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Many people are Vegan and many more are becoming Vegan and/or are looking into what Vegan is and once they know they want info on how to become Vegan.

The definition of Vegan by The Vegan Society is:

“Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

I will add to the list below as I can but I’d suggest anyone wanting info and resources start at and go from there.

You can research on your own but please keep in mind some of what you find may be by the meat and dairy or fish industries (even if it doesn’t say so) where they will try to push false narratives (lies) to scare you away from stopping giving them money and to protect their profit, so always, always verify the source and use multiple sources.

If you do go Vegan it can be done in many, many ways, so don’t feel pressured or think you must do it all one way. While raw veggies may be healthiest, there are tons of processed foods that are Vegan (you need to check labels, be familiar with names of things that are not Vegan and sometimes contact the manufacturer) and there are many “meat replacer” type foods.
Some people like them, some don’t but the decision is up to you, so please, get informed and enjoy the journey and know that your health, the welfare of animals and all of Earth will benefit from you going Vegan or at least moving in that direction one step at a time.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be 100% Vegan, please just try or get as close as possible.

Thank you.

Here is where I will add info and links as I can. I can not vouch for the sites or their info, I am just listing here for you to check out and judge on your own.
Feel free to let me know anything that should be included by clicking Here to Contact me.

1) A lot of info and resources can be found at

2) A very nice Vegan chain of restaurants in the USA 

3) A social network of millions of people focused on various issues including animals, Peace, health, sustainability and Vegan

4) A  list of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants search-able by city, country or region including an app you can use on your smartphone to search for restaurants in more than 150 countries or at your current location

5) Leaping Bunny “Connects compassionate consumers with Cruelty-Free companies” They also have an app you can use on your smartphone for shopping

6) Here’s a REALLY cool app! “Is It Vegan?” can use the bar code by using your phone or tablet’s camera or you can type in the name of the product or an ingredient and it rates it as Vegan, not Vegan or not sure (some ingredients can be Vegan or not so you have to contact the manufacturer, or it might not be in their database yet).  I tested it on a number of things and it’s accurate so far, I offer no guarantees but I’d say it’s at least worth looking into!

7) Recipes, info and resources…

8) How a Plant-Based Diet Can Make You Fitter, Faster and Happier This and a few others I have not fully checked out, so decide on your own if you like them. I don’t know if all I share here are 100% Vegan.

9) Here’s a site with a lot of resources from recipes to animals rights and groups working to help and save animals

10) According to  “the global market for plant-based dairy alternative drinks is forecast to top a massive $16.3 billion dollars in 2018 – up dramatically from $7.4 billion in 2010.”
Visit for useful health, ethical, and environmental data, as well as dietary best practices.

11) Find a local Farmer’s Market

+ BTW, palm oil is technically Vegan but most of it comes from practices that destroy rain forests and countless animals, so avoiding palm, palm oil and palm fruit oil is what I and many others do. Just read the labels and know the terms and/or look them up since things aren’t always obvious by the name.

Feel free to let me know anything that should be included to me by clicking Here to Contact me.

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