If we want to stop pipelines we need to help the shift to clean, green sustainable energy.

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(Sharing this from the organizer’s site)
National Drive Electric Week, which was September 9-17, 2017, was a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Are you considering going electric? Come talk to owners who have successfully done so.
Click here to learn more and find an event!  https://driveelectricweek.org/
or some good links and info about the event, vehicles and charging stations go to

++ MUCH More on electric vehicles, solar, wind and geothermal and alternatives to oil based plastic can be found below.++

For info on Trump taking the USA out of the Paris Agreement and what various governments, Mayors, Governors and groups are doing, go here:

For a list of some of the risks and dangers of oil, coal, fracking there is info at this post: 

Please remember, there are advancements constantly now, so the numbers you see here and the availability and range of various ways of getting clean solar, wind, geothermal energy and alternatives to fossil fuel based plastic are not all up to date or complete here.

IS IN RANDOM ORDER, newest is usually added at the bottom of the numbered list,

The switch to clean sustainable energy is good for all, this is NOT “us vs them” with fossil fuel workers, we want them to have clean safe jobs, we want that and can have it. We can have true energy Independence, good jobs and a safer world. It’s good for us all.

Also, no matter how clean or green we can make our energy production, we must cut back on our use of all natural resources. We can’t be a disposable society. So, living simply, reducing use of stuff, reusing, recycling, growing some of our own food, limiting how many children we have, planting trees, avoiding unnecessary chemicals on lawns and crops, being Vegan (which is a plant based diet and more but at least the diet part) along with sharing and figuring out any and all ways to leave a smaller footprint which includes not just of greenhouse gases and so forth but all use of and destruction of anything.


The info he mentions will be added here as I can or you can go to the original facebook post for it.

One big thing we can all do is learn about solar, wind and geothermal. There have been huge advancements in them. Other countries are shifting to those ways and we can too. We can do that in a just and responsible way, we can make sure oil and coal workers have good safer cleaner sustainable jobs making panels and turbines and geothermal equipment. This isn’t us/them, we can help all of us! We can even add good jobs making, shipping, installing and maintaining new ways like those three. We need to learn about them, install if we can afford them, invest in them, get pension plans to invest in them, get mutual funds to invest in them and divest from the big banks, they support and profit from many things that harm us.
More on that can be found at http://together4earth.one/wordpress/want-a-better-world-then-bankexit-and-divest/
#BankExit After leaving banks, deposit in Credit Unions

We can and must work on getting rid of and blocking any unnecessary permits and fees for personal private use of them. We need to get rid of where the fossil fuel industry has made it in some areas where selling excess electricity to the power companies pays way less than they should.

We need to look into cars like the Chevy Volt and the Teslas (they even have solar shingles and setups for powering homes or businesses) and check into other companies and support them, spread word and help get us shifting if the oil and coal companies want it or not.

Plastic… it’s used for so many things but it doesn’t have to be made from oil. Hemp and even leftover food and plants not needed from farms and many other ways will give us many of the plastics used. I will update some of those soon.

Check out these links and others, don’t just read this, be proactive, help the shift, find new ways to engage others, find new ways to get across all the benefits of this shift and then we won’t have to struggle against any new pipelines. They’re numbered so you can keep track of what you check out, these are in no particular order and again, I’m not endorsing any companies and if you go to build something you’re on your own, you must be qualified for whatever task it is. That is up to you.

1) Just to picture how we CAN power the whole world with clean and safe power, here is a map showing the total amount of landed needed to have solar panels for ALL power needed. ALL power means “the amount of fuel needed to run all electrical consumption, all machinery, and all forms of transportation. It is based on the US Department of Energy statistics of worldwide Btu consumption and estimates the 2030 usage (678 quadrillion Btu) to be 44% greater than that of 2008.
This is only solar, not wind and it obviously would be spread out and as much as possible should be on homes and businesses, so there would not be just a few large areas with solar panels run by a centralized energy company.
Also they keep making advancements on efficiency, so more power is generated from the same surface area all the time.

