Category: 13) Collaborate on Music/Video Projects

This site, what it is, how to be involved.

This is a pinned post, scroll down or check the “Categories” or “Recent posts” or use the “Search” box for specific issues. is here for you to LEARN, SEE some of WHAT YOU CAN DO and SOME will be MUSIC and VIDEO collaborations! Information you can share, ways to join with others and collaborations of music and […]

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Collaborate on a song and video about Peace, Earth, Sustainability or Rights!

The mission right now is to join together over the Internet or in person, but over the net will work fine and make a song encouraging Peace, taking care of Earth, living Sustainable or supporting people’s Rights! Quick answers to questions you may have… 1) Do I need to be a professional singer, musician, rapper, spoken word […]

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Collaborative Projects of Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability, Earth!

Project calling out for people to collaborate with on the things that matter … Peace, Rights, Justice, Love, Unity, Sustainability and Earth! If you are looking to be a part of the project please read the rest of this post, if you’re looking for already scheduled upcoming events click “Home” up top or if you’re […]

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