Support the May Day General Strike! May 1, 2018

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“America is in a desperate state, and it is not just because of Donald Trump. Our problems are bigger than any one man.  He is merely a symptom of a corrupt, fascist system whose puppeteers believe in elite privilege, corporate rule, and dog-eat-dog competition that destroys families and communities………..
……… we ask all American workers — nurses and other healthcare workers, farmers, doctors, police, firefighters, bartenders, auto workers, steel workers, dock workers, truck drivers, teachers, civil servants, coal miners, and even the retired and unemployed — to join us in a day of General Strike solidarity on May 1, 2018. It is an opportunity to send a message to Washington that we the people are in charge….”

Please go to and read their full statement and plan on joining in the general strike on Tuesday May 1, 2018.

Both parties have moved to where they serve the elite with no concern for our well being, the well being of the country or our future.
We must stand and peacefully but loudly make it clear this country is not in existence for the few, but for us all, so please visit

After that, feel free to visit the ever growing list of progressive parties and candidates at

There is also this video, she has a series of vids on the reasons why we must strike. Imperialism, endless war, more war, loss of rights, low wages, lack of health care, no focus on climate change, and endless lies by politicians and media are just some of the reasons I would hope most people would see but if you’d like, watch the vid, she makes some very good points about the things we HAVE to be willing to look at. The reality we are facing now isn’t pretty but it’s a lot uglier if we ignore it.

Thank you.


PS, I am only sharing this here for your benefit, I am not part of the website nor any organizing there. If you want any info or need to ask questions you’ll have to visit their site and contact them. 

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