Clean energy is happening, how you can help

So, solar and wind are spreading faster by the day
and coal and oil are coming to an end.


We can employ fossil fuel workers in solar and wind, we should work hard to make sure we have as many worker co-ops (worker owned and run companies making and installing these things) and you can help it happen!
Get aware. Support the shift. Push government, companies, schools, churches to go solar and wind. Divest from fossil fuels, invest in solar and wind.

  Here’s 2 of the many ways you can help and then some links with much more info.
1) ………. Switch your energy supplier to all wind and wind and solar. No biofuel or mass. That can be healthy trees. Contact your energy company, find the suppliers they use, check those out, find one that is all wind or wind and solar and sign up. I did, my house is 100% wind and it actually saves me a little bit.
2) ……….. Check into a place like is linked below where they have ZERO MONEY DOWN to get solar panels. They have payments less than your electric bill was, so you save money while simultaneously paying off the panels!
Remember, any push-back against the shift is either from those that profit off of us being tethered to them for all our energy, or it’s people that are just uninformed and don’t know the advancements and benefits.

  Some of the benefits are….
Safer for the workers, less nasty cancerous chemicals like at a drill site or getting black lung disease.
More American jobs.
Local jobs.
Can be worker owned and operated (co-ops)
True energy independence for individuals and country.
Less pollution, cleaner air, safer water.
Power goes out due to a storm, you can still have power.
…. And that’s just some of the benefits.

So, get informed, pull any investments away from oil and coal, remember this is for the workers too, they are not your enemy, we want them to have good, safe, clean sustainable jobs.
Switch your energy supplier (easy to do).
Get panels or solar shingles (yes, shingles, they look like shingles on your roof but capture energy from the sun).
Get organizations, gov’t, companies the person that owns your apartment building or house, etc, etc. to switch.

Work with people, work together plus do what you can on your own and remember this helps us now and it makes a better world for our kids.

Here are some links:

1) No money down solar panels

2) Various info on helping the shift away from fossil fuels plus info on electric vehicles and more

3) One of oldest coal companies in US files for bankruptcy

4) Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick

5) Yet another reason why to change…
Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 tn per year
A new study finds 6.5% of global GDP goes to subsidizing dirty fossil fuels

6) The two corporate parties we have running most of the show do not represent us or our future.
Check out non corporate parties, organizations alliances and coalitions.
The majority of us want better ways.
Let’s join together and make that happen!


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