Parties and Candidates with various Progressive Platforms.

Here you will find …

Parties with various Progressive Platforms and that don’t (as far as I can tell) take any corporate donations.


2 organizations (People’s Congress of Resistance and the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance) that are out to unify and bring together various groups and people facing various struggles


1 link to a video and resource page where you can learn from the Richmond Progressive Alliance HOW to join with others to SUCCESSFULLY win campaigns and initiatives!


1 organization (Color of Change) that works “to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.”


there are a few candidates that don’t (as far as I can tell) take any corporate donations. They aren’t necessarily part of any parties of the growing list below but are worth checking out and are towards the bottom of the post.


a movement of massive systemic change that is based on looking at the big picture and way beyond just elections.


This is just a partial list, I am not necessarily endorsing any but encourage you to check into these (and others) on your own and support what is best, not what someone tells you to support or vote for.

If you know of others that would fit here or any links needing updating let me know please by contacting me

BTW, we MUST have paper ballots only publicly counted and witnessed and filmed in HD with the video broadcast and archived for all to view and audit. Otherwise none of this matters, the machines can be programmed and counts can be flipped and altered. Paper ballots and ONLY HAND COUNTED!

Before the list of parties and candidates below, I want you to please watch this video, Gayle McLaughlin for California Lieutenant Governor has been VERY successful in organizing and building alliances and coalitions which is obviously vital to our changing the way things are. We CAN have multiple corporate-free parties and win and she is the proof, so please watch the video, learn, find how you can apply that to your area, then check out what is below.
Gayle McLaughlin is a Progressive who stood against big oil and won, has had a long list of wins for the people and is very good at organizing and helping people win office, please check her out, even if not in California you can learn from her!
Please watch this video

Then visit her site
and to learn about the organizing and alliance building she talks of watch the video below by the
Richmond Progressive Alliance

The page with the above video including a listing of some other places that have adopted their own alliances based on the Richmond Progressive Alliance approach.

Parties/Organizations IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER…

Brand New Congress


Citizen’s Party (formerly New American Independent Party)


Color Of Change (Not a party, but an organization that works “to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.” Please check them out)


Democratic Socialists of America


Green Party


Humane Party


International Socialist Organization (ISO)


Justice Democrats
(A personal NOTE here: I hesitated adding this one because even though their group has said they do not take corporate money and you can see in the various candidate’s platforms and statements that they have a Progressive stand, I don’t know how much effort, time, money and focus should be on trying to change a corrupt party, and strategically is it good to empower the Democrat Party that, at least at the moment, does not care one bit about the people, BUT in my opinion if there aren’t others running for an office that one of these is running for then it may be best to back a Justice Dem)
With all that said, the decision is yours. I would just ask you not overlook all these other parties and candidates if you do look into the Justice Dems as I would hate to deflect any focus from some great people and parties that have kept from getting corrupt in the first place and don’t need fixing, just backing.


National Domestic Workers’s Alliance
(Not a party as much as an organization advocating for the rights and dignity of domestic workers, women, immigrants, women of color, “gig economy” workers, etc. I include this here because it fits in with the overall goal of rights, a better world, working together and so forth. Please check them out)


Party For Socialism and Liberation


Peace and Freedom Party (California)


People’s Congress of Resistance
(Not a party, an organization meant to unify people and groups to work on all the various issues and through that transform our system)


Progressive Independent Party


Socialist Alternative


Socialist Party USA


Workers World Party


Candidates that aren’t part of the above parties but are worth checking out

This will obviously be limited list, if you know of any that should be here, Contact Me.


Randy Bryce for Congress in Wisconsin is a Veteran, cancer survivor and is for a Single Payer Health Care system that will ensure that all of us can be healthy and receive treatment whereas Speaker Ryan is working on taking health care away from up to 32 million Americans, while giving huge tax cuts to billionaires and millionaires.
Randy Bryce is for Working People and lifting the economic floor by fighting for a $15 minimum wage, investments in our workforce, and support for organized labor and tax fairness, investing in renewable energy, and protecting the environment, is for Women’s Health Care and Reproductive Rights and access to basic health care like mammograms, cancer screenings and birth control, is for overturning the destructive Citizens United decision, standing up to cynical voter suppression efforts, and increasing participation in our democracy along with pursuing Comprehensive Immigration Reform to protect families from being torn apart.