2) The site with article pertaining to the map above:  http://landartgenerator.org/blagi/archives/127

3) Lots of info and an interactive map showing benefits of your state going 100% solar plus how it can be done! http://thesolutionsproject.org/

4) Some numbers: Global Economic Realities Confirm, the ‘Future is Not in Fossil Fuels’
While oil and gas companies falter, ‘renewable energy has reached a tipping point,’ http://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/01/03/global-economic-realities-confirm-future-not-fossil-fuels

5) Young people don’t want to work for oil companies.
The bright minds of tomorrow want to pursue careers at Tesla, not ExxonMobil.

6)  Solar jobs growing 17 times faster than US economy

7)  Renewable energy is becoming so cheap the US will meet Paris commitments even if Trump withdraws.
Globally, the price of solar panels has fallen 50% between 2016 and 2017, they write. And in countries with favorable wind conditions, the costs associated with wind power “can be as low as one-half to one-third that of coal- or natural gas-fired power plants.”


8)  Investing in fossil fuels is more of a risk financially every day because of the growth of clean energy AND the massive amount of divestment in fossil fuels.
Billions of dollar$ is being taken out of the big banks worldwide especially those backing the Dakota Access Pipeline, but #BankExit is not limited to just them. Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! reports that:  “More than $5 trillion worth of investments are now pledged to be divested from fossil fuels. The analysis, issued Monday, details how nearly 700 institutions and nearly 60,000 individuals from across 76 nations have committed to divest their assets from the fossil fuel industry.” Actor Mark Ruffalo spoke at a news conference…

More on the financial changes and risks of staying invested in fossil fuels can be found at http://together4earth.one/wordpress/want-a-better-world-then-bankexit-and-divest/

9) This list of cars is only a part of what’s going on, I’ll soon make a post with just electric vehicles but until then check this out and scroll through this post for more (including a truck, fleet trucks for UPS and Duke and a motor home and a bus with over 1,100 mile range ALL ELECTRIC!
This short list is from a friend that compiled this…

If you would like to Stop using Gas and Oil now, here are your choices of Electric Vehicles:
~ 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, with an all electric range of 238 miles!
~ Chevrolet Volt has an electric range of 53 miles, the gas generator kicks on after that to bring the total range to 420 miles, you can get a used Volt for around $10,000.
~ Nissan Leaf is All-Electric – 107 Miles of range per charge and charges in 21 to 26 hours at 110V, 4 to 6 hours at 220V, 0.5 hours at 440V, you can get a used Leaf for around $8,000.
~ 2016 Kia Soul EV goes 93 miles on a charge and comes standard with DC Fast Charge which will charge in 30 Minutes!

~ 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan has a small battery and electric motor for short trips up to 33 miles, and a normal gas engine for longer trips. This way most trips around town can be made without using any gas.
~ 2017 Prius Prime gets 25 miles of range Electric and has the efficient Prius gas engine for long distances.
~ BMW i3 gets up to 114 miles per charge.
~ Tesla is the best by far (Super Quick, Self Driving technology called Autopilot, Very Safe, various packages can get up to over 300 miles on a charge, but they are much more expensive until the Model 3 which has started delivering their pre-orders! It will be SWEET $35,000 before incentives. Tesla has a nice lease offer if it’s too expensive to buy. Also Tesla has a nice Pre-Owned service, they have plenty of Tesla Model S for $55,000 right now.

10)  Volvo is first major carmaker to forgo traditional engines

11)  Swedish student startup gets deal to build electric cars

12)  This just announced by Tesla… they have a semi-truck due out before real long and their model 3 has 500,000 pre-orders that have started delivery!
and a video interview with Elon Musk on some unbelievable advancements and plans including where he talks of the new semi-truck which has waaaay more torque than a diesel, plans on more battery factories, etc….


