Nonviolent civil resistance & opposing repressive or unacceptable policy successfully & peacefully.

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If you really want to successfully change this world and shift it towards peace, sustainability, justice and unity, you will need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Luckily the best tactics align with the end goal. There is no need to deviate into behavior that one thinks is wrong in an attempt to rid the world of what one thinks is wrong.

Many ways to address injustice, oppression, a country falling into totalitarianism or many other unacceptable things without resorting to physical force.

Please watch the video, read the article, download and print out the 2 pdfs, check out the Indivisible group and check back for more to be added or contact me with what needs be a part of this for people to learn from and use in our efforts to achieve a better world.

VIDEO: The success of nonviolent civil resistance: Erica Chenoweth at TEDxBoulder

ARTICLE: How to Topple a Dictator
An interview with Erica Chenoweth, a leading scholar of authoritarian regimes.

DOWNLOADS: Here are a couple good downloadable (so you can view or print them out) PDFs having to do with creating social change through Peaceful means and keeping marches and demonstrations Peaceful.
“In the Tradition of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Guidelines for a Peaceful March”
“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Six Principles and Steps to Nonviolent Social Change”
Please copy and share these.

Here is a site/group that has a lot of focus on dealing with organizing against Trump’s policies but it can be on any important issue and incorporated into your concerns/issues to whatever degree you choose.

If you decide to protest or carry out Peaceful civil disobedience it is wise to be prepared in case you are arrested. Know your rights. be smart.
Here are a few things to help with that.

First, a video of someone who was at Standing Rock and has stood elsewhere

And then here are some printable pages, wallet cards and article…

The Rights of Protesters – ACLU of Washington
Know Your Rights ACLU several printable pages and cards

Know Your Rights Guide ACLU: Protests
Know Your Rights ACLU: Speech in Public Places
Free Speech, ACLU, several articles and downloads
Wallet Card: Know Your Rights When Stopped by Police

There is also this list that I saw this posted somewhere, figured it’d be of interest from a purely academic view…

+ To my friends and relatives considering direct action events, this advice applies whether you intend to be law abiding or engage in civil disobedience:
1. Water makes pepper spray worse. Use milk or liquid antacid and water. Liquid antacid can scratch corneas. It’s ok in a pinch, but milk is better. Don’t wear contacts.
Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo is what PD trainees use when going through tear gas training, FYI.
2. If you get tear gassed, when you get home, put the contaminated clothes in a plastic bag for later decontamination and shower with cold water to avoid opening your pores.
Wash hair, face, and other parts of your body that received direct spray of teargas or mace in a sink or flipped over in a tub.
Try to get as much of that off before washing your entire self otherwise it’ll wash down from your head onto your naughty bits and it’ll burn like hell.
3. Come with friends and don’t get separated. Avoid leaving the crowd and watch out for police snatch squads.
4. Beware under-covers.
5. Those who would prefer to see you quiet, docile, and at home are very good at combing through pictures and doxxing people. Mask up, alter your appearance.
6. Document, document, document.
7. Write any necessary phone numbers you may need directly on your skin in sharpie.
8. Have an offsite plan for emergencies if you have not been heard from by X time coordinated with someone offsite.
9. Make sure all mobile devices are charged!!
10. If you plan on going to jail, plan it: bail, lawyer, time off from work, witnesses i.e.: a cadre. Don’t just go to jail without training.
11. Beware folks inciting violence. Most of them are police/feds. Watch out for hook ups for the same reason. Get to know the crowd. They will set you up.
12. Be aware that people have been kept in humiliating and uncomfortable circumstances while in police custody. Some were kept in zipties or without clothing for up to 24 hours. Personal belongings (including shoes) have not been returned to people upon release from custody, so carry only what you need. A phone card is recommended.

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