George Floyd, A Broken System, Some You Should Know, Some You Can Do.

* This is copied almost in full with permission from as it’s very comprehensive but please note, while they may update there, this copy may not have all their updates. It is here for your reference but going there will guarantee the most up to date of theirs.*

George Floyd, A Broken System, Some You Should Know, Some You Can Do.
Much info and things YOU can do to help change things for the better.

George Floyd, 46, was killed Monday following an arrest for alleged fraud over a counterfeit $20 bill.


He was detained, threatened by a weapon in his face, put on the ground, piled upon and murdered for…
alleged fraud over a counterfeit $20 bill.
In a “Free” country.

1. Arrested, Charged With Murder In George Floyd Killing
The officer was seen in a video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck while he was restrained and pleading for air.

2. Cop (derek-chauvin) who killed George Floyd in Minneapolis had record of brutality

His knee was on his neck for more than 8 1/2 minutes, including 2 1/2 minutes after he had passed out.
He has been charged with 3rd and 2nd degree murder and manslaughter, not first degree murder which it obviously was, but 3rd and 2nd degree.
The other three helped it happen and are just as responsible for George’s death but have not been charged at all, nor have they been blocked from just getting a job at another precinct.

3. Here’s a good listing of police brutality and attitude, BUT I call bullshit on their editorial statement which is CLEARLY going against all the evidence and statistics of it being just a few bad apples.
42 Shocking Police Brutality Statistics


4. Here’s How Many People Police Killed in 2019…We Think

5. New Video Appears to Refute ‘Official
Story of George Floyd ‘Resisting Before He’s Killed

6. Since knowledge is power, the more we know of police abusing people and rights the higher our chance at changing things for the better.
Please “follow” this page and others like it and spread links articles, videos and information.
It’s on the social media site which is like facebook but doesn’t censor or shadowban, it doesn’t track you and there are no advertisements, so please check it out.

7. Bus Driver Unions Nationwide Refusing to Work With Police
Friday evening, bus drivers in New York City and members of TWU Local 100 refused to cooperate with police in transporting arrested Justice for George Floyd protestors.
The action comes a day after bus drivers in Minneapolis also refused to assist the police in transporting arrested protestors; shutting down the Twin Cities
transit system.
“I told MTA our ops won’t be used to drive cops around. It is in solidarity [with Minneapolis
bus drivers],” JP Patafio, vice president of TWU Local 100 told Motherboard.
(At the link you can watch a video of one bus driver walking off the job to cheers from a crowd in Brooklyn)
Payday Report has learned that transit union leaders nationwide are instructing members not to cooperate with police in arresting protestors.

Remember people, working with oppressors is obvious complicity on your part and further, so is silence.
Things will only get worse if we do not speak up.
Speaking up and showing we won’t tolerate the abuse should be peaceful but not quiet.
And as for things getting worse, below are some examples that will hopefully show you that you have to speak up. The move into a totalitarian authoritarian police state is continuing and speeding up exponentially.
We must speak up, change laws, change police training, reduce the number of police (many things they show up for can be handled by other more qualified people and agencies) and make sure the laws and regulations are enforced.

The attack upon our country by police is continuing and escalating.
ANYONE that bypasses the courts and plays judge, jury and executioner is attacking our country and police nationwide are doing that. Anyone depriving citizens of their rights is attacking our country. Attacking us in ways no country we are told is out to get us ever could. We are told Russia and North Korea are out to get us, but who is taking our lives? Who is taking our rights?
NOT other countries, but people we pay to serve us.
They now have arrested at a protest a black CNN reporter (I’m not a fan of CNN or any mainstream media, but arresting media is BAD SHIT FOLKS), and they pepper sprayed a black Congresswoman and several black local elected officials at another protest.

