National Drive Electric Week Sept 9-17, 2017

Updated 9.19.2017 at 11:55pm EST

(Sharing event description from the organizer’s site)
“National Drive Electric Week, September 9-17, 2017, is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Are you considering going electric? Come talk to owners who have successfully done so.
Click here to learn more and find an event!”  

And let me add, for more on electric vehicles, solar, wind and geothermal and alternatives to oil based plastic can be found at
But please spread word and make it to the event listed above (which I am just sharing here, I am not part of their site or the organizing)

Remember folks, you DO have power to change things, so educate yourself, share info and support what helps, not what harms.


UPDATE after I attended our event in Cincinnati Ohio…

I will soon make a post just on electric cars, vans, trucks, semis and buses and will add the link here when I can!

So, went to our local “Drive Electric Week”(link below) and it was GREAT!
Some may think, “oh big deal, go look at a few cars” but it was way more than that! Go to one near you if you can. There were people with cars, SUVs, a work truck, motorcycles, scooters, Segways, things like those, some of the 2 wheel things with no handles and a one wheel thing also bicycles with electric assist, electric ones and more. Some had stats of how much gas had been saved and how many pounds of CO2 were avoided, Sierra Club had people writing letters to push for clean energy in our state, lots of info, some freebies like water bottles from Nissan promoting their Leaf all electric car and …. you could test drive a few and some of the folks that brought their vehicles took people for a ride and I GOT TO RIDE IN A TESLA X MODEL TWICE!!!
Comfortable, quiet, FAST acceleration, roomy, a tremendous amount of view, the windshield comes way back, you can look straight up at the sky, sunroofs above the next row of seats (it can be 5, 6 or 7 seat setup), it can tow 5,000 pounds, has a decent stereo (he asked what song anyone wanted, a guy said Stevie Wonder “I Wish” and the onboard computer just played it right away!

There was a pickup truck work truck there designed by a local Cincy company “Workhorse” that is electric for like 80 miles, then kicks over to gas and while it’s not all electric think about the less gas plus it has where you can plug tools right into it, so work crews aren’t idling for hours and running their stinky diesels to power stuff. The guy said UPS and Duke Energy have orders for a fair amount of the versions for their purpose and they’ll have a commercial one soon for anyone who wants a truck like that.

So, it was awesome! The positive energy, seeing even more advancements that I was aware of, the bringing together of all kinds of people, the seeing that the shift is happening for environmental and economic and convenience reasons means it’ll spread even faster than if it was just environment, it was great. So many people were astonished by the offerings, you heard people talking about changing their vehicle buying plans, cracking up on how cool the Tesla was with the gull wing doors and all the extras, all kinds of great stuff today, I am very, very encouraged, very much so.

Lots of friendly people, one guy told me about how he has a 60 panel solar array and drives a Nissan leaf, the Tesla I rode in what brought there by a family that lives a couple hours away, real friendly. They have the Model X, their daughter is going to get a Model 3 Tesla, it’s already ordered and she will get her license soon. Imagine… she will never own a gas powered car. Starting on an electric and then by the time she’d replace it there would be zero reason to buy what will by then be a gas powered dinosaur.

Imagine that folks, the future is NOW!

Keep pushing folks, we still have to overcome resistance by politicians and corporate/banking powers BUT there’s money, big money in this change and money talks. Investors and buyers and companies doing all the things connected to the shift will be making it clear that politicians working against us will NOT be getting support/money, so while we all have our work cut out for us it is obvious we can win this. The more we get informed and vocal, find different ways to approach different people and support in every way solar, wind and geothermal, the quicker we can make it happen, so learn up folks, speak up and support what helps, not what harms!!!

The site of the organizers is
Some good info on solar, wind, geothermal, alternatives to oil based plastics, how to find a local Credit Union (which is much better for us than the big banks) and more can be found at

We DO have the ability to change things for the better folks, never question that.

Many thanks to all that are a part of the event and the shift.

I’ll update with pics and vids when I can, just wanted to get this on here.

9.12.2017 UPDATE with a few helpful links…

1) Here’s a link to the truck I mention…

2)  And an article about a company using one of the delivery trucks

3)  Here’s where Tesla Supercharges are with new ones all the time, plus the growing number of “destination chargers” ( restaurants, etc) as the next link…

4) Above are superchargers, you can choose Destination Chargers and/or Superchargers searchable by map and area or location…
(They also are offering 2 free chargers for businesses so check into it!

5)  Wow, and along with the map search-able by location, here’s a list and it’s already massive…

Check out these screenshots from 9.12.2017
The red are Superchargers, gray are Destination Chargers
(more are added all the time but as of today)…

6) To search and zoom in on their map go to

This post is only a part of what’s going on, I’ll soon make a post with just electric vehicles but until then check the link below out and scroll through for more including cars, a truck, fleet trucks for UPS and Duke and a motor home and a bus with over 1,100 mile range ALL ELECTRIC!

Some good info on solar, wind, geothermal, alternatives to oil based plastics, how to find a local Credit Union (which is much better for us than the big banks) and more can be found at

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1 thought on “National Drive Electric Week Sept 9-17, 2017

  1. So, there is now an all electric bus being tested that can get 1,100 miles on one charge.
    1,100 miles range of that bus divided by 7 miles per gallon which is what I saw as average (I could be wrong but checked a few sites) for a diesel bus = 157 gallons of fuel.
    157 gallons not used, not drilled for, not transported by train, truck or pipeline.
    One charge on that bus means 157 gallons not used, not drilled for, not transported by train, truck or pipeline.
    Multiply that out by all buses.
    Then look at the cars, trucks, vans and semis and add them into the mix on how much we will NOT drill for and transport and burn.
    That means no need whatsoever for any new pipelines.
    That means we retire old pipelines.
    That means all the people supporting, using, manufacturing and investing in this new clean way will obviously not be supporting politicians that are bought by the fossil fuel industry.
    This is big folks.
    Most of Congress is bought.
    They will lose almost all support.
    Mitch McConnell is a Senator from KY and has been in office since 1985. He has opposed what is good for the people and this country every day since then.
    He and his state will not allow Tesla’s to be sold there. They accept the registration money gladly but no Tesla dealers there because he’s bought off by oil and the other American car companies.
    Now we have more and more and more investors and workers and buyers in the electric vehicle and solar and wind industries.
    None of those people will be supporting him any more.
    This shift to a safer, cleaner energy that is better for all of us including workers can change this whole country’s political power structure.
    Research candidates, vote in ones that can prove (not just say, but prove) they support this better future and vote bums like McConnell OUT.
    Support electric vehicles, solar and wind.
    Change the world.



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