Want a better world? Then #BankExit and Divest!

UPDATED 9:32pm EST 12.15.2017

Big banks invest in everything that harms us…
war, private prisons, fossil fuels, everything bad.
Move your money and investments to a local credit union,
they are fully insured, they typically have lower fees, higher interest rates
and are more apt to invest in local businesses!
Go to http://www.culookup.com/ to find a credit union plus you can
download, print on regular printer paper and hand out cards with
info and the link to get others aware also! It’s free, just go to
#BankExit and make this a better world!

And along with your money, try to get your school, city, state, company, anyone and everyone to divest from what harms us!!!

Autumn 2017 Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation

Autumn 2017 Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation

Also, here are a few articles that I may add to but obviously isn’t meant to cover all of this. These mainly are divesting from fossil fuels but there is much we should not support and much that needs more support. Get informed and think of ways to help.

1) $5 Trillion in Investments Now Pledged to Be Divested from Fossil Fuels as of a report from Dec 13, 2016 by Democracy Now!

2) Investors with $2.8 trillion in assets unite against Donald Trump’s climate change denial.
As US President ramps up support for fossil fuels, some of the world’s biggest funds demand end to coal and oil subsidies

3) More than 120 investors with over $650 billion in assets in banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline have called on the financial institutes to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s call to have the pipeline rerouted from Native American land.
Citigroup, Wells Fargo, SunTrust Bank and BNP Paribas are among the 17 banks targeted in a letter signed by pension funds, asset management companies, and organizations.
The signatories have a total of $653 billion in assets under their control.

4) Ireland Is Set to Become the First Country to Completely Stop Funding Fossil Fuels by divesting €8 billion (US $8.6 billion) of public funding of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas

5) Seattle Votes to End $3 Billion Relationship with Wells Fargo because of the Bank’s Dakota Access Pipeline Financing

6) Santa Monica has $1 billion in annual transactions with Wells Fargo, including deposits and payments. The City’s investment portfolio includes $4.6 million in Wells Fargo bonds and they have voted to divest.

7) University of California divested $475 million due to Wells Fargo’s ties to private correctional facilities.

8) City of Davis votes to divest $124 million from Wells Fargo Bank

9) Alameda, California moves to divest $36 million from its accounts at Wells Fargo

10) Norway’s Largest Private Investor, Storebrand, a manager of sustainable-investment funds in Norway, pulls $34.8 million from DAPL companies because of Standing Rock

11) Chicago is working to divest $25 million from Wells Fargo in wake of scandal

12) PETITION and article…….
The argument for divesting from fossil fuels is becoming overwhelming

13) Sami People Persuade Norway Pension Fund To Divest From Dakota Access

14) World Bank and World’s Third Largest Insurer Divest from Most Oil and Gas

15) Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to disqualify Wells Fargo from bidding on the City’s upcoming commercial banking services contract

And more are doing the same. Cities, schools, investment managers, individuals and more. Back what helps, don’t back what harms. Vote with your dollar folks, it makes a big difference.

Move from any and all big banks to a local Credit Union.
One way to find one is here: http://culookup.com 


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