Health Ins debate is shifting focus. We need Single Payer, NOT ACA or TRUMPCARE!

The media and politicians have everyone worried (and rightly so, health care is very important) but they are doing this to distract from the fact that the vast majority of Americans want Single Payer health insurance.
The raised rates, non coverage for pre-existing conditions etc are caused BY the Insurance Industry. The government doesn’t cause it, the greed of the insurance industry does.

Rate hikes, denial of payment… ALL of those are decisions by insurance companies. They are a middle man that is not needed. Why are we all giving someone money for our care and then letting them keep as much as they want?

Last year the CEO of United Health made $63,000,000 (Sixty Three MILLION dollars) in ONE year.
That’s over $181,000 a day/seven days a week/365 days a year.
How many people sent their money in just so that ONE man could be a multi millionaire?

How many other industry execs are taking home massive pay?
And where does that money come from? It comes from people sending in money for health care. It comes from you.

Administrative costs are always going to be there, but there is no acceptable reason for it being that high. The USA spends more on administration than any other country AND the USA is way down the list on how healthy our population is.

Virtually all advanced countries in the world have various versions of Single Payer universal health care and they are healthier. People being healthier helps everyone INCLUDING business and corporations. They don’t have people calling in sick as often, they don’t have people keeling over from a heart attack that could have been avoided if they’d been able to get preventative maintenance health care.

A high percentage of people in the US have insurance but can’t afford copay, so even if they get to the Dr, if a prescription is written out they can’t afford to get it and take the medicine.
That’s easily avoidable.
Single payer.

So, don’t get worked up and defend the ACA (ObamaCare), get worked up and vocal and DEMAND they implement Single Payer and then get rid of the ACA.
The ACA and Trumpcare and any other scheme based on private insurance is always going to have people getting rich from our money.
Get private insurance out of the loop, Single Payer is the only way that we will ever have a decent health care setup in this country.
Demand Single Payer.

Below is a video where it’s spelled out covering most of the same stuff but adds a bit more but BEWARE there is a bit of ROUGH LANGUAGE so if you have sensitive ears don’t watch it.
I am adding it here because she is right and her tossing out a few 4 letter words is much less offensive to me than people dying due to not having the ability to visit the Dr, afford prescriptions and not being able to live.

Please think about this and get vocal for what helps us all, works more efficiently (yes, I know government isn’t the most efficient, but Single Payer would still be better and we can work on making our government better whereas if industry can make money they will NEVER change)
Corporations don’t care about life, they only care about money.


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