Category: 23) Native and Indigenous Peoples and The Truth

Native and Indigenous Peoples

(Updated 12.17.2017 at 4:41pm EST) The people that originally lived in places such as what today are called the United States, Australia, Canada or elsewhere had been there in some cases for tens of thousands of years. Greed, hatred, selfishness and ignorance led to and still leads to abuse of these people. People that deserve […]

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Reality and the Hard Truth

Updated 11.1.2017 at 1:51am EST A few things we should all be willing see, read and think about if we want to maintain a viable sustainable planet and any semblance of human rights… Video: John Trudell – Take back the Earth . Article: Irma won’t “wake up” some climate change-denying people as their whole ideology […]

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Chief Arvol Looking Horse on what has happened in America

I saw this shared elsewhere but it was not by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and I don’t know how to contact him to ask if this can be shared but since it’s a message to everyone I believe he would want it shared as widely as possible so I am sharing this with good intention and […]

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