A day can be what we make it, so a day such as “Thanksgiving” can be about being thankful and appreciating what one has (health, family, etc) but a day is also what it was.

If you aren’t aware of the actual history of the day we call Thanksgiving I ask you look into it.

It was not what you were taught in school.

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I do give thanks for being alive, for the few friends I have that I know in person, those I am connected to through here and the internet and for the fact that there are many (many, but not enough yet) people standing for a better world and trying in countless Peaceful ways to make sure there is less suffering, more love and a better chance at a future for those that follow us be they two legged, four legged, winged or any other form of life.

I ask everyone to be brave enough to seek out the truth and look it in it’s face.

I ask everyone to be brave and strong enough to search out ways to make things better, to be willing to search out or dream up ways to make things better and to be strong enough to weather the storm that often goes with those things.

It can be tough. Tough physically, tough emotionally, tough on the spirit.

Be tougher than those challenges if you can. If you need help, reach out.

I ask everyone to watch out for others, make sure they are ok. These are tough times. No one is an island. Help each other. Be gentle when necessary.

I also ask everyone to understand the wounds people carry. Many are not visible and yet they are real. I do not know what your journey is like nor do you know mine. All we can know is it’s different for all and if we do not try to help (and reach for help when needed) we all fall. Or if we don’t fall we all lose out, we all do.

So, I ask these things.

I also ask, after you reflect on what I covered to find ways to make sure you are doing those things you can that you check the info at the link below. It may not cover it all, it isn’t even meant to as the answers also reside in you, but there is much here. If we apply as much of it as we can, if we take it in, learn some of it and support what helps and not what harms we will be a good way down a better path than we are on.

We can sit and talk, sit and grumble, sit and share posts, articles, words and yet while that is important it shouldn’t take up as much precious time as it does. Time is not on our side folks.

Now is when to make changes, not only be mad/sad/disgusted/feeling weak and dis-empowered. No, the time is for change. We have way over 7 Billion people on the planet, we can change the world IF we work on it. Talk is not all we should be doing. There are countless Peaceful ways we can change our world for the better.

Get busy doing them.


Here’s the link that leads to LOTS of info and resources. It’s there for us to change the world.


Also share please.



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