Goodbye Free Speech

Goodbye Free Speech

Washington Post Bans Employees from Using Social Media
to Criticize Customers, Advertisers, Subscribers, Vendors, Suppliers or Partners.

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And I’ll add..
If you can’t fathom that as a massively dangerous step by corporate America (and in this case a corporation VERY closely tied to the CIA and the US government) in their attempt to control what people know, think, say and do then please, please think it through a bit deeper. When what you say on your own time in your own house, in public or anywhere else is limited and you are threatened with being fired (which, as we know in our economic mess we are in can mean an out of control spiraling dept, no healthcare, homelessness,  and more than a little risk and danger to your well being and safety).

In other words, it’s an attempt at them making you comply by making it known you may suffer.
It’s fear based control and there are words for that.

His next step will be to do that with all the Amazon employees.

And then other companies will do the same.

Dissent or critique or any free speech that someone doesn’t like will become too dangerous for people to chance and then, through that, all sorts of wrongs and bad corporate or individual behavior will be outside of what you are allowed to open your mouth about and day by day the world will get worse and everything bad will grow unimpeded and unchallenged.

I’ll add more to this post soon, but thought I should share that first article right away.

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Speak up people, speak up. Stay peaceful but not silent.

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