8. Police Arrest CNN Journalist During Live TV Coverage of George Floyd Protests


9. Police Arrested Afro-Latino Reporter While Treating White Colleague “Politely”


10. African-American congresswoman pepper-sprayed during racism protest
Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty and several top African-American local officials were pepper sprayed by Columbus, Ohio, police during protests Saturday afternoon over the death of George Floyd.
And let me add, her being a Dem is beside the point and irrelevant. Free speech and the right to assemble is at risk.

11. Video National Guard and police forcing people into their homes and firing upon people on their own porch.

Trump Opens Door for Violent Clash: ‘I Don’t Care If MAGA Counter-Protests at White House
The president used the obvious trick of raising a question in order to encourage his supporters to show up at the White House on Saturday and possibly clash with George Floyd demonstrators

and I must add, that when Trump used the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” it was taken from a racist Miami police chief who fought against civil rights protesters in the 1960s.

And finally we have some, SOME things we can all do. I’m not implying this is the best list nor am I saying this is all, but read this article, let it soak in, search out other ways to help us change things for the better, speak to those directly affected, which, as we can see is all of us, but more so obviously on blacks), and most importantly don’t just sit on the sidelines people. You’re alive, act that way.
You’re alive and with being alive comes responsibilities, so act that way.

This is a Canadian article, so some links there will mention Canadian groups, you can reach out to those or ones local. The info is pertinent no matter where the article is from.

13. Eleven Things You Can Do Besides Sharing Links In Face Of Police Aggression
To paraphrase Angela Davis, it’s not enough to *not* be racist — you need to be anti-racist.

Their list includes these things but you will need to read their full explanation of what they mean at the article…

a. Don’t think you need to be the perfect ally to speak up.

b. If you see an act of police brutality happening, speak up and safely make your presence known.

c. Educate yourself without placing the burden on Black people to be your teachers.

d. Engage with racist people you know. And engage with your silent non-Black friends, too.

e. Call local government officials. Then show up at town hall and city council meetings.

f. Pay close attention to how your local police department functions.

g. Take the fight to your workplace.

h. Do more listening than talking. And when your Black friends give you constructive feedback, welcome it.

i. Don’t think you are off the hook because you
are also a minority.

j. Donate to anti-white supremacy work, such as your local Black Lives Matter chapter.

k. Check your own behaviors of policing Black people in your daily life.

And again, their list includes these things but you will need to read their full explanation of what they mean at the article, which, as I mentioned is a Canadian article, so some links there will mention Canadian groups, you can reach out to those or ones local. The info is pertinent no matter where the article is from.

14. Here’s a list of things we can do having to do with policy and training of police that has saved lives and lowered the number of people hurt and killed by police. I am not implying at all that this is THE solution because it will take tons of efforts from many angles, but it’s one of the tools
that can be used.

15. Abuse of people by an abusive system is going to happen, so having a more life and rights centered system is necessary.
Please watch this short video by the SEP (Socialist Equality Party’s) Presidential candidate where he ties together the obvious (or should be obvious) connection between capitalism and abuse of people.
Here is his statement and video:
The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) condemns the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota and demands the prosecution of the police officers who are responsible for his death.

16. Watch video »

17. Link to Joeseph Kishore’s Presidential campaign website:

18. Link to the SEP:

19. There are many articles including this one at
The murder of George Floyd and the fight against police violence in the US

20. Protesters who have risked arrest need our help. Progress America is donating to bailout funds around the country―chip in here to bail out protesters!

Bailout funds tend to be local groups working on shoestring budgets. We want to make as easy as possible to get these groups the funds they need. 100% of the funds raised through Progress America will be donated to bail out protesters through these groups, split evenly and disbursed daily
(and please note, I’m adding that although the money collected is through ActBlue, the money does not go to the DNC or any Dem, ActBlue does raise money for them but not on this.

The money is going to the following and at the donate link there is a link to twitter where you can view receipts for the m getting the money to the various organizations…

Chicago Community Bond Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Los Angeles: People’s City Council Freedom Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund

Philadelphia Bail Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Columbus Freedom fund

Portland Protest Bail Fund

Montgomery Bail Out

Salt Lake City Bail Fund

Detroit Bail Fund

Remember: There’s a pandemic going on. Jails are disease vectors―we need to get these protesters out NOW.

