A better way

Peace Resources

Peace Resources (Scroll down a little if you want to go straight to the list of links and resources) We HAVE to stand for and encourage Peace in every way […]



Yemen. A lot of Americans couldn’t find it on a map if you paid them. If they know anything of what is going on there is a distorted picture painted […]


Goodbye Free Speech

Goodbye Free Speech Washington Post Bans Employees from Using Social Media to Criticize Customers, Advertisers, Subscribers, Vendors, Suppliers or Partners. Article at this link… http://projectcensored.org/washington-post-bans-employees-using-social-media-criticize-sponsors/   And I’ll add.. If […]

A better way

We must change.

We must change. . Watch the video with Eagle Woman (Kandi Mossett) at https://www.linktv.org/shows/bioneers/episodes/kandi-mossett-strengthen-our-communities-and-defend-the-earth and if you didn’t already understand we must change, we must shift to clean sustainable energy and […]



Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement with Iran and his administration’s rhetoric shows we very easily could end up in war that could spread and cause almost unimaginable suffering and problems. […]