Non mainstream media, where corporate rule doesn’t have a say.


Non mainstream media, where corporate rule doesn’t have a say.

Here you will find:.

1) List of outlets and places to find unfiltered news and info along with videos

2) Reports of mainstream media bias/lies/distortions/ignoring important issues showing mainstream media bias so as to show how important it is to move away from mainstream media and to understand how they manipulate the people.

3) A commentary on how and why mainstream corporate media works as it does and isn’t reliable when looking for information or trying to form a factual image of what reality is.

I will add to these sections below, if you know of any that should be here please contact me and let me know.

Some of these in the list are straight news, some are mixed in with comedy or editorializing, please remember the information given may be made to be easier to take through it being entertaining or it may be delivered as just news but either way can be verified by you through a bit of research and using MULTIPLE SOURCES. Don’t assume anything, don’t automatically believe or disbelieve anything.

Here’s a very important site I’ll add right at the top…
Project Censored has “The News That Didn’t Make The News” where they have extremely important articles, information and reports that never made mainstream media including the top 25 stories that never made the news, podcasts, research and more. Please go there and check it out and share.

1) Places to find news and info (a few may use adult language)
… in no particular order ….

1) Truthout
3) Alternet
4) Empire Files: A documentary & interview series hosted by Abby Martin
5) The Laura Flanders Show
6) The Real News
7) Democracy Now!
8) Sane Progressive
9) Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
10) The Jimmy Dore Show
11) Look up “Chris Hedges”
12) Look up “Noam Chomsky”
13) Look up “John Pilger”
14) Look up “Naomi Klein”
15) Look up “Glenn Greenwald”
16) Look up “Greg Palast”
17) Here’s a very important site…
Project Censored has “The News That Didn’t Make The News” where they have extremely important articles, information and reports that never made mainstream media including the top 25 stories that never made the news, podcasts, research and more. Please go there and check it out and share.
18) Newsbud
19) MintPress News

2) Videos or reports dealing with mainstream media bias/lies/distortions/ignoring.
(a few may use adult language)
… in no particular order …

There are tons of examples, I will add more as I have time but start with these …

Journalists Caught Lying To Protect Clinton Over DNC Agreement

This video below doesn’t cover media consolidation (owned by very few companies) fully, but it shows some of the dangers and you can picture how a narrative (or lie) can easily be spread to millions and millions of people if those at the company decide that is what they want to do.

In the video below Lee dissects just a part of a NY Times article and you’ll see they lie, distort, mislead, rewrite history and lie by omission and show there is zero journalistic integrity and all they are in existence for is to steer people’s minds and support into more war.

It’s gotten worse since this video below was made (2013) but he sums it up pretty well.
Chris Hedges: mainstream media ignores ‘what the corporate state wants ignored’

The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists
You’ll also note we’re seeing more and more censorship/blacklisting/shadowbanning, etc on facebook, twitter and other places.

TV Network Caught Airing Commercials As News


3) Commentary:
Some things to consider:

There are many ways someone may lie to you. Some are obvious, others aren’t. Some are subtle leading of your thoughts into certain beliefs, some lies are even just by omission. If something is important and people should know whatever it is and another person or business entity or politician skips speaking it — they are lying by omission.

There are many reasons someone may lie to you. Most often it’s to gain your support, your money or to avoid being held responsible or being seen for what they are.

Most mainstream media (CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Time magazine, radio stations, local newspapers, etc) in the USA has been gobbled up by a handful of mega corporations that have holdings in all kinds of things other than media. It’s not difficult to know that at the very least they would be tempted to lie, distort, ignore, distract and do anything they can other than tell us what we need to know. At the worst they aren’t just tempted, but it’s the reason they own media in the first place. We have proof of this happening so often it’s laughable anyone would try to counter that statement.

By the way, let me add right off that Trump claims virtually all media lies about everything having to do with him. He says that because what they say is often inconvenient. Some may be untrue but mostly it’s that he doesn’t like what they say. There’s a difference between lies and not liking being called out. This post is about lies and finding truth, and truth is truth if it’s convenient or not so when he says something is a lie, take it for what it is and when you go to verify if he’s right, don’t be surprised if he isn’t.
The same goes for anyone in office or for anyone at all.

The only business protected by the document that forms and defines what we are and what powers the government does and doesn’t have is the press.
The only one.
Not the weapons manufacturers, not farmers, nobody but the press.
It’s in the Bill of Rights which is part of our Constitution and it says (in part) …
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
Courts have ruled consistently that when it says “Congress” it is to be applied to ALL legislative bodies and therefor NO restrictions can be made upon the press.