13)  Check out Tesla cars https://www.tesla.com/

14)  Tesla home and business energy https://www.tesla.com/energy

15)  Tesla’s solar shingles

16)  How some other countries are shifting https://www.climaterealityproject.org/blog/follow-leader-how-11-countries-are-shifting-renewable-energy

17)  Ireland Is Set to Become the First Country to Completely Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

18)  Wind Company Offers Free Training for Coal Miners

19)  Australia kickstarts green future with printed solar panel sites

20)  Solar Power Is Now The Cheapest Form of Energy in Almost 60 Countries

21)  Five Misconceptions About the Effects of Weather on Solar Panel Installations

22)  The best idea in a long time: Covering parking lots with solar panels


23)  Pedal power, generate electricity with basically an exercise bike! https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsiderdesign/videos/234842883524015/

24)  Paper-thin printed solar cells could provide power for 1.3 billion people

25)  A few good points by David Suzuki but please note we can ADD jobs shifting to sustainability, it’s not going to risk jobs, it will help with jobs. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/david-suzuki-pipelines-response-1.3892276

26) The best scenario is having individuals and businesses producing as much as possible with their own solar shingles, solar panels, wind turbines (there are even small ones for people to use) and geothermal to get as independent as possible and not 100% dependent on a big corporations BUT a mixture of big and small is better than what we have, so check this out …

27) Las Vegas (not the whole city, but city government) has reduced its electricity usage by more than 30 percent. Estimates place the city’s yearly energy savings at approximately $5 million.  http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a24372/las-vegas-renewable-energy/

28)  And in the Netherlands they’re way ahead of us on their trains

29)  Knowledge is power! Stay educated about the happenings in your area!

30)  Next Three Years Will Decide Fate of Our Planet’s Climate, Experts Warn

31)  Please sign this petition.
What we’re seeing in the UK with this is just one of the many tactics the fossil fuel industry is using. A lot of politicians are also being bought here in the US to try to block solar, wind and geothermal. Warren Buffet among others is at the top of the list of those trying to keep things exactly as they are with people being as dependent upon the energy companies and banks as possible.
The faster people become aware of these issues like the taxes AND the faster people support clean energy be installing and/or investing and also pushing banks/mutual funds/pension funds to invest in them the better chance we have at the shift being done because the more money that’s in it means the more people that will defend it and stop taxes and other ways of blocking it.
And note… mainstream media is in the pocket of and owned by the big corporations that do not want change, so as time goes on they’ll lie about clean energy and lie about everything connected to fossil fuels and the alternatives. Just ignore them and make these batter ways happen.

32)  How to- Wind Turbine Made from Scrap Metal…
Love this! It’s not a full DIY project but should inspire! 🙂

33)  Found this in with a lot of neat DIY projects … if you try them, you are on your own, don’t blame me, no warranty included or implied!   🙂

34)  This guy shows his journey of starting with the idea of a turbine to modifications on it.
Interesting read  http://www.mdpub.com/Wind_Turbine/

35)  Look at this simple way to produce enough electricity for a few lights, to charge a cell phone or things like that….

36)  The Green Party has some great plans laid out. Of course you do not have to support the Green Party to be interested in or involved in the use and support of clean energy but unless we start getting a lot of non corporate people in office, ones that care and are focused on sustainability, jobs, true energy independence and Peace then we won’t get anywhere so please read up on their “Green New Deal” … even if you don’t think you’d support them there are still great ideas and we can all learn so please go to


37) Plastic… it’s used for so many things but it doesn’t have to be made from oil. Hemp and even leftover food and plants not needed from farms and many other ways will give us many of the plastics used. I will update more of those soon but here’s one amazing advancement that can have massive implications in how and what products are made from…
Check this out! Mushrooms can replace leather, vinyl, plastic, wood,etc!   

37) Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass
Three new plants in California show how lithium-ion storage is ready to power the grid.

38) Map of fracking locations in UK and ways to be involved in opposing fracking.

39) Another map of Fracking site in UK including other info and what you can do

40) Interactive maps of USA fracking site, a mobile app you can use to find Fracking sites near you and report issues and more…

41) Site with interactive map in USA where you can search and add info, Report Health & Safety Oil & Gas Drilling Issues, videos, etc on Fracking Sites, Oil and Gas drilling sites, proposed sites, refineries, capped wells and clean energy sites.
Site with map:

42) Hemp can be used to make many more things than you may imagine, here is a lot of info.

