The march towards a police state/ totalitarian state is speeding up. WAKE UP PEOPLE WAKE UP!

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The march towards a totalitarian or police state or dictatorship (pick whatever name you want, one that fits a country where the people have lost their voice, police are unaccountable to the people and unconstitutional and illegal law upon law upon signing statement are piled up to empower the government and big money interests while simultaneously weakening and abusing the people) has been going on a long time.

Much of the march into an all powerful government was signed into law by George Bush and then continued under Obama.

They set the field for abuses against the Constitution and the people through a number of laws that are there to be used and enforced even though technically they aren’t laws since they are in no way able to fit into what would be deemed Constitutional.
The Patriot Act, NDAA and Military Commissions Act are among the most obvious that contain totally unconstitutional laws with no reason to be in existence other than to allow a full and total power grab by the government and to oppress free speech, dissent and any opposition.

We now have Trump in office and he has stepped up the move at an ever quicker pace.

Everything is in place for a full out dictatorship.

I am going to list some of the more obvious moves of his, Congress and law enforcement to make the final moves away from a representational form of government where we the people are supposed to be in charge and actions by the government are kept in check by the Constitution and the various branches of government through law, checks and balances and accountability.

This is not a full list, just some of the more obvious ones.

Please get informed and vocal and do what you can to support and encourage support (though donations, spreading word, having signs, bumper stickers, and voting) parties and candidates such as the Green Party which takes no corporate donations and stands for Peace, Rights, a sustainable economy and a sustainable environment.
A link to the Green Party and other progressive independent parties is below and can be found at
We got in this mess under both the D and R parties, it was not just one, they both played us and we are in a serious dangerous mess right now, so get informed and vocal before it is too late.

NOTE, everyone MUST stay Peaceful and adhere to non-violence not just because of moral reasons (although that should be enough) but because of strategic reasons, violence can and will cause Martial law and if Trump declared a National Emergency he could (with the powers now available to a President because of those laws I mentioned above) seize control over all communications from cell phone services to internet, cb bands, short wave radio bands, water works in cities, sewage works in cities, all public transportation and air and rail transportation and elections…. all of those (and more) are considered “Critical Infrastructure” and imagine Trump or any other person… ONE person seizing control of those things.
None of us could communicate, no one would know what is going on, we could be starved, die from lack of water, lose our houses and cars because we can’t work and on and on and on.
Rioting or violence could cause that SO DON’T DO IT.
Stay Peaceful and try to awaken others.

Read up on past laws and what is going on now.

Stay positive but don’t dismiss this my friends, just because we say we are a free country and we have a red, white and blue piece of cloth that we put up on flag poles does not make us immune to the same problems we have seen and sadly enough will see again and again until humans wake up to the fact that no matter what country they live in they must be aware and involved and not just leave the system to safeguard itself. None ever has, none ever will.

If we fall into the pit we are headed towards there will be no climbing out of it. No country could oppose us and the whole world will suffer, not just by losing rights but by watching our planet perish because it is more than obvious Trump and his administration and Congress have no desire to deal with environmental catastrophe or shifting to new, clean safe ways such as solar, wind and geothermal and to examine our lives and choices everywhere from transportation to food.

It’s up to us.

Don’t think this only affects others and always remember that even if you disagree with others, when their rights are affected, so are yours. You could be next to lose your rights. All of us lose when one loses.

The destruction of our rights and the move of those in the government and corporate seats to overreach didn’t start with Trump, it goes way back, but right now he’s in office and in general Trump has followed an old set of tactics such as to dismiss the media, hold the courts in very low regard and to just outright lie. You can research a lot of that, this post here is mainly as a list for you to use and learn from and expand upon on your own.

Below this video is the partial list I mentioned, it will be added to from time to time with the newest at the bottom of this numbered list section.

Here is the website pertaining to the book she mentions in the video above…
and check out

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1) As soon as he was in office he tried to implement the “Muslim Ban” which clearly is and was unconstitutional but laid a clear path and sent a message that the Constitution and law meant nothing to him or his administration and they would just keep appealing any setbacks until they get what they want which is happening step by step right now.

2) Replacing many state’s Attorneys General all at the same time. Presidents often put people they choose as AG of various states but it’s usually not just a sweep right away like that.

3) His party (Republican Party) blocked Democrat Party members of the House from meeting with ICE (immigration police) even though oversight of ICE is not just by one party and was a clear over-reach of power that should alarm everyone.
Article on this

4) Trump’s DHS Ordered Agents to Block Congressmen During Travel Ban
In the first hours of the travel ban, Trump administration officials stiff-armed Congress, treated lawyer calls like ‘protests,’ and shared photos among themselves of protesters.
Article on this

5) Jeff Sessions Just Threatened A Room Of Reporters With Arrest. Article on this

6) Secret Service detained and then investigated Peaceful protester.
Article on this

7) Police did nothing at all when nazis, kkk and white supremacists marched through Charlottesville with torches and surrounded and then attacked a small group of protestors, then the same the next day when they almost completely ignored the acts of the racists including when one fired a handgun towards a black man when it was clearly close enough for police to know what happened.
Nazis and kkk people stood outside a synagogue and a church and chanted terrifying the people in those houses of worship.
Police did nothing.
The message there is that the government will side with anyone who may help them control the masses and there will be no accountability for police or lawbreakers if you can be a tool of theirs.
Article on this

8) He said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville. You can not be a good nazi folks. You can not be a good kkk member. Those groups by definition are making threats and want to eliminate people. Even if some were just there to say they don’t want to see the statue taken down, once they saw the signs and heard “blood and soil” being chanted (a nazi chant) and statements against Jews, blacks, gays and others and then marching side by side with them they stated through their actions their condoning and support of nazi and kkk hate and threats.
For our President to say some of those people are good speaks volumes about how dangerous he truly is. We (and the world) didn’t fight WWII AGAINST nazis to allow them to come here and terrorize people in a town and in places of worship.

