Achieving Zero Emissions Clean Energy, How To

Achieving Zero Emissions Clean Energy,
How To…

Ways to make our energy production and economy be cleaner, create jobs
and lead to true energy independence without leaving anyone behind (such as fossil fuel workers).

There are many, many ways to help us shift to a way that is better for all of us. Some will be listed here and added to as I can.

1)How to Achieve Zero Emissions, Even if the Federal Government Won’t Help”

2)Are Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns Working? A Conversation With Economist Robert Pollin”

3) While the big banks are behind the funding of everything that harms us and they are too big and too powerful, we can’t overlook when the market and demand is pushing them to be a part of raising money for clean energy because it shows there is a shift and it will continue.
“Bank of America Raises $2.25 Billion in Largest Green Bond Deal” 

4) This next thing may not go quite far enough and while it’s clear that large companies aren’t always known for keeping their word, this initiative is powerful in that we can push companies and corporations to focus on having a much less damaging footprint on our planet and it’s worth checking out and making sure to stay up on if the companies are living up to their agreements and goals.
Science-based targets becoming business norm as companies aim to align climate plans with Paris goals”

5) You can also visit where there is a lot of info on solar, wind and geothermal, divestment/investment, electric cars, dangers of fossil fuels, ways you can make the shift happen and more.

6) And this to see many ways to help people, animals, our country, our planet and everything.

Learn, share, speak up, support what helps and not what harms and remember, we are ALL in this together. The workers in fossil fuels need jobs, we are not against them. We needed oil and coal and still will for a while while we shift but the technology is here for us to power our world in ways that are safer and better for us (including all workers) and future generations.

Let’s all work together for those here now and those to follow.

More ways to make this a better world will be added here, plus in other posts on this site and you can always research on your own (make sure to check multiple sources) and use your imagination to find new ways to help.

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