This is a battle for the future of the internet, VERY IMPORTANT!

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Updated 1.8.2017 at 2:16am EST

Good News In Fight For Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Advocates on Next Steps After FCC Vote: “This Fight is Far from Over”

Killing Net Neutrality Has Brought on a New Call For Public Broadband

The Fight for Net Neutrality Isn’t Over

The article that goes with the above video…
The FCC repeal of net neutrality is dangerous, but with court challenges and more grassroots activism on the way, it can still be stopped, says Craig Aaron of Free Press

OK, so on Dec 14th 2017 the FCC which is headed by Ajit Pai who is an ex Verizon lawyer voted 3-2 to eliminate Net Neutrality. I could add plenty about the vote and so forth but all that matters now is we are vocal. NOW. Peaceful, but determined and vocal. This handing over of power and everything to corporate interests must stop and if we can’t count on our ability to speak out and communicate then it’s game over.

Speak up people, get vocal, call your reps (even though they really don’t represent us any more) through
and sign these 3 petitions/letters to the president and Congress below (NOTE, I personally don’t like MoveOn as they prop up the Democrats way to much, but we need to speak out and if enough sign this it helps maybe at least get the conversation in the media)
We can NOT allow our ability to use our free speech, access any site we want and dissent if we choose to be erased by them.

1) Sign and share…

ALSO … Petitions/letters to Congress can be found at both these links, please sign and share!



Censorship, slowed sites, extra fees.
The dangers are too numerable to list.
Speak up, contact the FCC and your reps, sign petitions, info here and at links below.

Speak up people! We all know how corporations only want to make money, we know they don’t want people knowing about things that they do that are wrong, we know they don’t want us knowing when legislation that serves them comes up for a vote, we know they don’t want us knowing when legislation that serves us comes up.
if we give them power over the Internet they WILL censor us.
Speak up!


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