Collaborate on a song and video about Peace, Earth, Sustainability or Rights!

The mission right now is to join together over the Internet or in person, but over the net will work fine and make a song encouraging Peace, taking care of Earth, living Sustainable or supporting people’s Rights!

Quick answers to questions you may have…

1) Do I need to be a professional singer, musician, rapper, spoken word artist, writer, poet, video editor, artist, etc?
No, you just need to care and want to speak up and encourage a better way through a song and video.

2) Do I need to have experience in doing this before?

3) Does this cost money?

4) Will we make money from this?
No, this will just be shared out. Whoever all is involved will all hold rights to what we do so that all involved have a say in how it’s shared and so forth but this is strictly non commercial.

5) How do we do this?
Lots of different ways can work, we can choose whatever is best for all involved. It could be as simple as let’s say it’s just 2 people, you have a poem and want music to it so you record yourself even if just on your phone’s voice recorder or video and then send to me (more on that later), I make music and see what you think, if it’s good then we get someone to make a video so we can share it out or we make one by ourselves. 
Or if multiple people are involved we can have what people have as ideas or additions on a sharing site I can have set up which will be free for us to use.

6) Does the song have to be fancy and will we worry about it being “perfect”?
No. We’ll be able to make it sound good but the focus isn’t getting an award or making it sound real polished and just like something on the radio.

Basically we just do this, we don’t second guess ourselves. We make something that encourages a better world. That intention and our efforts can help the world and that’s as far as we concern ourselves. This is meant to be fun and help us and help the world, so let’s do this NOW!

I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, some keys, harmonica, hand drums, drums, can can program in sequences along with having tons of synths and other sounds, so I can cover a fair amount or just a tiny bit, whatever the song calls for and whoever’s involved thinks is best is fine by me. 

Drop me a line through the contact form here and let’s get this roiling, we can do this nice and easy and I can answer any questions you have so contact and let’s do this!

Plus PLEASE SHARE this with anyone who may be interested!


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