Please help the Blackfeet Nation protect the Sacred Headwaters.

Sharing this first part from Glenda Eagleman and below that are links to where you can get a background of the struggle to protect the water and that area and find ways to help. Any new links, info or developments will be added on the bottom of this post.

“Please help the Blackfeet Nation protect the Sacred Headwaters. They will be having court in Great Falls, Montana at the Federal Courthouse on March 13, 2018. And enrolled members are seeking legal title to all water, delivery systems and resources which they’ve always had until an illegal water compact was fraudulently passed. They have always been the Inherent keepers of the Sacred Headwaters for many many generations. All our children drink from the Sacred Headwaters which flow a Sacred four directions.
Please order your shirt today, all proceeds go to travel expenses and hotel rooms for enrolled members. Mom Leona Gopherr and Cheryl Lynn can be reached for further information on how you can help. Cheryl Lynn is also taking down names of who might be needing a room. Thank you everyone. (Note: friends and family are welcome to stand in prayer in Great Falls when court day arrives. Any other support as they see fit can be discussed with mom Leona, Cheryl, Marcella, Geraldine Gordon, Karl Lee Ingraham Arrowtopknot, #Sukapitimes, or who they see fit. As they still need an Attorney(s). And any of the Blackfeet who have been fighting this fight for many years. They can be reached via social media, etc)”

Note: I am just sharing this here, for info on the above please contact any of the 3 people linked to above.

Below is a livestream vid covering some of the November court case and some of what is needed for the UPCOMING COURT CASE …

NOTE: This vid above was from November, so when he says they have 120 days it means from THEN.

Here’s an article with some background …

And here is some more …

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Also, we need to note the advancements in technology in solar, wind and to a smaller degree geothermal along with alternatives to oil based plastic have gotten us to a place where we can power the world without oil. It will be a transition and must be just and fair (fossil fuel workers must be trained to shift to the new ways) and it can be done. It is better for everyone.
Please look into some of the benefits and advancements…
And here are some of the dangers of fossil fuels that are not talked about nearly enough which translates into people having a false image of the safety of oil.

Thank you.


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