North Korea and American Militarization

North Korea and American Militarization.


I’ll add more as time goes on but want this post available to be able to look at the relations between North Korea and America, the claims, militarism, threats, dangers and international law.

New additions to this post will be towards the bottom of it.

North Korea is officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) but I’ll refer to it as N. Korea here due to most people in the US and many elsewhere probably are more familiar with the name North Korea.

One thing to note before I add the first video is that the leader of N. Korea (Kim Jong-un) has not threatened the US. There’s never been a threat. There HAS been a statement of retaliation IF N. Korea was attacked, but they have never said they would strike first.
That’s a vital piece of reality which is often not even understood due to politicians and media almost always skipping the part of the statement that only IF attacked would there be any force used back.

Much of that misleading of people’s views is dealt with in another post on here which you can visit after reading and watching what is here.
If you haven’t already figured it out, if one wants the truth they must dig through multiple sources, use critical thinking and be willing to question everything.

Christine Hong: Nuclear Brinkmanship is Business As Usual for US-North Korea Relations
Christine Hong, board member of the Korea Policy Institute and an anti-war activist, on how the history of American militarization on the Korean peninsula is disrupting ongoing diplomacy in the region. Hong also says President Obama was invested in sustaining a geostrategic position on behalf of the United States that was geared towards the production of permanent war.

Maddow’s Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Peace In N. Korea

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