9) He wants a list of every voting record and will then know who is of “his” party and who is not. Article on this (although it doesn’t address the issue of party affiliation which is the most obvious reason they want the data).  Article on this

10) His Justice Dept wants a list of people that oppose him.
Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site.
Article on this

11) Trump rolls back the limit on militarizing police and AG Sessions actually said police are not aggressive enough.
Article on this

12) Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio and calling him a “patriot” that was “just doing his job” sends a message that the courts are not above police and police can do anything they want especially when it comes to totally illegal stops. That affects us ALL.

13) Media has already planted the idea of him not leaving office when his term is over and supposedly a lot of his fans like that idea.

14) Trump Just Endorsed The Idea Of Concentration Camps In The U.S., Holocaust Expert Says

15) A Republican Senator Just Had A Voter Arrested Over A Simple Question About His Daughter

16) Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists

17) Trump voter fraud commission faces lawsuit from member.
A member of President Donald Trump’s commission on voter fraud sued in federal court on Thursday, alleging that the commission is violating federal law by excluding him and others from participating and refusing to provide documents available to other members.

18) (Related to #17 above) Kobach transcript: Changes to US election law discussed.
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — The vice chairman of President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission says he wants to change U.S. election law so states have an incentive to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote, according to a deposition unsealed Thursday.

19) Supreme Court order unlikely to deter voting restrictions

20) (Here’s another attack upon the press and free speech, much more can be added and some will and you can find plenty of examples on your own)
Washington orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday

21) Below is video about how Police ARRESTED Legal observers (lawyers trained to observe demonstrations, etc to be able to protect everyone’s rights (demonstrators, police, anyone there) and media even though our laws and Constitution protects these groups. This is very disturbing because when our system does this, none of us are safe and our system does not work as is guaranteed by our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the legal framework that is our country.

22) Next is a link to an example of the quickly spreading censorship moves the government and corporations are taking…
US Congressional hearing:
Former FBI agent says tech companies must “silence” sources of “rebellion”

23) Jeff Sessions Just Gave An Authoritarian Speech Demanding Trump Loyalty From Judges

24) Arrested for DisruptJ20
Police stormed into Dylan’s house and arrested him for a protest that he didn’t even attend — and he’s not the only one.

25) We’re facing more and more “McCarthyism” which is being used to ramp up a new cold war with Russia and is being used (as was done by McCarthy) to crush dissent, opposition, etc.
For the government to imply in any way that Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party colluded with or knows of any collusion is absurd beyond belief.
Please watch and pay attention to the other issues she raises.

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments
I won’t bother to explain the dangers this presents, hopefully you see that government censorship (in this case multiple governments) is dangerous beyond imagination and has such far reaching implications it would be tough to list even just the most obvious ones without making this post into one that is miles long.
If you don’t see this as a massive danger then THINK about it.
Wake people up folks, wake people up!

I will add to this and just extend the list on down. It won’t necessarily be chronological.

And add to those examples Trump’s statements at rallies about how protesters should be “roughed up” and what would have been done to them “in the old days” along with statements of the President having full power which is false, we have a 3 part system all of which check and balance each other, we have legislative which is Congress we have the courts and the presidency. Full power is dictatorship. The USA is not a dictatorship. Well, not yet but will be if we just sit back and ignore it all.

I am not even listing all the ways he is out to destroy us such as him rolling back Obama era flood standards for infrastructure projects and all the other ways he’s endangering our country and our people nor am I including his destruction of diplomatic ties and offending trading partners.

There are some very good articles and videos about our descent into a police state/totalitarian state and you can look those up but this list is here for people to think on their own and decide what it all means when combined and if it’s at all acceptable and then hopefully decide to get vocal.

Get informed and vocal.

+++ Here is how you can contact your reps

+++ Here is how you can contact a lot of media to try to have some of these important issues seriously talked about

+++ And here are links to some of the parties that we obviously would be better off with.



Brand New Congress


Citizen’s Party (formerly New American Independent Party)


Democratic Socialists of America


Green Party


Humane Party


International Socialist Organization (ISO)


Peace and Freedom Party (California)


National Domestic Workers’s Alliance (Not a party as much as an organization advocating for the rights and dignity of domestic workers, women, immigrants, women of color, “gig economy” workers, etc. I include this here because it fits in with the overall goal of rights, a better world, working together and so forth. Please check them out)


Party For Socialism and Liberation

People’s Congress of Resistance (Not a party, an organization meant to unify people and groups to work on all the various issues and through that transform our system)
Links below the video made at the People’s Congress of Resistance on Sept. 16 and 17, 2017


Progressive Independent Party


Socialist Alternative


Socialist Party USA


Workers World Party


Working Families Party


Remember folks, your vote is meant to be your voice, so support what you want with your vote.

Also remember that when combined, voters that are in various Independent/3rd parties represent a massive voting block, way more than needed to win virtually any election and as long as those of us that do want actual change are willing to support parties and candidates that align with our values and what we want then we can win election after election from school board on up to national.

If you happen to like a party and they don’t have a candidate for a specific race then one of these other parties may, so always support whatever you want but be willing to look around and support others that are as close as possible to what you want.
Together we are strong.

Work together when at all possible.

Here is where you can find a lot of alternative media

We have to keep the internet free from censorship…

Some more various info and ways you can help this world be a better place

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