Israel Palestine West Bank Gaza Jerusalem etc

Israel Palestine West Bank Gaza Jerusalem etc

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If you don’t know the reality of what is going on in Israel and Palestine or you believe you are informed by mainstream US media you may be surprised to know the issue is not nearly as complicated as some would want you to believe, and you may be surprised that reality is more than a little different than you may have thought.

To start, here are some links to info and a map. They sum it up pretty clearly. I would encourage you to watch all 3 parts of the interview with Roger Waters (and others) below and keep an open mind. More info, updates, articles, videos and websites are below including ways you can speak up and inform others.

Democracy Now interview with Roger Waters and others.
Part 1 at:

Part 2 at:

Part 3 at:

The Documentary movie they mention in the above interviews: The Occupation of the American Mind, Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States


Jewish Voice for Peace

BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)

“What Really Happened” is a site with lots of info

Editorial: Anti-boycott bill threatens free speech

Bills that could become law that are referenced in some of above:
House(US Congress) H.R.1697 – Israel Anti-Boycott Act text is here

Contact your representatives

Contact media
Here’s another article, it’s from a couple years ago, it happens to also have Waters in it but touches on some important points.

The next link is a video. In the video … “In depth analysis! Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro reacts to #Jerusalem being declared the capital of Israel, and explains that the Jewish people relate to Jerusalem as a holy city, not as a political capital city. Jerusalem as the capital of the “Jews” is a #Zionist fiction, and conflicts directly with the teachings of #Judaism.
To all those countries considering moving their embassies, please know that this would only benefit Israel and the Zionists, and has no benefit to the Jewish people at large. Israel does NOT represent world Jewry”

The Good Friday Massacre: World…We Are All Palestinians Now!

A word from an Israeli soldier

Youtube Censors Abby Martin & Max Blumenthal’s Report In 28 Countries On Israel’s ILLEGAL VIOLENCE

Below is an article and the video he mentions in the above video.
If you go there and try to view it and it is blocked because of your location, you may try using a proxy or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that has proxies around the world and go through a proxy that is in the USA or somewhere the video can be viewed. I do not know if that will help.
Here is a list of proxies, I am just sharing this, I don’t know anything about the site  and you can use it or not.
I do not know if the video is hosted anywhere but on YouTube, hopefully it is but the article has the link to it on YouTube.
Here is the video and related article.
NOTE, the article is new and we must know if it and everything in it, but the video itself was from 2015 so do not confuse what is in the video with anything that has or is going on when I am posting this (April 2018) .
“Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries”

American Empathy Gap: Massacres in Gaza and US Silence

Here are many places you can look into for more info.

Israel Shoots 6 Journalists Covering Palestinian Protest

The Israeli Massacre You Won’t Get On Mainstream Media

The video below point out what should be obvious… if we apply the justification and allowance of the attacks upon Syria, then it allows more of the same elsewhere.

Below is a great video where Rodger Waters covers not only what BDS is and why he supports it but also talks of the issue of propaganda and our shared responsibility to one another. This should be seen by all.

As Israeli forces kill unarmed demonstrators for a third week in Gaza and while the US simultaneously prepares to strike Syria over human rights abuses, Laura spoke to Lana Abu Hijileh, a Palestinian humanitarian and development professional attending the SKOLL World Forum conference in Oxford, UK, April 13, 2018

(Not all of this being added is chronological but all is important, please read/watch all)

Apr 21, 2018
Israeli fire in new Gaza border protest kills 4 Palestinians
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli soldiers firing Friday from across a border fence killed four Palestinians, including a 15-year-old boy, and wounded more than 150 others, health officials said, as several thousand people in blockaded Gaza staged a fourth round of weekly protests on the border with Israel.

This article shows one of the reasons so many Americans don’t know the truth…
Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored

April 28, 2018
UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour demanded to know why Israel won’t accept an independent and transparent investigation, as Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for. He said the Palestinians are exploring ideas, including at the Geneva-based Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court, to “stop this massacre and serve justice and to hold accountability.”

April 29, 2018
Abby Martin & Joe Rogan on Israel’s Massacre at Gaza Border.
Abby Martin goes on the The Joe Rogan Experience to talk about the Israeli lobby smear campaign for her previous appearance and the Great March of Return massacre of nonviolent protesters on the border, including the deliberate targeting of children, journalists and rescue workers.

April 26, 2018
Israel’s Massacres of Gaza Protesters Force Liberal Zionists to Face Oppressive Reality.
As Natalie Portman refuses to attend an award ceremony in Israel, journalist Ali Abunimah says liberal Zionists are increasingly unable to ignore the brutal oppression of Palestinians.

The website IfNotNow is working to transform the American Jewish Community’s support for Occupation into a call for freedom and dignity for all. Go there to join with their movement.

