Parties with various Progressive Platforms.

Parties with various Progressive Platforms.

This is just a partial list, I am not necessarily endorsing any but encourage you to check into these (and others) on your own and support what is best, not what someone tells you to support or vote for.

If you know of others that would fit here or any links needing updating let me know please by contacting me.




Citizen’s Party (formerly New American Independent Party)


Democratic Socialists of America


Green Party


Humane Party


Peace and Freedom Party (California)


Progressive Independent Party


Socialist Alternative


Socialist Party USA


Remember folks, your vote is meant to be your voice, so support what you want with your vote.

Also remember that when combined, voters that are in various Independent/3rd parties represent a massive voting block, way more than needed to win virtually any election and as long as those of us that do want actual change are willing to support parties and candidates that align with our values and what we want then we can win election after election from school board on up to national.

If you happen to like a party and they don’t have a candidate for a specific race then one of these other parties may, so always support whatever you want but be willing to look around and support others that are as close as possible to what you want.
Together we are strong.

Work together when at all possible.

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