21. A good idea is secure and private open source encrypted communication and knowing how to stay as private (which is not only your right, but advisable when going up against the system) and there are many, many ways to do that and steps you can take. I won’t go into that but will mention one text, messaging and voice app for desktop and phones with is

22. And one site with some info. I would encourage you to expand your research much wider but this is a start at the Electronic Frontier Foundation which has a rather comprehensive list to start with…

23. The ACLU Mobile Justice app for your iOS or Android device.
The ACLU Stop and Frisk app

And some additions thanks to Pinecast (this podcast’s webhost service)

“Pinecast stands in solidarity with people of color across the United States. We resoundingly support—and vehemently oppose attempts to quash—the rights to expression, assembly, and a free press.

24. If you can, please support the Black Visions Collective,

25. Your local cash bail fund,

26. POC in Audio,

27. Podcasts in Color,

and creative content from black creators.

All lives cannot matter until black lives matter.”

and I’ll add the following…

28. University of Minnesota bans Minneapolis PD after George Floyd’s death
President Joan Gabel says that the school is severing ties with the police because as an institution they are brokenhearted and appalled by the video

29. Police Repression Backfires As Protests Multiply
(VERY well summed up by the guy being interviewed, please watch)

30. Five Solutions You Won’t Hear from Politicians on How to End Police Violence Now

31. From the ACLU:
Please, share this video on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for anyone in your circle who may need it in the coming days – and educate yourself on its crucial message below.

As you come out to protest, here’s what our video notes to keep in mind:

a. The right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.
b. If you get stopped, ask if you are free to go. If the police say yes, calmly walk away.
c. You have the right to record. The right to protest includes the right to record, including recording police doing their jobs.
d. The police can order people to stop interfering with legitimate police operations, but video recording from a safe distance is not interfering.
e. If you get stopped, police cannot take or confiscate any videos or photos without a warrant.
f. If you are videotaping, keep in mind in some states, the audio is treated differently than the images. But images and video images are always fully protected by the First Amendment.
g. The police’s main job in a protest is to protect your right to protest and to de-escalate any threat of violence.
h. If you get arrested, don’t say anything. Ask for a lawyer immediately. Do not sign anything and do not agree to anything without an attorney present.
i. If you get arrested, demand your right to a local phone call. If you call a lawyer for legal advice, law enforcement is not allowed to listen.
j. Police cannot delete data from your device under any circumstances.

We understand that even with the legal protections laid out above, protesting has real risks – especially for Black and Brown people. We’re also still in the midst of a global pandemic and know that your health and the health of others may take priority.

Whether you choose to physically protest this week or not, you can still ensure others are as informed and prepared as possible by sharing our video on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

And no matter what – remember your rights and stay safe.

Thank you,

The ACLU Team

32. And FOR THE RECORD, being a cop in the USA is not even in the 10 most dangerous jobs list.
You are more apt to be injured or die on the job being a roofer, in sanitation, commercial fishing and many other jobs so the lie that police are so in danger that they “have” to be the way they are is… a lie.
Their whole “I need to get home safe” line is meant to prey on your emotions, they are not at risk even as much as many, many, many workers in other occupations.

The jobs where you are most likely to be injured or killed per capita (so this is out of 100,000 workers, it’s not total numbers, this is an apples to apples comparison)

1. Logging workers
2. Fishers and related fishing workers
3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
4. Roofers
5. Refuse and recyclable materials collectors
6. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
7. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers
8. Structural Iron and Steel workers
9. First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers
10. First-line supervisors of landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers


* This is copied almost in full with permission from as it’s very comprehensive but please note, while they may update there, this copy may not have all their updates. It is here for your reference but going there will guarantee the most up to date of theirs.*

More to be added, if you have anything important people should know of, click here to contact me and I’ll add it.

Ok people, please get informed, read and share the links and get VOCAL in peace and solidarity and for all life.



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