Article: As Israel Turns 70, Young American Jews Turn Away

May 4, 2018
6,200 Palestinians injured now.
50 Palestinians dead.
As IDF Uses Gaza Protesters for Shoot-to-Maim Target Practice, Israel Argues Human Rights Don’t Apply to this “War”
The manner in which protesters, including children, have been injured – live ammunition fired at the groin, neck, limbs, and abdomen – suggests that Israeli troops intentionally aim to inflict maximum physical harm on the civilian participants in the marches.

The government media office in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted journalists during the recent protests held in Gaza in an attempt to prevent them from revealing the truth.

Israel faces diplomatic fallout after dozens killed in Gaza.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel faced a growing backlash Tuesday and new charges of using excessive force, a day after Israeli troops firing from across a border fence killed 59 Palestinians and wounded more than 2,700 at a mass protest in Gaza.

May 15, 2018
Thousands more injured, with 2,700 more just on Monday May 14 alone.
Over 100 Palestinians dead.
Much of the world speak up but as usual the US vetoes calls for investigation and ignores international law.

The Latest: Thousands in Lebanon mark Palestinian ‘nakba’
JERUSALEM (AP) — The Latest on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (all times local): 6:10 p.m. Thousands of people have gathered in Lebanon’s Beaufort castle near the border with Israel to mark the Jewish state’s creation 70 years ago that led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.

Gaza hospitals struggle to cope with high casualty toll

Arms Manufacturers Use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

The Electronic Intifada

Israel targets journalists in Gaza

Uri Avnery’s column / Gush Shalom

Israeli military targets children, reporters and now a nurse.

Fist-size gunshot wounds, pulverized bones, inadmissible use of force by Israel in Gaza

Condemned By Their Own Words
This transcript of an Israeli General on an Israeli radio station (begins 6.52 in) defending the latest killing by Israeli army snipers of a 14 year old boy who posed no threat of any kind, is much more powerful if you just read it than any analysis I can give.

Will Israel Be Expelled from U.N.? Charter must be changed

Article with Video:
Israel targets journalists in Gaza

A Deadly Exchange: United States and Israel Security Forces Exchange Programs

Al Nakba: Say Yes to Palestinians’ Right of Return

Concern as US police officers are trained in Israel

In May of 2018 an official report shows:

Palestinians killed in May:  79 citizens, including 9 children
Palestinians injured in May:  6,309 citizens suffered various degrees of injuries, 54 of whom were critically injured,
129 Palestinians killed and 13,306 injured during the Return Marches as of June 1st.

The attacks on Palestinians included:
164 shootings of farmers and shepherds,
26 artillery bombardments,
50 air raids as well as
20 incursions into eastern Gaza Strip governorates.

The fishermen were subjected to 49 shooting attacks from Israeli boats, which resulted in the arrest of four fishermen, the destruction of three fishing boats, confiscation of one boat and the attempt to sink another.
The report:

It’s Time to Put Israel on Trial
The court of public opinion isn’t enough. Israel’s leaders should face charges in The Hague.

Israel manipulates video of slain medic

Israelis are doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews during WWII – Erdogan

300 Global Figures Write Open Letter Accusing Israel of War Crimes
They also accuse Israel’s high court of “rubber stamping” the criminal policies of the Israeli government.

Keffiyeh-Clad Roger Waters Scores Point for Palestinian Cause at French Open
Waters’ wearing of a keffiyeh in the pubic eye may seem a small gesture in light of the impending threat from Israel, but his actions and willingness to be vocal and engage on the topic have brought the issue to the attention of countless people.

The Great Return March and the Women of Gaza: Why Palestine’s Feminists Are Fighting on Two Fronts

‘Every bullet has a precise address’ – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre

Israel Pushes Bill to Criminalize Filming IDF Soldiers

Israel’s Solution to Global Condemnation of War Crimes? Punish Anyone Who Documents Them
“We reiterate our call to Israel’s Parliament to oppose the bill, which would constitute a serious breach of press freedom,”
said the International Federation of Journalists

An American Church With 1.5 Million Members Just Voted Unanimously to Support BDS

As is pointed out in some of what is above, criticism of what Israel is doing is criticism of the government’s actions and the actions of their police, military and courts and SOME of the citizens (Note it is only Some, NOT ALL).

On the website of the documentary above they make it clear it is criticism of what the Israeli government does and has nothing to do with Judaism.

What Israel is doing to Palestinians has nothing to do with Judaism. Not one bit except that Israel uses it as a shield to cover their crimes against humanity.

If anyone is being anti-Semitic it is the Israeli government. They are the ones being disrespectful to the Jewish religion by trying to use it as a way to deflect the focus and criticism on their actions. They are being disrespectful to all those that have suffered and everyone should call them out on it.

This isn’t about Judaism, it’s not anti-Semitic. It is truth telling and pointing out their misuse of the religion.


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