? No. Heart surgery? No. Physical therapy? No. Cancer drugs? No. It pays for ONE GUY to hoard money and buy mansions and jets and expensive cars. ONE GUY.
When Bernie Sanders talks of how in the US our health care is ridiculously expensive and how many, many people even if they have insurance go without buying their meds or visiting the Dr because they can’t afford the co pays, one of the big reasons is because of the disgusting greed of companies that thinks ONE MAN is worth over a million dollars a week (and you’ll note as you sit there looking at your pile of medical bills that you are NOT the one man they care about).
It is those people making huge piles of money off of our backs that push the lies and distortions about how we supposedly have to have the setup we do and how any other country is so terrible in it’s health care. They are lying, plain and simple lying to protect their scheme.
And look at how much they also give other execs there…
Things have to change. The rest of the civilized world is past letting this type thing happen to it’s people, it is time the US quit being the exception to the rule and got our act together.

If you are a singer, musician, writer, artist, rapper, spoken word, poet, videographer, filmmaker, teacher, gardener, inventor or anyone else wanting a better world and you’re looking to find others to gather with to use your passion, ideas, skills and art to bring that better world into existence then contact me and let’s make it so.

These videos are definitely worth watching and sharing…


Things such as Puerto Rico’s and various state’s voting irregularities, closing of polling places, registrations mysteriously switched without the voter’s consent, improper training of poll workers, lack of ballots, machines not working, notifications of the wrong voting location, voting monitors not allowed to see what was going on or oversee hand counts etc will be covered in another post soon.

On June 7 Bernie won Montana and North Dakota. South Dakota and New Mexico were very close which makes it 22 states he’s won.  Bernie is going all the way to the convention. When I or someone says DO NOT LISTEN TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA the reason for that could not be more obvious than now. Before the 6 states voted on June 7th virtually EVERY media outlet (TV, Cable TV, Newspapers, etc) were reporting a complete lie, a total fabrication that is not in the least bit grounded in what the actual rules of the Democrat Party or how the delegate count is done. They ALL reported that Hillary had enough delegates to win WHICH IS A LIE. For any candidate to win the nomination to become the Democrat Party nominee to then go on to the general election in November that candidate MUST get 2,383 PLEDGED delegates. PLEDGED delegates. NOT “Superdelegates”
Neither Hillary or Sanders have or can get enough delegates (the required 2,383) before the convention. That is plain and simple fact. Media LIED on purpose to try to fraudulently make everyone think they needed to support HRC and to accept she had won.
A total fabrication of theirs. They had even been told by the Democrat Party on video to STOP counting in the “Superdelegates” but they continued to relentlessly even though they were called out on their lie by countless people.
We now have passed the last big vote of many states, Washington DC is going to vote on July 14th and even if either candidate got all of the PLEDGED delegates from DC NEITHER WOULD ACHIEVE 2,383 PLEDGED delegates which means we go to the DNC National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25th where THEN AND ONLY THEN the Superdelegates vote.
The Superdelegates have various things they take into account, they are not bound to vote by the will of the people and one of the (supposed) factors of which candidate they choose is based on the viability, the ability of either candidate to win in the general election in November against whatever other party’s candidates are running. In this case Donald Trump of the Republican Party.
Since whoever the superdelegates choose will go against Trump and since the superdelegates want a Democrat to win and to keep control of the White House they will HAVE to choose Bernie Sanders. In EVERY single poll Bernie easily wins against Trump whereas Hillary either barely wins or in some polls LOSES to Trump. The superdelegates and everyone in the Dem party even if they are hard core establishments types would obviously rather have Bernie win instead of lose to Trump.
That’s just fact.
Bernie has stated he’s taking this to the convention, and that is what will happen.
Seeing the absurd outright lies by you might as well say the whole mainstream media that they did in broad daylight, in print and on video which anyone can go to and then go to them and ask why they reported it as over when it in actuality wasn’t and COULDN’T be makes it clear what “media” is today and it’s not reporting truth or facts. What they reported was mathematically impossible. The rules of the Dem party are the rules and it was impossible at that point for either to win outright. The media can’t pretend the rules aren’t what they are. You don’t see them report that in a baseball game someone gets a triple and media reports it as a homerun do you? Something here, same exact thing here. The Dem party has it set up so that when a race is this close then they (through superdelegates) choose who best can win the Presidency for the party. That is Bernie Sanders. Every single poll shows that to be true. Media’s actions should make it clear to everyone that reporting and journalistic integrity mean nothing to them any more, they are owned by large corporations that use the media they own to shape public opinion. They use “news” as just another form of advertising. And what is advertising? It is someone telling you what to think about a product, what to think about what you need. Advertisers are not reporting news, they are selling you on something. “News” now has warped into advertising.  They are not reporting, they are not neutral, they have no concern for the truth, they only want us to believe what they feel is in their best interest. They can have NO way of covering up what they all reported before the last votes. It is the same as if they had reported that there are 400 days in a year. She DID NOT AND CAN NOT HAVE ENOUGH PLEDGED DELEGATES TO WIN, NOTHING WILL BE DECIDED UNTIL JULY 25TH.
If you buy any newspapers, subscribe to MSNBC, CNN, Fox or any other of the mainstream outlets cancel your subscription, turn off the tv and get your information from multiple various independent sources. Multiple ones. Verify facts. Do not automatically assume that just because someone sits there in a suit on your tv and seems serious and has fancy graphics and some paid “expert” on and possibly seems believable that they are being truthful.
The truth about media’s lies, distortions and distractions is now so easily available to every single person to see that it can’t be disputed any more.