Why is that?

It is because our form of government which is a representational form of government where We The People decide what does and doesn’t happen and to have that carried out, we elect people for office to serve us.
They are our employees.
For us to be able to elect (hire) the best qualified people and for us to be able to make many decisions that affect us all we MUST have a free press, one that is not controlled by the government, one that can not be harassed or threatened by the government so that we can have full information on what goes on, what people in office are doing, etc.

If we can not be informed then we can’t make proper decisions and those that founded our country understood that and made sure that we could have people that would gather information with the purpose of disseminating it be free from pressures to alter what is true, which makes sure we have the ability to be informed.
But the ability and the reality of being informed with facts and a true accounting of what is going on, who did what, etc can vary widely. Courts have also ruled “the press” is anyone that gathers information to disseminate. “The press” does not mean you have to be employed by a newspaper or tv station. It includes them but is not limited to them. It’s important to know that.

We now have huge corporations which own 90% of all US media… papers, cable news, periodicals, radio, etc. It’s down to a half dozen and actually working on going down to just 5 corporations.

They all have holdings in many other industries, their board members sit on the board of other industries and all of them want the same thing …. money and power.
None of them want any regulations that could get in the way of their building immense wealth, none of them want anything getting in the way and many of the things that could affect their bottom line is the truth.
They would have to report on things they or their subsidiaries have done that has harmed people and country. They would have to report on if it is dangerous or would cost them money and cut into their profit.
For example, they don’t want people knowing how dangerous oil drilling and pipelines are… so they under-report the amount of spills to a ridiculously lower amount than they should, so therefor people think it’s much safer than it is and through that they don’t push nearly as much for alternatives (such as wind and solar) which the rest of the modern world is moving towards.

Same for war, they prop up arguments for war and don’t give a true image at all.

Same for almost everything including what politicians do, say, vote for, etc. They rarely actually do research and counter or challenge anyone in office or one running for office unless they don’t want that person elected due to that candidate’s stance on things that affect the corporation.

For an obvious example look at Bernie Sander’s run for being the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. It doesn’t matter if you like him or hate him, just look at how media treated him. His support grew dramatically, he filled the seats as he went around the country, filled them in places that held ten thousand, twenty thousand, in LA he had 27,500 and 28,000 in Portland but mainstream media for as long as possible ignored him.
At the same time they gave Trump (who polled lower than him) 23 times more air time. That’s just one issue of countless times they skipped reporting what the people should know. Why did they all skip telling us about him, then when finally reporting on him they joked around and made it seem he had no chance?
Why did they then spread disinformation (lies) about the delegate count and on and on? Why? The bottom line. He was for better worker’s pay and a lot they didn’t want to support and the more one researches and gets informed from as many sources as possible, the more one verifies facts and uses critical thinking, the more one finds they lie about a massive amount and much of the public is totally uninformed.

So, what am I leading to here? I want more people to search out more sources, to use their minds, to challenge what is handed to us as fact if it is not fact.

It is our job to be informed because how this country runs, what it does and how we affect the whole world relies upon us being accurately informed.

I’m going to list some alternative media outlets and people. I want you to question them the same as you question mainstream media. Don’t assume anyone is right or wrong, but upon enough reading up you’ll find that some of these outlets or individuals (some are just people that have researched and want word to get out, so they broadcast it any way they can) are much more apt to be worth paying attention to.
First, most have no corporate money behind them,
second, they don’t shy away from telling you to read up and verify what they say. Liars don’t do that. Big corporations that profit huge amounts of money aren’t going to say “go verify what I said, check multiple outlets”.

Think about that.

So in this post I will update with links, outlets, channels and so forth where you can look for unfiltered news, for facts, for truth.
Question them if you want, go right ahead, but don’t assume what they say can’t be true especially if you’ve only gotten your vision of reality from what is fed to the masses. If you have only gotten news from your local paper, CNN, FOX or places like that, then you may be in for a shock, especially when you go to disprove what the alternative sources said by searching around and finding that they were right. So, depending on your background… be prepared to be a bit surprised/shocked/disgusted. But it’s our responsibility so please check into that which is listed here or that you find elsewhere.

Just one last favor, be aware that there are plenty of other places where people are spouting stuff meant to just prop up the official narrative or are meant to make it seem we should dismiss anything other than the big networks.
Be just as critically thoughtful about them, ask yourself who benefits from their stated view and so forth.
Main thing…. use your mind and be willing to question your own assumptions.

Thank you.

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