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We HAVE to be proactive folks,

So many of us get caught in just ignoring, grumbling, complaining or shuffling around the latest bad stuff the gov’t is doing, corporations are doing etc and while that IS important, knowing what they are doing isn’t going to change anything. They know a lot of us know and they also know we (the populace in general) aren’t doing much to change things since we’re trapped in a cycle of just circulating the latest abuses of rights, people, animals and Earth.

We have to be proactive.

Otherwise if our planet would hold out we’d still be spreading info on what they are doing 100 years from now and will not have changed things at all.
But, while that would be bad enough it would be worse for these (and other) reasons…

The planet will not sustain life much longer if we don’t change our ways BIG TIME
They will continue the already started crushing of free speech and a free press by then so there would be NO sharing of info on what they do.

  So, I am asking, pleading, begging people to get aware of, be involved with, stand for, share info on, encourage support of, investment in and talking about a few vital, key things.

These are obviously not all of the answers. Everyone needs think about, dream up and use their imagination as much as possible but if you look at what I have listed below and think about it, it deals with defunding what harms us, supporting what helps and empowers people both economically and through encouragement and proof that yes, we DO have the power to Peacefully change things for the better.

The time of sitting and just talking and grumbling is over, we must roll up our sleeves and get busy.
We have no choice.
Our planet is dying. Our country is falling into a mess that we’ll not be able to extract ourselves from and no one can come help us. If we fall, so does the whole world. The USA’s military and economic power will shove us all off the cliff, so WE must shift us to a safer, cleaner, sustainable Peaceful path NOW.
Here are some very important, highly researched ways YOU can help.

Some is just getting informed and vocal, some is changing where your money goes, some is the numerous ways we get the economy in a shape to benefit us all, many, many ways.
So please, PLEASE don’t ignore or just glance at this stuff … dig in, learn a bit, pick one or two things and immerse yourself into creating change.

It’s easy to sit and complain, it’s easy to think we are powerless, it’s easy to do nothing.
None of those are acceptable, none are helpful.
Work on changing the world NOW.

BTW, most mainstream media is not worth your time. If you don’t know that by now you will as soon as you delve a little deeper than the surface.

Below are some links, some are updated from time to time. There is enough here that if everyone did these things and got educated and talked to people that we would have a massive shift in how the world looks and functions.

The time for just talk is over. Pretend you have an attention span longer than 3 seconds and get to work PLEASE.

There will be updates to existing posts along with more added so please check back even to ones you’ve seen but also don’t rely just on there. This site is meant to cover a lot but you’ll find more elsewhere (always check multiple sources and question everything) and always look deep, think of cause and effect, use critical thinking, think of people or groups and their motivations to get others to believe certain things or act a certain way and be aware of how emotion and some people’s use of emotion driven language and narrative can change how we see reality.

Be brave enough to stand up and have your say.
Bravery doesn’t mean lack of fear, it means pushing past the fear.
As has been said: “Speak the truth even if your voice shakes”
The world is counting on each and every one of us, so do your part!

Links and info

1) Fossil Fuels and those that profit from them harm us. Moving away from the use and the funding of those and moving to wind, solar and geothermal is a massive way to help.
and while this is listed at the above link, I’m adding it here as it is vital we move away from what harms and supporting what helps as quickly as possible

2) What we eat and how it is produced affects this planet way more than most people realize.

3) The big banks fund everything that harms us all … and they do a lot of it with your money. Move to a local Credit Union, divest from the big banks. Find out how to at this link and watch for a post I’ll soon add to see examples small and large of how we ARE making an effect.
and more on how individuals, schools, NGOs, corporations and governments can stop supporting fossil fuels and support clean energy can be found at

4) We’ll never see change with either of the 2 parties that got us in this mess. They are both owned and operated by big money corporate interests (and not just those in the US). Find candidates and parties that are actually working for the people. BTW, we MUST have paper ballots only, publicly counted and witnessed and filmed in HD with the video broadcast and archived for all to view and audit.

5) We must stand together and not let people divide us with hate, racism, xenophobia or anything else.
Here’s a link but it is important that all of us figure out ways to combat racism and anything that divides us, both inside yourself and in society. Don’t be silent on things that matter. Stay peaceful but not silent)
and this link goes to a post covering how we can’t divide ourselves by assumptions about, and stereotyping of, people that are of this or that party or voted a certain way or say they support something or the other.

6) If we lose the ability to have an open internet we lose free speech and more which means game over for any change
(I’ll add a post with a lot of info but you can start searching on your own and also check out the info at these links:
It’s vital we speak up now, the loss of Net Neutrality started 4/23/2018 and we MUST get it back, or slow, day by day they will raise rates, slow down some sites and block others. Visit those sites link above!

7) Various videos etc anywhere from environmental to raising kids with empathy.