43) For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for lifetime
Indian startup Avant Garde Innovations has developed a low-cost wind turbine that can generate 3-5 kW hours of electricity daily

44) World’s first floating windfarm to take shape off coast of Scotland

45) A lot of Green Energy info at the US EPA, there’s a lot there, more than you would think.

The next 3 sites will help you find info on where your energy comes from (not the company you pay directly but the companies and way they get their energy to deliver to you) and how you can choose a company using solar and wind and even in some cases find if Fracking has been used if you use Natural Gas. Fracking is very harmful as is all fossil fuels. The more we get off of them the better.
While I wanted some resources for everyone to use, these do not have all all companies and all options.
One important thing to do is contact your energy company (such as Duke Energy, etc) and get a list of what companies you can choose to get electricity to them to deliver to you.
Then you can look into those companies.
A litle reading up may lead to you finding a company that gets electricity 100% from wind and/or solar and you can see their rates and policies and agreement and choose them to be the ones Duke (or whoever) uses to get the amount you use.
There will be no difference when you switch that you will see, Duke (or whoever) will still bill you, they will just be getting more electricity from wind/solar and you will still get the same service and reliability and only 1 bill per month.
It’s about supply and demand. You need energy but unless you have wind and/or solar at your home covering all of your needs you will use some from Duke or whoever, but they may be burning coal or using nuclear or biomass (avoid that, it can be ground up healthy trees and such, it’s not always leftover waste like people think) or they may be using diesel fuel or a number of other dangerous unnecessary ways. By you choosing a different supplier, the company you chose gives them what you use and then Duke or whoever uses that much LESS coal or whatever.
It helps switch us over to clean renewable energy, creates good safer US jobs, leads to true energy independence and benefits us all. So please look into this, for an investment of a little time you can do a lot of good.

In USA here are links to 2 sites…

46) Energy Suppliers – Compare electricity providers

47) A lot of Green Energy info at the US EPA, there’s a lot there, more than you would think.

In UK here is a link to 1 site…

48) “Does my energy supplier frack?” Find out here

49) Here’s the US EPA’s Project Matching Initiative
The Green Power Partnership’s (GPP’s) Project Matching Initiative works to connect green power users with new, not-yet-built renewable energy projects that may align with their energy, environmental, and financial objectives.

50) Here’s Elon Musk’s Plan to Power the U.S. on Solar Energy
“The sun is a giant fusion reactor in the sky.”

51) Tesla Joins Effort to Pair Batteries With Offshore Wind

52) China Just Exceeded its 2020 Target for Solar Installations in July 2017

53) 86% of registered voters in the U.S. support funding more research into renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power

54) Across the Nation, Indigenous Women Are Fighting for Renewable Energy

55) Video below shows a stirring investigation into an undercover conflict between renewable energy and utilities.

56) In some U.S. communities, clean electricity is now the default Take Marin County, California, where residents automatically get renewable energy at an affordable price.

57) How San Antonio, Texas, became a solar powerhouse In 2016, the area added enough solar panels to power about 40,000 homes.

58) Navajo Tribal Utility Authority opens first large-scale solar farm

59) Brooklyn company experiments with locally-produced solar energy
If the test is successful, more people could be buying power from their neighbors soon.

60) ‘Fossil fuels are dead,’ says CSX railroad chief: no more new trains for coal, ever.

61) Italy sets record of 87% of electricity via renewables
New high reached on May 21 says Terna CEO

62) Power to the People: Wyoming Residents Reject First New Coal Mine in Decades


64) Minnesota Commerce Department: Line 3 replacement not needed

65) France Plans to Ban Fossil Fuel Production

66) Electric trucks deliver savings, silence in growing fleet sales

67) Texas Wind Turbines Went Right on Turning Under Harvey’s Impact, as Refineries Shut Down

68) Victoria moves to become first state to enshrine renewable energy targets in law

69) Daimler’s electric short-haul city trucks are coming to the U.S.