It is now perfectly clear that people see how the system is not working for them, they see that mainstream media is just spitting out a bunch of rhetoric to try to either dismiss criticism of the way things are or they say actual positive change can not happen.
Well obviously that’s not true… more and more by the day we are awake, aware, vocal and getting out and stating what we want by supporting Bernie.

Ignore naysayers. Support what you want. Vote for Sanders. Research on your own and support what you want. Those same type people said workers would never have rights, that women would never get the right to vote, that we would never get rid of racial segregation, that gays would never have rights and on and on and on. Support what you want. Sanders stands for us, he stands for a strong country, an economy that works for all, a nation that can compete in the world market, an infrastructure of safe roads and bridges and water pipes, a sustainable planet and a decent chance for you and your kids. Those that like being in power and gaining from people’s ignorance and subservience to them do NOT want Bernie or people like him. Well, their wishes of being the elites and the rest of us peasants aren’t relevant any more. We are going to make this a better country and world if they want it or not. We will not suffer just so that they can act like kings. We will not see our kids have limited potential because there are those that do not care. No, we will not allow the few to rule us through a rigged economy and political system. We are awake, we realized we had power to change things and we are. Period.

Many ways to help Sanders campaign, one is a contribution other ways can be found at and you can read up on his policies and share what he is about and how he can help by going to


… So my friends and dreamers of a better country and world, stay on course and stay focused. Stay positive and vocal…talk to people about what Bernie stands for, share encouraging videos, share facts, get people active, be friendly and not argumentative, many people have no idea of anything except mainstream media, so share with them, don’t argue with them. Talk WITH people, not AT people. Be involved and make this happen.

This is our chance, let’s not let it roll by and look back and say to ourselves anything as sad as “Well, IF I had been involved, IF I had been vocal, IF I had been willing to do what I can it WOULD have happened”… No, don’t let that happen, we have huge (or yuge) 🙂 support for Bernie and all it takes is for people to see what he is about, see that he does what he says and see that yes, this can actually happen and then they support him. It’s that simple, IF we stand for a better world it will happen. Stand and support Bernie, get others to and future generations will be so glad you did.

Bernie’s main site where you can donate, find events, join with others phone banking, find his stand on issues, his plans etc.­

And make sure to share good videos and things like that, such as a few of my favorites above. There are still a lot of people that only see mainstream media, it is important they have a chance to see the truth, so share with them.

Thanks and Peace My Friends!

Reasons not to support Clinton or anyone other than Bernie Sanders

While I have the same view as Bernie Sanders that the typical negative political ads are something to avoid I also know that pointing out verifiable facts isn’t being negative or slinging mud, it’s just reporting facts that are important and need to be known when choosing a candidate and a President or any public servant.

So I will add some relevant info here as I can, make sure to check back. I will cover a number of the candidates, but to start with are a couple videos about Hillary Clinton that point out things about her and her actions (again, all these things are verifiable, they can be proven, feel free to look them up from multiple sources) that show she in no way someone we can trust with the huge power the President of the United States wields.

I ask, I plead with you to keep an open mind and if you question anything I have here do some searching around, read up from MULTIPLE sources. I understand that if you have supported her you want to believe she’s honest and she cares and that makes perfect sense but we’ve all believed in someone and found they were not worthy of our trust or support. It’s sad and frustrating but it’s life. I get no joy out of pointing out bad behavior by someone or lies from someone. I post it here as truth since that is what we need. This is not a competition and I am not out to “win” any arguments, I am pointing out realities that obvious can affect our future, our kid’s future and since the US is so powerful the future of our world. So please keep those things in mind, stay open, remember the focus is not me or you and spend as much time as you like verifying what I say.

Thank you,

If your concern is having a Dem candidate that can beat Trump then Bernie is the clear choice, EVERY poll shows him way above Trump whereas Hillary is either just above or in some polls actually loses to Trump.

