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Indiana and others sending law enforcement including “Conservation Officers” to ND against #NoDAPL Water Protectors.

For those familiar with the peaceful stand the Water Protectors have taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) it is either known or comes as no surprise that several states have sent police to North Dakota under the false pretense that they need law enforcement help under their agreement with other states that they provide help if there is a natural disaster which there obviously is not. Morton County Sheriff and the state of North Dakota have, by using the lie to bring police in from other states, been having police there without jurisdiction and many of which have carried out horrible illegal acts, human rights abuses and have acted under the color of law.

There are also federal agencies and the National Guard which obviously do not belong there either, but one disgusting thing that came to light is the state of Indiana has sent Indiana Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers.
Conservation Officers.
Conservation officers from another state brought in to North Dakota under false pretense to carry out acts that are not even a part of their description when they are in their home state where they belong.

There are many things we need to be aware of and vocal and many ways we can still help the Water Protectors and work to peacefully stop the pipeline, many of which will be linked to below, but first please watch this video, you will see the “Conservation Officers” speed up on snowmobiles at around the 50 second mark. After watching please spread word and contact the Indiana Governor’s office, the Indiana Dept of Natural Resources, any other agencies or departments in Indiana and some media. Tell them it is totally inappropriate (and illegal) for Conservation Officers to travel across state lines and carry out questionable activities, threaten arrest, refuse to give names or badge numbers and do those things with no proper training AND for that to be on Treaty Land that was never ceded.

If we sit and allow this to happen abuses of our rights will continue, law enforcement will become emboldened to ignore rights, jurisdiction or anything else that limits their wishes. That, folks, is a police state and the USA is not a police state. That is why we have a Constitution and laws protecting the people from this very type of abuse.

So, watch, get vocal, spread word and stand. Find if your state has sent anyone. Find if they have had training there and if they need training to remind them of the proper way to protect and serve. Let us not forget that paid mercenaries are there and training and ordering police to do things. Mercenaries that have serve in Iraq and elsewhere. Mercenaries that serve anyone who pays them. Mercenaries that owe no allegiance to Constitution, country or rights. For our law enforcement to be anywhere near them is disgusting, for them to stand side by side with them serving an oil company is beyond sickening and should be obvious to all that it poses a major danger to us and country.

Speak up.

Video with the Indiana “Conservation Officers”. They show up at around the 50 second mark.

Indiana contact info:
House, Senate:

All states contact info:

Media contact info:

More you can do to oppose that pipeline and help move us to clean, safe energy:

And check around you, there are pipelines and fracking wells and more that need to be stopped. Peacefully stopped. Get aware and involved because if we leave it up to corporations and politicians we will have ZERO chance for a decent future for our children.


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Republicans seize control of ICE law enforcement, block Democrat Congress members!

This is completely unacceptable and should be viewed by EVERYONE as a direct and imminent danger upon our system of government that should not be viewed as partisan, but as an issue affecting ALL Americans and our very form of government.

Here are a few articles and videos, I will add to them as I can plus you can search for more info and what you can Peacefully do on your own. We must remain Peaceful but at the same time we must be vocal, very vocal about this. The Speaker of the House and Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman DO NOT DICTATE WHICH OF OUR REPRESENTATIVES QUESTION OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT.

After you get involved I would suggest you contact every politician you can including but not limited to your Congressperson and your two Senators. Tell them to reign in this power grab and abuse of our system and to never do it again.


“Speaker Ryan is not an emperor and does not control who I meet with.”



Again, the danger of a move like this by our government can not be overstated. Get vocal people, if our Reps can’t even talk to law enforcement then we are in a very dangerous place.

Be Peaceful but vocal, tell others and you can also join in with others on various issues at: But please first watch the videos, share the info and get vocal!

For info on other issues affecting immigrants and refugees check posts in these categories:


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The two party system is NOT serving the people. So, what can we do?

When we look at the state the world is in and the state our country (the USA) is in it is obvious things are not right and they could be better.

I think anyone would agree.

Some people unfortunately think there is nothing we can do other than get in the politician, the candidate that seems less bad, less dangerous or to just support the party they feel will do less harm or may if we’re lucky serve the people at least some.
One can understand how someone gets to that way of thinking but while one can see how that thinking happened one will, if thought is given to it, see that following that path will not help, will not make things better and will actually make things worse by giving power to people and a party that does not care and it also shows the corrupt ones that we will not bother to stand and try to change things.

If someone wants to endanger them selves, to throw away their own rights and to settle for what harms them that would be sad but if it was only them they would be in their rights to do so, but that is not the case. A person’s involvement or lack of involvement affects everyone else. Therefor there is a responsibility we all have to be at least somewhat informed and involved and to choose what is actually the best for people, nation and planet.

No matter how tilted the system is in favor of the two parties, the fact is that now, at least while we do have some say and can affect change, we CAN succeed in getting better people and a better party or parties in power.

It all boils down to the simple fact that if 10 times as many people donate, support, spread word about and vote for a party or a candidate then that party or person gets 10 times (or actually more since they will be much more visible) as powerful as it was. The more support leads to more support and it can grow exponentially.

Sitting and listening to polls to decide who to vote for is not why you have a vote. Voting for what you want is why you have a vote. The two parties in power right now are supported by the very corporations that own all the mainstream media. They aren’t going to go out of their way to encourage you to vote for someone who may serve the people instead of their corporate interests. It’s obvious.