70) Made in USA frames and panels being put up by people wanting to block a foreign company cutting through our country and causing us risk with us getting no benefit except some temporary jobs.
The shift is not against the pipeline workers or fossil fuel workers, it’s for them too. We want them to have good SAFER jobs. We want US jobs, local jobs, sustainable jobs and a sustainable way. 
This is for ALL of us, we all will, benefit.
Please watch the video below


71) The ‘Tesla of buses’ just set a range record that could spell the end for diesel buses
1,100 mile range on ONE charge!


72) Ohio has 20 facilities for manufacturers with 100% renewable energy goals including GM, Procter & Gamble, Avon, and others.
Learn more: http://bit.ly/CleanMftg
That link was shared by “Clean Jobs Midwest”

73) Puerto Rico Governor Responds To Elon Musk’s Offer To Have Tesla Rebuild The Island’s Power Grid

74) Powering a Clean Future
In Texas, Amazon’s largest wind farm to date is adding more than 1 million megawatt hours of clean energy to the grid each year.
The wind farm in Scurry County, Texas provides enough energy to power 90,000 homes a year.

75) Fully transparent solar cell could make every window in your house a power source

76) France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

77) Solar Paint: A Spray-On Alternative to PV

78) PETITION and article…….
The argument for divesting from fossil fuels is becoming overwhelming

79) Wind and solar are saving Americans billions in healthcare costs.
New research measures the value of clean air.

80) New battery research could triple range of electric vehicles

81) Video below:
Oregon Court: Banning Fossil Fuel Facilities is Constitutional

The Center for Sustainable Economy (in the above video) can be reached by going to http://sustainable-economy.org/
+ Here is a link to a list of some political parties that have progressive stands on rights, sustainability, Peace and so forth and are not corporate parties like the 2 that ignore the people and serve the fossil fuel industry and pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and war profit industries. Much of the work we do to change the world is through supporting and encouraging the market to move to solar, wind etc but  we MUST support and get decent people in office so please check out these parties.


+ For info on Trump taking the USA out of the Paris Agreement and what various governments, Mayors, Governors and groups are doing, go here:

+ For a list of some of the risks and dangers of oil, coal, fracking there is info at this post: 

+ Look around for more, invent something, invest in something, engage others, talk about these things, make sure people know we have ways of living safer and better. Contact me for things to add here plus check back for additions.


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1 thought on “If we want to stop pipelines we need to help the shift to clean, green sustainable energy.

  1. So, there is now an all electric bus being tested that can get 1,100 miles on one charge.
    1,100 miles range of that bus divided by 7 miles per gallon which is what I saw as average (I could be wrong but checked a few sites) for a diesel bus = 157 gallons of fuel.
    157 gallons not used, not drilled for, not transported by train, truck or pipeline.
    One charge on that bus means 157 gallons not used, not drilled for, not transported by train, truck or pipeline.
    Multiply that out by all buses.
    Then look at the cars, trucks, vans and semis and add them into the mix on how much we will NOT drill for and transport and burn.
    That means no need whatsoever for any new pipelines.
    That means we retire old pipelines.
    That means all the people supporting, using, manufacturing and investing in this new clean way will obviously not be supporting politicians that are bought by the fossil fuel industry.
    This is big folks.
    Most of Congress is bought.
    They will lose almost all support.
    Mitch McConnell is a Senator from KY and has been in office since 1985. He has opposed what is good for the people and this country every day since then.
    He and his state will not allow Tesla’s to be sold there. They accept the registration money gladly but no Tesla dealers there because he’s bought off by oil and the other American car companies.
    Now we have more and more and more investors and workers and buyers in the electric vehicle and solar and wind industries.
    None of those people will be supporting him any more.
    This shift to a safer, cleaner energy that is better for all of us including workers can change this whole country’s political power structure.
    Research candidates, vote in ones that can prove (not just say, but prove) they support this better future and vote bums like McConnell OUT.
    Support electric vehicles, solar and wind.
    Change the world.



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