8) Peace and Rights. If there is not Peace there is not justice, there is not safety, there are no rights, there is not a focus on a sustainable planet. Much of what is covered elsewhere affects Peace (such as moving away from fossil fuels etc) but here are some specific resources to help.
Charter for Compassion
Peace Action
International Day of Peace
Roots and Shoots – a Jane Goodall project mainly for kids
Children Of the Earth
New Economics Foundation
Independent think-and-do tank challenging mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues.
Global network of over 900 organizations working in human rights and sustainable development.
openDemocracy offers global news analysis and commentary from a pro-democracy, pro-human rights perspective.

9) Alternative, non corporate media outlets and people and some examples of why mainstream media should be seen for what it is (often times propaganda) and avoided as much as possible.

No matter what issues you find important such as environment, sustainability, rights, Peace, heath care, fair wages, schools, etc, you won’t see any actual change unless you look at some of the underlying causes AND how we must work together and not completely split those issues apart because they are related and are caused by some of the same roots.
He touches on it in this short vid, so please check out…

11) This video below covers some important stuff, we have to look at the economic system and we need to look at how we can help each other through all of this.
Please watch

12) One important and successful way to get people voted in and working on various issues is by building alliances.
Learn about the organizing and alliance building she talks of watch the video below by the
Richmond Progressive Alliance

Another video with Gayle McLaughlin (she is running for Lt Governor of California) along with various candidates and parties that are non corporate AND a few groups that work to bring people together can be found at

13) Right now we have around 7 and 1/2 Billion people on the planet, even if we reduce our consumption, reuse, live simply and tread as lightly on Earth as possible, the amount of resources just to feed, clothe and house that many people is going to be tough without causing irreparable damage that threatens the planet’s ability to sustain itself (and us), so the issue of population must be looked at.
We need to be educated and educate and drop back on our growth and at the least keep the number from rising which can be done through education and personal choice. When one is informed it is not like it’s all that complicated a concept to grasp.
All life that’s already here or on the way is great, but it will do no one any good to be brought into a world that can’t sustain their life, so be willing to take a good, hard look at that and don’t be afraid to bring voice to the issue.

14) Really good talk here in the video below. Lots of food for thought, much more than it may seem from the title. Please watch the whole thing, stay open, think about it and apply it as you can to your life.


15) Here is a GREAT video below showing vision and ways to achieve that vision.  Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, a grassroots, worldwide organization that advocates an alternative economic system based on sustainability, cooperation and human need. His most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement,’ delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global activism to unite to replace it. Abby Martin sits down with Joseph to talk about the contradictions and crises of capitalism and what he advocates to save the future of the planet from catastrophe.

After viewing please visit

16) Self-Governance, the Southern Movements’ Way: Visionaries and Organizers Share Their Ideas

For the article that goes with the above video and related stories please visit

17) New Economics Foundation
Independent think-and-do tank challenging mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues.

18) This is well worth the read…
Profit Is Theft: It Sounds Absurd but Here’s Why

19) How Patience with People Makes the World Better
People don’t get “woke” overnight. Sometimes we have to be patient and help them get there.

20) Some great food for thought at this next article when it comes to how to approach arguments or disagreements…

21) This video below is a very comprehensive and wide ranging plan for massive change that will address climate change, environmental degradation, employment, rights, sustainability, people’s health, planetary health and more.
It is a full length documentary talk with things added in, it is DEFINITELY worth the watch, please do so, think about it, share with others and get to work implementing what it talks of and what is talked of in the video a few above at #15.
It will require us all.
Below the video is the link to the speaker’s site.

The website of the speaker in the above video:

22) This next video below covers a wide range from problems to solutions.
Please watch the whole video. It’s worth it. Watch all of it please.
THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

The Thrive website:

How we communicate with people in the attempt to awaken and encourage action and change and help from them must be looked at. This is worth reading here…
Are Americans a Broken People? Here’s Why We’ve Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression
A psychologist asks: Have consumerism, suburbanization and a malevolent corporate-government partnership so beaten us down that we no longer have the will to save ourselves?

This next is a site that looks to be very promising and has already had success, please check out…

25) The power of groups can not be underestimated. Please check out these…
4 groups to join with for massive positive change

Please watch the videos, go to those links, actually read and absorb what is there. Find ways to implement or spread or support what is covered.
Check back at and other places (remember, don’t trust just one source, verify and don’t assume anything) and use your mind and find other ways of helping get our whole world on a safe, sustainable path, just make sure to actually work at changing things, don’t just sit around and share links, don’t just sit around grumbling on how things are and don’t just sit and wait for others to do something.

Trust yourself, be guided in Peace and Love for all life, act in Peace and look 7 or more generations ahead.

Thank you.


PS, check on those around you, many may not have food, resources, heat or someone to talk to and they may not ask for help (or be able to ask). Help those around you.

PPS, plant a tree.

As a matter of fact, how about plant a tree and save some too!
Please go to and follow through with stopping junk mail and ads.

Contact me with anything to add or with positive ideas.

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