Extreme Poverty and Income Inequality in America

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While the government and mainstream media may try to paint a picture of the USA as economically strong and good for most of it’s people that is an outright lie. It’s more than a distortion, it’s a lie.

The savings, wealth and returns on one’s labor and effort is being siphoned from the lower and middle class to the upper class (the 1%, .1% and those even richer than that) along with it going to multinational corporations. People are suffering, lives are shorter than they should be and it is all because of greed and the lust for more and more and more money and power by the few.

As I can I will add some info, articles, videos and links to support what I stated above.

There has always been greed but the level of it today added to the fact the US government on all levels has been filled with corporate serving, lying, selfish puppets serving their masters and themselves and a complicit media spinning a completely false picture of the world has taken the horrors of greed and make it into an extremely harmful machine. Your welfare means nothing to most of them (be they Democratic party or Republican Party or Libertarian Party), they don’t worry at all about the consequences of their actions and it’s beyond obvious some of them feel completely superior to the “peasants” who don’t have royal blood, class or proper breeding. If you think different just open your eyes, a fair amount of them show outright contempt for the average person. They will do anything for money and power. Mainstream media is owned and run by the elites and multinational corporations so they obviously will only say what serves them, even if it’s a lie and we all pay with lost rights, shorter lives, more misery and no chance at living to our potential and all of that is topped off with much more environmental destruction that need be because the fossil fuel industry and others fight against change that would serve us ll because they don’t want to lose their stranglehold on us.

Skip some of this if you like, just stay open minded please.

Before I post anything I ask you to PLEASE look into Independent and 3rd party candidates. Neither of the 2 big parties serve us or will change our course. A link to a list of some of those worth backing along with other things you can do will be added at the very bottom of this post. The middle section will be added to so check it from time to time.

1) Extreme poverty in America: read the UN special monitor’s report

2) In this Majority Report clip, we watch top economic adviser Gary Cohn suddenly realize that the corporate tax cuts he’s pushing aren’t going to work like he expects them to.


3) Below is a fairly long vid but he covers some important information and it’s worth watching.

4) One more vid dealing with how government is helping cause some to get richer and most to suffer. Then I’ll add more vids/links specifically on poverty, homelessness, income inequality and it’s causes.

5) A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
Los Angeles, California, 5 December

6) U.N. Special Rapporteur Says Tax Bill Will Make the U.S. “World Champion of Extreme Inequality”

7) Video below… ‘The American dream is moving pretty rapidly towards the American illusion’ — This UN official says economic inequality is a direct threat to our democracy

8) This video below covers some of what we must be aware of if we are to deal with poverty… One is the economic system, one is how we can help each other make it through.

9) America’s affordable-housing stock dropped by 60 percent from 2010 to 2016

10) Video below. (While this particular piece is more of a priority thing where gov’t essentially says it’s not important to pay for heat, it’s wrapped up in how they drain people and how they are out to weaken people) Baltimore schoolchildren are being left shivering in classrooms with temperatures barely rising above freezing, in frigid conditions the Baltimore Teachers Union calls “unfair” and “inhumane.”

+ — This section below will be some links and info on what we can all do. This 1st link covers a lot, please read and apply what you can. —

A) For anyone wanting a better world, Peace, Rights Sustainability…

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