If everyone who claimed to be for human rights, for our Constitutional rights, for Peace, against war, for clean sustainable energy, for cutting off unnecessary subsidies to already profitable industries (for example the fossil fuel industry, Exxon and others get free money handed to them when they are already swimming in money, that needs to be stopped), if all the people that want the people’s voice to count and not just the voice of those with fortunes to hand to politicians, if all the people that wanted our votes to be counted in public by independent people and not just hope an electronic machine actually counts them, if all the people that want fair wages, decent affordable healthcare, good schools, a good education, a fair justice system treating EVERYONE the same, to get rid of the failed “war on drugs” which is nothing more than to boost the profits of the for-profit private prison system, if all the people wanting to get away with private prisons, if all the people wanting the big banks to be regulated and for investment banking and savings banking to truly be separate and on and on… if all those people voted for what they want and not what some paid hacks on tv, radio and newspapers told them was the only choice, then we would change the face of most every local, county, state and federal officeholder there is.

From local mayor and school board on up to President of the US.

You get what you support.

You get what you choose to do.

Want fresh food you can guarantee has no chemicals?
You have to garden and/or know, personally know the grower.
You want a decent non corporate political party to be strong and have people in every type office there is?
You have to donate money and/or time to them. You have to talk to others about them. You have to have a bumper sticker, a yard sign, buttons, shirts. Or at least some of that.
You have to learn about their candidates and stand on issues so you can share that with others.
You have to vote for that party.
You have to encourage people to be brave enough to stand for what they believe.

To stand for and support what they want.

You can try to believe the Democrat Party or Republican Party will somehow decide they won’t take the countless millions of dollars from people and corporations wanting favors and legislation serving them no matter what it does to people or country.
You can try to believe the D or R parties will somehow stop with the sharing of insider information, the passing of legislation benefiting the profit margin of what they are invested in.
You can try to believe the D and R parties will offer something other than fear and shallow words that you know are merely advertising slogans.
You can try to believe they will wake up some day and say “Oh, I have done wrong, I am selfish and I need to start being good, I will abide by the Constitution and serve the people”
You can TRY to believe those things.
You can also try to believe that there is no such thing as dishonest dangerous people or you can build a ladder to the moon.

Or you can be realistic and realize true change won’t be within any corporate party. It’s not going to happen. They are run by corporate money.

You can realize that and then look around and see that there is a national party that already has hundreds of candidates in various offices around the country. That party takes ZERO corporate cash so they owe no favors to anyone.
There is a party focused on rights, Peace, sustainability, good jobs and a system working for the people and that party CAN be as powerful, it just takes people backing it.
There can be various parties and Independent parties and candidates but the one I am specifically wanting to mention is the Green Party. It has the power we give it.  (I will mention some alternatives shortly, and a way alternatives can be strong and not be diluted to the point of having trouble reaching people)
The discussion of how many votes a party or candidate got in this or that election isn’t the issue, the discussion is if all those many groups I mentioned earlier, those that want peace and jobs and rights and on and on, if they back the Green Party then we have a party BIGGER than the D or R parties. Independent voters are over 40% of US voters. That is more than Democrats, it is more than Republicans.

Along with that there is a coalition building organization that is growing and is open to all for involvement and ideas.  They want to bring all the people and Independent Parties together that are concerned about some or all of that list I made (Peace, sustainability, rights, jobs, etc) so that we can be stronger together. Not all of us will align with each other on everything and that’s ok, but on many of those issues and on the fact that the corporate parties and huge donations lead to corruption and ignoring the people, most of us will align.
We can work together, we can reach way more people together, we can reach more voters together and get more ballot access together. So I am going to be seeing how it goes with that organization which is called the Progressive Independent Party. It looks promising. I don’t know how much or in what capacity the Green Party will be a part of that but just picture if everyone checks to see lists of candidates from various progressive parties through that organization. If we get the Progressive Independent Party to build into what it can be, you’re talking the power and reach of a large party at the disposal of smaller Independent parties, even ones that are not national. That can help from local on up, so I’d ask everyone to check them out and be involved to whatever degree you choose along with checking out the Green Party.

Making change happen, getting a decent person in office or strengthening the Green Party or another good Independent party strengthened does not come from a mindset of “Well, I’ll watch the polls and if they are high enough in the polls, I will vote for them” because if everyone does that then there will be no change.
That would be like if there was a new restaurant and every single person said they would go there AFTER their neighbor recommended the place.
That would be absurd. If I wait for you to go there and you want for me to go there first the place stays empty and the only factor in them being “viable” in success in their business is our decision to walk in WITHOUT waiting on someone else to take the lead.

The Green Party has hundreds already in office. If everyone that aligns with at least some of their views and everyone that is disgusted with politics as usual supports and votes Green then we have a massive, major party beholden to the people and only the people.
If they succeed it is because of us.
If they lose it is because of us.
It is that simple.

Plus the idea of coalition building like mentioned about the Progressive Independent Party

Support a decent candidate from a decent party before this country and the world pass a tipping point of no return.

People in and out of uniform sacrificed to keep your right to be involved and to be the ones that are supposed to run the country.
We The People.
People sacrificed for that, they didn’t sacrifice for you to be lead around by polls, pundits or corporate puppets.

For yourself, for your kids, for the future, for the next generations, for the world, please, please stand for and support what is going to serve us all and that isn’t going to be the D or R parties, but is the Green Party or possibly some other Independent such as one that is involved with the Progressive Independent Party. Read about them. Be brave, be a leader, use your own mind, vote your own vote.

Please go to and and decide to support what is good.

Thank you.


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