Calling all musicians, singers, poets, video people

Open call …

for all musicians, singers, poets, spoken word artists,
rappers, graphic artists, video makers and editors
and anyone else that wants to
create a better world through their creations!


Much of is here to inform but it is also meant to be where musicians, singers, artists of all types can collaborate on music, video and art that speaks truth and encourages positive change, unity, peace and sustainability.

If you want to be involved then please contact me.

There are no requirements on experience, this is not limited to any specific type music or anything else other than it must not encourage anything other than positive awareness and hopefully positive, peaceful action for a better, safer, sustainable world.

We can have a better world but it requires effort to make it happen and music and all art has helped every movement, so let us apply our creative efforts towards what needs focus and change today!

This can be in person or over the internet.

Contact with any questions.

BTW, this is non commercial, no money necessary to be involved and no plan on commercializing whatever we do, but even though it’s non commercial and it will be shared out in various ways to the world, all involved will hold rights to our works so as to protect them from being used by any commercial or political purpose that we don’t agree with nor want to support.
None of our works will be used contrary to the wishes of those involved.

Please share this with your friends, anyone who may be interested or through social media!

Enough talk, let’s do this!

Contact me.

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