Global Strike For Climate! Multiple Groups and Organizations!

This is an updated post originally for the Sept 20-27, 2019 Global Climate Strike

— The next Global Climate Strike is November 29, 2019! —

After the 20th thru 27th 2019 Strike the efforts and actions continue. Over 7 million youth and adults got out and spoke up on the need to change. The movement will grow. Do your part and help it grow.

To jump to a newer post about the Nov 29, 2019 Global Climate Strike and more of what you can do go to and were the main sites organizing for Sept 20-27 and have a number of resources and a good list of alliances, groups and partners to check out and get on their mailing list for updates.

Get as informed as possible, be vocal, talk to people and always refer them to the science. Don’t get bogged down arguing with people, remain friendly and encourage they get aware and involved but not all will want to or be willing to right away and if that’s the case just peacefully move on to talk to others and encourage the move to a safer cleaner more just and sustainable planet for all of us.

As mentioned, the sites above and below are worth checking out and finding ways to be involved.
You can find others locally, nationally and internationally by searching.
You can also start one on your own.

September 20-27, 2019 there is a global strike for climate action scheduled worldwide
and is organized by a number of groups and organizations.

This site you are on is not part of organizing.
This may be updated but check the links below for updates, changed plans or any other info.

Some of the Groups (“Fridays For Future”, “Extinction Rebellion” and some of the MANY that are a part of “Strike With Us”) will continue through to Sept 27th and beyond.
Check their websites.

You can even set up something on your own and if you’d like register it as an event others can find and join in with through their sites but the main signup is through

We must get across to politicians, governments, corporate media and everyone that the truth must be told of the severity of the climate breakdown and action must be taken.
These strikes are one way.

There are posts on this site you are on with info on climate catastrophe, the dangers of fossil fuels, shifting to clean energy and many, many things you can do, feel free to check the various posts out but as for right now I ask you to go to the links for the groups below, read up, sign up (or start something on your own)  and get involved. Time is not on our side.


To find events and sign up visit


then, if you’d like ….

to get info and be involved in general with one of the specific groups participating
the same site
has where you can click to go to the groups shown below.

or the few directly linked below…


XR Youth


XR Worldwide

XR United Kingdom and various resources


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