++ Hillary Clinton and why she is not fit or qualified to earn our trust or be President of the United States:

She cheerleaded the war in Iraq by reading the script of Bush/Cheney and had not even READ our own reports showing he WAS NOT a threat whereas Bernie voted against the war and in video in Congress he told us EXACTLY what would happen with things being destabilized and making things worse than ever. Watch this and ask yourself do you trust her as being in charge of the world’s largest military.
Click the link for video…

The Panama papers have shown that there is massive corruption worldwide, and it’s even worse than we thought. Putin is implicated, the Prime Minister of Iceland was too. Bernie Sanders said we should NOT pass the trade agreement because it was just to have a tax haven for the rich, Hillary Clinton on the other hand was all for it.

Hillary Clinton has said she would regulate Wall St and the banks (the ones who caused the severe recession/housing crisis just a few years ago) Bribed $2.9 Million For Twelve Wall St. Speeches
Hillary Clinton has received a significant amount of criticism for not releasing the transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches. — with Cenk Uygur.
Click the link for video…

Hillary Clinton’s speech in Iowa covers a lot of policy positions.
Almost everything she says is a lie or misrepresentation.
Click the link for video…

Why Hillary Clinton’s War Record Matters
Experience doesn’t necessarily mean success.
A closer look at Hillary Clinton’s war record: — with Francesca Fiorentini.

Hillary Clinton’s war crimes are unforgivable. No real progressive could ever support her.

While some of this video starts with some kidding around it covers MANY issues everyone should know, especially Clinton supporters. This isn’t baseless mud slinging or name calling, this is IMPORTANT!

You can also look up her flip flopping on issues, how every nation that donated to her foundation ended up receiving many weapons, etc etc etc.

I’ll add more when I can including info on Trump and others.

To learn more about Bernie go to thew home page or click here…

Collaborative Projects of Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability, Earth!

Project calling out for people to collaborate with on the things that matter …
Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability and Earth!

If you are looking to be a part of the project please read the rest of this post, if you’re looking for already scheduled upcoming events click “Home” up top or if you’re already on the home page just scroll down to other posts and/or check out where it lists “Categories” or “Recent posts”.

Collaborate with me in Cincinnati Oh or over the net.

Singers, spoken word, rappers, writers, instrumentalists, video and film makers and anyone else who has an art they can use to encourage this world to move in the right direction.

All are welcome.

If you collaborate with me (Steve) or others here or through here, the decision of how to get the creations out to the world will be up to all that are involved in that project. Anything that is a part of this will have everyone involved equally holding the rights, so a mutual decision need be reached before anything is released.

These are collaborations, this is not for hire, so there’s no pay involved unless on a particular project everyone does decide to release what has been created in a way that charges people for it (such as downloadable mp3s), decisions like that must be with 100% of those involved to be 100% in agreement. The idea of these projects is to make art to inform and encourage people to make this a better world, it is not about making money. In some cases the best way to reach the most people may be through some commercial type venture BUT let me add again that all involved must be completely in agreement and as for me I wouldn’t mind selling mp3s and so forth but so as to maintain complete creative, artistic and rights control I won’t in any way be handing over rights to others (meaning those that did not have anything to do with the creation of whichever project I’m a part of) as that opens up too many doors for loss of control and can compromise my (or our) voice and integrity of the project. So if you’re picturing making music, putting it on youtube to cash in on advertising and selling the song to some corporation then this isn’t the place or project for you.

We can have a tremendous amount of fun while also changing the world, so contact me using the form where it says “drop me a line” and let’s get at this!

Thanks and Peace,

New meetup group started to support Bernie Sanders and focus on the type issues he mentions

Updates to the meetup group will be there, LOTS of different events and info including stuff either related to Bernie or not will be added INCLUDING events or ideas YOU HAVE, so check it often, it’s just starting and will have more as time goes on!

New Meetup group is now live! 🙂
This will mainly be for people around the Cincinnati Ohio area.
Lots of different type events and ways we can support Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the US Presidency
(Make sure you know how to vote for him in the Primaries, it varies state by state, check here: )
will be listed at the new group. You should check Bernie’s events page for official events
and other events and gatherings will be listed such as writing songs about the issues  like at this ongoing event ……
… which is a small gathering to write, record and share with the world a song about Bernie & what he stands for. You’ll have to RSVP there to be a part of it.

For the next few Saturdays the same is scheduled but it’s only open to 2 people other than myself, so if you want to be involved RSVP there asap! 🙂

The new group will be what we make it, I started it but it’s ours so join in, be involved, share info, share events, start events and if you’re not from around here, get something going where you are. The world can be a place of Peace, Love, Unity, Sustainability and cooperation IF we decide to encourage it in that direction, it is up to us, so let’s do it!

Thanks and Peace,