Compassion, Love, Empathy and ACTIVE Caring

Take those things (Compassion, Love, Empathy and ACTIVE Caring) out of the equation and life would not be possible.

No, that’s not an overstatement nor an altruistic naive wish. Without those things family units, societies and our world could not function and would not have evolved at all.

A few of the other posts on here ( have many ways to learn, care, teach and help each other but I just read a great article and it reinforced that one can not overstate how important it is to be aware of, encourage, focus on and work into our lives as much as possible compassion, love, empathy and active caring. Note above I capitalize the word active. ACTIVE caring. I do that because caring is not passive, it’s not a warm fuzzy feeling inside you. Caring is feeding, clothing, protecting and so on. No one can say they care about their child but separate that from feeding and clothing, right?
Sometimes I think people tend to think that just thinking something or being aware of it is enough. It’s not. If it’s a problem then it needs fixing, if it’s a good thing it needs supporting and promoting.
So I highlight that word.

But enough of my talk. Here I will share articles, videos, writings, whatever I find that strikes a chord within me and/or I feel gets across in a way that may awaken those vital things mentioned above in others that may, for whatever reason, not put much or any focus on others.

Below is the first one, please read, reflect on it and share it. I am not sharing these things just for you to pass time on and forget, it’s meant to be here to help us all and that will only happen if we actively focus on, reflect on, see how it fits with us and how we can grow (all of us, including me) to be more caring and helpful people so that all life on this beautiful planet can thrive, live to it’s potential and continue living on a sustainable harmonious shared island in space.
1) Is It Possible to Love All Humanity?
Qualities like gender, ethnicity, and nationality tend to define us more than being human.
What happens when we try to identify with all of humanity?

2) Video: How Patience with People Makes the World Better
People don’t get “woke” overnight. Sometimes we have to be patient and help them get there.

Crisis in Consciousness: Change and the Individual

4) The statement on this painting sums it up perfectly.

The above art was posted on

More will be added.

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