This site (Together4earth.one) will have various info and projects, online and in person presence, and avenues so that we can find other people to collaborate and work with on music, art, video and film to encourage and promote Peace, Earth and Awareness.

This is open to all that want to achieve those goals and for the most part I will avoid any censorship of the group, forum, etc BUT please remember this is not a place or forum for anyone to promote their own works. I know there is much that people have made and it would go along with the type of creations this project is about, but this is out to find others to work with on NEW works, so please don’t fill up the space with what’s already done.

There are many ways to get word out about what’s already created…please use those outlets.

Also, this is not a page or place for selling any services, merchandise or anything else.

Further, this group is for finding others to work with on music, art, video and film, so while the subjects may be of interest to people visiting here, no petitions, news articles, endorsements for political candidates etc.

This is about making a better world and in that world love, respect, tolerance and unity will be the standard. Let that be the way this group is.

No hate, no racism, negative stuff, or anything like that will be tolerated.

No violence or encouragement of violence will be tolerated.

Anything bad like that or the other things (petitions, etc) I mentioned above will be deleted.

Anyone promoting hate, etc will be banned from the group.

This can be a great tool for us to use but obviously it could get a bit hard to navigate as more people jump in, so please be patient as I’ll do what I can. If you see something inappropriate on the page please contact me. Use the Contact Form on the bottom of this page (unless your device shifts it to the side or somewhere, you’ll see it).

I will eventually need others to help with being administrators, if you’d be interested in that please let me know.

Any and all ideas welcome, but remember as of right now it’s just me so be patient.

If anyone contacts anyone on this page or through the group or info individuals post on this page or the places I mentioned please note you must decide if you feel safe and in control of the music/art/etc creations before you link up with someone. I and this page and group are in no way responsible for anyone connecting with anyone or any aspect of any of this. It’s just a page you can use, so if you work with someone it’s up to you. I do not check into anyone or anything like that.

If you have any concerns over protecting your creations, read up on national and international copyright law.

If you do post music, lyrics, poetry etc you can state you have copyright if it is legally yours and you can also state if you are allowing anyone to use it and what limitations there may be. At the very least I would put your name on it and state it is yours. Don’t share what is not legally yours to share.

As I said before, If you have any concerns over protecting your creations, read up on national and international copyright law.
There is also the Creative Commons copyrighting, but you must become informed on your own. Some protection is necessary as you do not want to just let your efforts (especially if they are focused on making this a better world) be used by those that may work in a way that is contrary to your beliefs, so sharing and collaborating is good, but during the process people should at the very least state ownership and what their desires are when it comes to use and limitations of use. Research on your own.

OK, enough talk, now let’s create something and make this world into what it can be…a safe, happy, healthy, sustainable planet for ALL life.


To contact me click to use the Contact Form.

There is also a collaborative music project, contact me if you’re interested in a collaboration of music/video/art/etc.


18 November 2015

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