Peoples Congress of Resistance, Independent Parties and More Peaceful Positive Change.

There are many ways to affect Peaceful positive change, some will be through supporting economic change and a shift to clean solar, wind and geothermal power and use alternatives to oil based plastic,  some is what we support such as leaving the big banks or refusing to support various companies with our money, some is our lifestyle, some is supporting Independent Parties.
You are not powerless, there is much we can do. Be informed, speak up and support what helps, not what harms.

I added this video and the links to the People’s Congress of Resistance because it’s important to see that yes, we can work together in unity. We can raise our voices together and through that much can change for the better. Peaceful change that serves us all.
Below the vid are links to posts with a lot of helpful info.

People’s Congress of Resistance (Not a party, an organization meant to unify people and groups to work on all the various issues and through that transform our system)
Links to the group and then the video made at the People’s Congress of Resistance on Sept. 16 and 17, 2017  and

Helpful links on some of what I mentioned above the video…

Parties with various Progressive Platforms

Supporting clean energy, moving away from the big banks, etc

Info and what you can do about Trump’s travel ban/Muslim ban/DACA, etc.

Racism in America. What is it? How can we change things?

A person may not ever find anyone who believes all of the exact same things as them. That’s normal, but we all overlap on many issues. We all need clean water, we all want our rights and a fair legal system. We want good clean safe jobs.
To make those things (and many others) happen, we have to be open, we have to be willing to talk to others that we don’t align with on some issues. Talk to people, you may be surprised how much you do align on. Start there, be willing to work together on shared goals. That doesn’t mean you have to endorse them or agree on everything, but it does mean we are much better off and our voices are much louder together.

Search out and think up other ways to help change things in a Peaceful way.

Contact me with anything to add or with positive ideas.

Thank you.

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