Earth, Peace, Rights, Sustainability and Justice Info and Collaborations!

Reject hate, embrace love, tolerance and unity.

(You can send me the link by clicking HERE to go to the CONTACT FORM once you go to the full post, if you see just a few lines of text on the home page, click “read more” at the end of these few lines and that goes to the full post) . In the wake […]

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This is a battle for the future of the internet, VERY IMPORTANT!

Censorship, slowed sites, extra fees. The dangers are too numerable to list. Speak up, contact the FCC and your reps, sign petitions, info here and at links below. Battle For The Net Video Bumper from FFTF on Vimeo. https://www.battleforthenet.com/ and https://www.fightforthefuture.org/ Speak up people! We all know how corporations only want to make money, we […]

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This site, what it is, how to be involved.

This is a pinned post, scroll down or check the “Categories” or “Recent posts” or use the “Search” box for specific issues. Together4earth.one is here for you to LEARN, SEE some of WHAT YOU CAN DO and SOME will be MUSIC and VIDEO collaborations. Information you can share, ways to join with others and the possible collaborations of […]

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If we want to stop pipelines we need to help the shift to clean, green sustainable energy.

For info on Trump taking the USA out of the Paris Agreement and what various governments, Mayors, Governors and groups are doing, go here: http://together4earth.one/wordpress/195-countries-but-not-us-in-climate-agreement-how-shameful-is-that/ For a list of some of the risks and dangers of oil, coal, fracking there is info at this post:  http://together4earth.one/wordpress/risks-and-dangers-of-oil-coal-fracking-and-some-of-the-benefits-of-shifting-to-clean-sustainable-energy/ UPDATED 7.29.2017 @ 9:30pm EST Please remember, there are advancements […]

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195 countries but not US in Climate Agreement. How shameful is that?

— > PETITIONS, ARTICLES AND LINKS START PART WAY DOWN THE PAGE IF THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. +++ (Updated 6:55pm est 7.11.2017 and will be updated from time to time) Adding a few things that need clarifying due to people (including Trump) who have stated false information (lies) regarding the agreement (which you can find […]

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Collaborate on a song and video about Peace, Earth, Sustainability or Rights!

The mission right now is to join together over the Internet or in person, but over the net will work fine and make a song encouraging Peace, taking care of Earth, living Sustainable or supporting people’s Rights! Quick answers to questions you may have… 1) Do I need to be a professional singer, musician, rapper, spoken word […]

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Health Ins debate is shifting focus. We need Single Payer, NOT ACA or TRUMPCARE!

The media and politicians have everyone worried (and rightly so, health care is very important) but they are doing this to distract from the fact that the vast majority of Americans want Single Payer health insurance. The raised rates, non coverage for pre-existing conditions etc are caused BY the Insurance Industry. The government doesn’t cause […]

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