Day: September 15, 2017

Israel Palestine West Bank Gaza Jerusalem etc

Updated 9.19.2017 at 12:52am EST If you don’t know about the issue of Israel and Palestine or you believe you are informed by mainstream US media you may be surprised to know the issue is not nearly as complicated as some would want you to believe, and you may be surprised that reality is more […]

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Help and info for DREAMers DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”)

Posted 9.16.2017 at 3:00am EST Here are a few links with info, I will add more if I see anything helpful. Please Contact Me with anything I should share by clicking Here for the Contact Form. LINKS AND INFO (Not in any specific order and not necessarily chronological): United We Dream is the largest immigrant […]

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Chief Arvol Looking Horse on what has happened in America

I saw this shared elsewhere but it was not by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and I don’t know how to contact him to ask if this can be shared but since it’s a message to everyone I believe he would want it shared as widely as possible so I am sharing this with good intention and […]

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