Building Community And Empowering The People.

Building Community
Empowering The People.

Multiple videos, articles, ideas and examples of how people are standing up and changing things for the better right in the community where they live will be shared here with additions added towards the bottom of the post.

These are meant to learn from and for you to share them around and actually apply the ideas or use them to inspire something that will help wherever you are.
Please don’t just sit and read and watch, please be a part of the changes. Some people can get out and do these things, some can help with ideas, some in sharing the ideas.
Be the positive change that you want to see in whatever way you can.

To start with, this video with Community organizer Dominique Stevenson takes the Laura Flanders Show on a tour through Tubman House, a community farming project in Sandtown, Baltimore. From a vacant, rundown lot to a thriving urban farm, Tubman House is addressing the issue of food apartheid in Baltimore and reinvigorating community wealth building in that neighborhood.

The above video is from the Laura Flanders Show, more from there can be found at

This next video below has Richard Wolff discussing the success of Worker Co-Ops around the world and not just their economic success but some of their benefits. This should be seen by everyone, please watch and share.

Richard Wolff’s site

This next is a site that looks to be very promising and has already had success, please check out…

More will be added and much can also be found at various posts on this site, but one worth checking out first would be

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