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Updated 9.19.2017 at 12:52am EST

If you don’t know about the issue of Israel and Palestine or you believe you are informed by mainstream US media you may be surprised to know the issue is not nearly as complicated as some would want you to believe, and you may be surprised that reality is more than a little different than you may have thought.

Here are some links to info and a map that may be added to in the future but as of now sum it up pretty clearly. I would encourage you to watch all 3 parts of the interview with Roger Waters (and others) below and keep an open mind. More below is there for ways you can speak up and inform others.

Democracy Now interview with Roger Waters and others.
Part 1 at:
Part 2 at:
Part 3 at:

Jewish Voice for Peace

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)

“What Really Happened” is a site with lots of info

Editorial: Anti-boycott bill threatens free speech

Bills that could become law that are referenced in some of above:
House (US Congress) H.R.1697 – Israel Anti-Boycott Act text is here

Contact your representatives

Contact media

Here’s another article, it’s from a couple years ago, it happens to also have Waters in it but touches on some important points.

As is pointed out in the above article, criticism of what Israel is doing is criticism of the government’s actions and the actions of their police, military and courts and SOME of the citizens (Some, NOT ALL)
What they are doing to Palestinians has nothing to do with Judaism. Not one bit except that they use it as a shield to cover their crimes against humanity.
They are the ones being disrespectful to the Jewish religion. They are being disrespectful to all those that have suffered and everyone should call them out on it.
This isn’t about Judaism, it’s not anti-Semitic. What it is is truth telling and pointing out their misuse of the religion.

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