78 year old CIA veteran abused and arrested by police for speaking up against torture.

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I’ll try to just skip most of a commentary as things have gotten so bad (and will get worse) that it’s beyond absurd to have to try to explain that 3 cops on top of a 78 year old man (SEVENTY EIGHT YEARS OLD) yelling at him “stop resisting” and to “give me your arm” is disgusting beyond belief, is totally 100% void of ANY humanity and respect and is as traitorous to We The People, our Constitution and Rights and even the police oath as can possibly be.

We’ve all seen police abusing people either in person or on video in other situations and places but when they now do it in public on camera in a government building (which is owned by us and in existence to serve we the people) to a man who was in the CIA for 27 years shows we might as well just write in the history books that we now, without doubt and no need for debate, live in a country where the oligarchs, the war machine, the people that lie us into war, profit from war and play games of chess with human lives by looking at a map and deciding they want to own or control something and then do it no matter the cost in lives, the cost in freedom, the cost in dollars have now, officially built and trained their army (which are called police) on our soil to crush dissent and finally flush any pretense of this being a free and fair country.

We’ve long moved away from that which some still believe we were/are but most people see what the game is and it’s money and power. Money and power. Not rights, not lives, not freedom, it’s just money and power.
So they hire and train people to attack any of us speaking truth.

Even if we’re a person who served the country for decades and is 78 years old, has brittle bones and probably is in pain even without THREE men on top of him telling him to “stop resisting” and to “give them his arm”

You have to either choose some really mean and dangerous people to do that to others or do a huge amount of brainwashing to get them to do it.
Whichever it is in this case I suppose doesn’t matter.
They did it and as far as we know went home and celebrated.

In the song “God Bless America” there is a line:
“Stand beside her and guide her”

Ray McGovern was trying to do that.
“Stand beside her and guide her” (“Her” is our country, the USA)

He saw a person (Gina Haspel) who oversaw a secret CIA detention facility in Thailand and then was involved in the CIA’s destruction of nearly 100 videotapes of evidence being set to be put as top of the CIA.

So, he spoke up. Spoke up as someone who had worked at the CIA for 27 years.

He saw a lawbreaker (torture is against US and International Law and she destroyed evidence which is also illegal) being considered to head the same agency she had broken multiple US and International laws in.

So, he spoke up.
He spoke up. He did his duty as an American, as a veteran of the CIA and as a human.
He spoke up trying to guide the country away from a horrible mistake, a horrible mistake to even consider a lawbreaking torturer and destroyer of evidence.
His speaking up is the perfect example of how to “Stand beside her and guide her” .

And what did he get for his efforts?

Attacked by thugs.

Robots that just keep saying “quit resisting” “give me your arm”

Get aware and speak up people. It’s possible we’ve passed a tipping point of no return, it’s also possible we can turn things around and get to a point where government serves the people and stays within the legal boundaries that our Constitution is.

Either way, silence is not an option.

Staying peaceful and NON-violent is required, but silence is not.

If they do that to him, none of us are safe. There is no line they will not cross.

Think about that.

Speak up.

I’ll add a famous quote by Pastor Niemoller.
He worded this slightly different over the years but it always had the same message and that was silence and turning one’s head away from wrongs doesn’t make the wrong go away and it doesn’t protect oneself.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

– Pastor Niemoller

PLEASE let his message or warning not go unheeded.



By the way, they confirmed her to run the CIA and as far as I have seen not one single member of our government, including Senators right there at the hearing, said one word about what happened.

Video below:
Ray McGovern: Gina Haspel Supervised Nazi-Era Interrogation Techniques (Pt. 1/2)

Torturers Should be Punished, Not Promoted

Torture? Let’s Also Not Forget Assassination

Video below:
With Gina Haspel’s Confirmation at CIA, the U.S. Is Giving Other Nations Green Light to Torture

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