Vote for Presidency is coming up and Jill Stein is THE best choice and she CAN win

Voting is on November 8th.  It is no surprise that media has tried to ignore or dismiss Dr Jill Stein but she still being noticed by more and more people and pretty much anyone who is aware of her, her platform and her character supports her. Ignore mainstream media and the number they push out to us. For example a major poll they cite is a CNN one where… they didn’t even include ANY, not even one 18 – 34 year old! They do not want someone focused on the people, Peace, justice and sustainability (both economically and environmentally) instead of the corporate puppets they want in office.

Hillary serves the banks and Wall St and the war machine. Look up the transcripts and email leaks. She admitted she lies to people, she wants war, we can’t have her in office, she is dangerous and unfit.

Trump serves himself. he doesn’t care about people or he wouldn’t keep using business bankruptcy to get out of paying people he owes. His saying it’s ok to do anything as long as it’s legal shows a horrible character with no morals, we can not trust him, he is unfit for the office of President.

Gary Johnson wants no EPA, no banking regulations and he supports the TPP which means we’d see an economic crash, more pollution, more disease and corporations doing anything they want and that means he is not fit AT ALL for being President.

Dr Jill Stein on the other hand is well educated, has a great overview of the inter-relatedness of issues, she understands cause and effect and as a Dr she wants to heal and make our country healthy, safe and strong.  Again…ignore mainstream media and vote for her. She is on enough ballots to win the electoral college and win the Presidency IF we vote for her. Vote for the Greater Good. Not what media has you afraid of and not just voting against a bad person, we have Dr Jill Stein who is a great candidate, VOTE FOR HER! Read her platform here.

That is a GREAT video above, if you didn’t watch it please do and share it, notice how much insight and thought she has on the issues. She doesn’t just talk in short little catchphrases that mean nothing, she actually sees the issues, understands the cause and effect and goes to the core of it to not only fix it but make it so we avoid the problems in the future and make it better today and tomorrow!

Shifting to Supporting Jill Stein Green Party The Political and Social Revolution Continues On!


I (and millions of others) are shifting our efforts to helping Jill Stein Green Party run for President. Bernie took us so far, woke up so many and we have no idea what pressures were put upon him so I believe we owe him major thanks.

The political revolution moves on, so does all the effort for societal changes.
If we want a better world we have to be involved.

For anyone who either paid attention to mainstream media (PLEASE stop doing that) or for anyone that didn’t keep up on things never forget there was massive election fraud, voter disenfranchisement, ballots thrown out and on and on which is all the more reason to continue working for change. We have virtually no voice left, if we don’t work now it’s all gone and to not do what we can to peaceful make things different would be awfully selfish as we’d be handing off an unfix-able mess to the next generation.

Media will be relentless in it’s push to say it’s only Trump or Clinton which is a lie.

Media and the Dem establishment want you to not know of or overlook Clinton’s support for empire, regime change, the fact her choice for Pentagon Chief is already saying we have to escalate in Syria (which would inevitably mean conflict with Russia, a nation with nukes), they will skip mentioning her claiming to agree with Bernie on no TPP goes against her hand picked Dem platform people voting against opposing the TPP and on and on.

The only thing the system has to offer is fear.

Trump is horrible. Hillary is horrible. Trump would do horrible things. Hillary already knows how to do horrible things. She cheerled the war in Iraq, admitted afterwards she never bothered reading our own security reports saying they were not a threat. All she did was read the Cheney/Bush/Powell/Rice script that “OMG we’re doomed, we have to go to war!!!!!!!”

Now we see a low estimate of 250,000 dead, other estimates at over a million innocent now gone, we left a vacuum and now see some nasty groups and we have 20 vets every single day, every day committing suicide.

Hillary went out of her way to cause what lead to those things. She went around the world promoting fracking and GMOs. She isn’t the lesser evil, she’s just evil just as Trump is.

People now have to make a decision who to support. I am supporting Stein. I’m not going to buy into this mindless fear campaign. I am going to work to make this a better world just as I always have. That is why I supported (and still do, but I won’t vote for Clinton) Bernie Sanders. That is what this site was about.

Independent voters are at 43% of the US as of a while ago, lots more due to #DemExit but numbers are not available yet.Dem Party was at 30%, obviously less now.
Repub Party was at 27% or something.

We have the numbers, we just need to be involved, get paper ballots to replace the machines, and understand it is ALL of us that need to work at change, not just a few. It won’t work if just “activists” put forth the effort. The “bad” people.. war mongers, corporate puppets, greedy selfish people…they work overtime at making things worse, they don’t leave it up to others. We have to be even more committed to change than they are at their power and money hoarding efforts.

I’ll be building a new version of this site when I can. It will be about helping Stein and collaborations musical, video etc dealing with Earth, rights, etc.

Please do NOT contact me trying to sell me on supporting Hillary or anything else along those lines, as I said I’m not falling for that garbage. If you want a better world you can’t support a lying manipulative corporate puppet who desires money and power and has no qualms with war for profit sold on lies.

Here is Stein’s site, if you want to help, the big things now are simply signatures to get her on all ballots (simple enough, I’ve done it) and showing support so she has the numbers to be in on the national debates because THAT is where she can skyrocket in support, but we need to be leaders, not lemmings, so support her now.

Unsubscribe from all Dem emails and newsletters. Nothing coming from them is worth your time.

#DemExit (leave the Dem Party/change party affiliation/update your voter registration. Go here for info and to do that, it’s easy but varies by state.

Life is not a spectator sport. The curtain is up, this is not a dress rehearsal, life is happening and our actions or inaction affect people, animals and planet.

Jill’s site

Thanks and Peace,


Collaborative Projects of Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability, Earth!

Project calling out for people to collaborate with on the things that matter …
Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability and Earth!

If you are looking to be a part of the project please read the rest of this post, if you’re looking for already scheduled upcoming events click “Home” up top or if you’re already on the home page just scroll down to other posts and/or check out where it lists “Categories” or “Recent posts”.

Collaborate with me in Cincinnati Oh or over the net.

Singers, spoken word, rappers, writers, instrumentalists, video and film makers and anyone else who has an art they can use to encourage this world to move in the right direction.

All are welcome.

If you collaborate with me (Steve) or others here or through here, the decision of how to get the creations out to the world will be up to all that are involved in that project. Anything that is a part of this will have everyone involved equally holding the rights, so a mutual decision need be reached before anything is released.

These are collaborations, this is not for hire, so there’s no pay involved unless on a particular project everyone does decide to release what has been created in a way that charges people for it (such as downloadable mp3s), decisions like that must be with 100% of those involved to be 100% in agreement. The idea of these projects is to make art to inform and encourage people to make this a better world, it is not about making money. In some cases the best way to reach the most people may be through some commercial type venture BUT let me add again that all involved must be completely in agreement and as for me I wouldn’t mind selling mp3s and so forth but so as to maintain complete creative, artistic and rights control I won’t in any way be handing over rights to others (meaning those that did not have anything to do with the creation of whichever project I’m a part of) as that opens up too many doors for loss of control and can compromise my (or our) voice and integrity of the project. So if you’re picturing making music, putting it on youtube to cash in on advertising and selling the song to some corporation then this isn’t the place or project for you.

We can have a tremendous amount of fun while also changing the world, so contact me using the form where it says “drop me a line” and let’s get at this!

Thanks and Peace,