If we want a decent, sustainable world where we have rights we have to stand together!

If we want a decent, sustainable world
where we have rights we have to stand together!


It is great to see more people vocal and making it clear we have our rights, the justice system works properly, we become sustainable, Congress works for us, that we have a President and NOT a dictator ignoring the Constitution and International Law etc, but just note movements can be co-opted, any can, so get involved and work with others if you want and can but be as informed as possible. Never blindly oppose a person or policy or support a person or policy until you check into it/them please.
Many, MANY ways to stand in solidarity, to work with others and to find common ground and set aside differences for a common goal. Many ways. Look for what already exists. Reach out to others. Use your imagination, anything Peaceful is good.

Now let me make one thing very clear, we must work together as much as possible. For the most part we need to focus on issues and we don’t want to distance ourselves from people who may have voted different than we did and may have voted for someone we don’t like some or all of the policies of. That other person may have not been informed, may have believe lies and rhetoric, may have believed in just some of what a specific candidate said or was so disgusted with the choices they voted for what they thought would be less bad. That last thing is covered elsewhere but suffice it to say we CAN’T run around name calling, implying people are stupid or all hateful. For the most part people are decent and we have to work together on so many of our common goals.

We all need clean air and water, we need jobs, we need our rights, we need Peace. We need and want most of the same things, so please set aside what will get in the way of joining together. You don’t have to believe all the same stuff as others, but if you want to achieve a goal of let’s say getting money out of politics, if you surround yourself with only those who agree on everything you believe in you will NOT succeed. On so many issues we need Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Greens and everyone together. We’re not talking about being best friends or getting married, we’re talking about our rights, our world, our country and other things that are a concern to all.

After something is fixed if you feel you walk in a different direction then fine, but stand in solidarity on the important things please.

Be friendly, open, listen to others, actually listen to them, their concerns, their reason for voting a certain way. That will help tremendously in many, many ways.

Now, with that said, I’m listing an organization that is focused on Trump’s policies. I will gladly talk with a Trump supporter and if we align on some issue I stand with them. I ask that anyone who voted for him stays open minded and knows that when people are saying they oppose him it is almost always issue based. Based on what he is doing and saying. This isn’t as much about him as it is what he does. If Clinton or Stein or anyone else had won and tried to sign what Trump has, appointed the people Trump has or if Obama or Bush or Clinton or Reagan or anyone else did things that are unconstitutional and unacceptable I would, did and do oppose those policies.

I don’t care who it is in office, I want my rights, your rights, our Constitution and our future protected. Based on facts, not emotion.

So this following site is being shared to work on things that are illegal and unacceptable and would be no matter who does them. I do not have this here in any way, shape or form to distance any Trump voters. If we are to have a future we need each other.

Please keep that in mind and I thank you.

This organization below is not party based and they make it clear you can be as involved as you like, that what they offer can be your main focus or just part of it and that the three goals are basically to resist authoritarian, racist and corrupt agendas. That Congress needs to be the voice of the people and that this is about inclusion, respect and fairness.

So if you really look at it, this should represent virtually all Americans and all people.

One way to join with others for positive change is with the organization in the above video.
Here’s the link to the organization they mention…

Here is a link to another organization, the People’s Congress of Resistance

And a direct link to a growing list of various Independent Parties, candidates and alliances with Progressive Platforms, that do not take corporate money and a video of how to build winning alliances

Really good talk here in the video below. Lots of food for thought, much more than it may seem from the title. Please watch the whole thing, stay open, think about it and apply it as you can to your life.


And always ALWAYS keep it Peaceful.
No matter what.

More ways will be listed as I can.

Contact me with anything to add or with positive ideas.

Thank you.

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