Alison Hartson is Running for Senate in California. She spent 10 years as a teacher in a public school, has worked to get money out of politics, is for universal healthcare, a living wage and refuses to take corporate donations.
While she stands for much of what Independent parties stand for and Bernie Sanders spoke of during his run, she’s running as a Justice Democrat and will be up against Diane Feinstein and others. Feinstein is not the least bit Progressive and doesn’t stand for the things the vast majority of Americans want. Alison Hartson on the other hand does and her history and willingness to state the problems and how we address them makes me hope everyone looks into her stand on the issues and supports her and others like her, some of which may be Justice Democrats, many of which may be of the various Independent and 3rd parties.
Please watch this video,

Visit her site…


“Sema” Hernandez for Texas Senator
Berniecrat Progressive running for U.S. Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018 take back our seat #ForAllOfUs #PeopleOverProfits #HumanRights #SemaForThePeople


Dennis Kucinich for Ohio Governor
In Congress he voted against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act which everyone should have but few had the intelligence and guts to.
He’s for worker’s rights.
He’s against fracking.
On his facebook page it says:
Public servant leader of integrity. Running 4 Ohio Governor. Extensive progressive platform to end corruption & return #PowerToWeThePeople #Kucinich4Ohio
Former 16 year member of Congress and two-time presidential candidate, I stand for a strong America through the counter doctrine of “Strength through Peace”, monetary reform and constitutional rights.


Jennifer V Kurland for Michigan Governor
Jennifer V. Kurland is President of the Redford Union School Board, she researched and developed a documentary on the Flint Water Crisis via her radio show The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K on Cave Radio and has been lobbying the Michigan legislature to make the residents of Flint whole. Jennifer joined the Green Party in 2016 after the DNC Convention and protests in Philadelphia and has been leading the Wayne County Green Party. She is committed to the ideals and platform of the Green Party and believes the revolution cannot happen from inside either of the two major parties.


Eve Reyes-Aguirre for Arizona Senate
Eve is an Indigenous woman who has fought on behalf of the community and the land for over 20 years. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Eve moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1998 where she and her husband, Billy Aguirre, raised four wonderful children. Eve is proud to run for the U.S. Senate as a member of the Green Party because she believes that government should work in the best interests of the people they represent, as well as for the future generations. She does not accept funding from special interests or corporate giants.


Gayle McLaughlin for California Lieutenant Governor
Gayle McLaughlin is a Progressive who stood against big oil and won, has had a long list of wins for the people and is very good at organizing and helping people win office, please check her out, even if not in California you can learn from her!
Please watch this video

Then visit her site
and to learn about the organizing and alliance building she talks of go to


Diane Moxley for NJ’s 7th Congressional District
Diane Moxley of Garwood, NJ announces her intent to run for congress in the 7th congressional district of New Jersey and is seeking the Green Party line and endorsement. Diane is a livestreamer for Real Progressives, member of the Green Party of New Jersey and long time activist.
She’s a Water Protector, human rights advocate, activist for Peace, sustainability, living wage, immigrants, universal healthcare, education and more.
NEW JERSEY 7th congressional district…..

For more information and ways to connect with the campaign please visit:

On Facebook @moxleyforus

On instagram @moxleyforus



Amy Vilela for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District 2018 Primary Election (June 12)
She stands for universal healthcare, a living wage, free college, equal justice, legalized marijuana, putting people to work in green energy, working for peace and more.


Miguel Zuniga for CA, 43rd Congressional District 2018 Primary Election.
He supports Single Payer, $15 minimum, Renewable Energy, Immigration Reform, No Fracking, No Pipelines, No more unjust wars, No more Prisons for Profits, Money out of Politics, Police Brutality Reform, Free College Tuitions, etc…


Remember folks, your vote is meant to be your voice, so support what you want with your vote.

Also remember that when combined, voters that are in various Independent/3rd parties represent a massive voting block, way more than needed to win virtually any election and as long as those of us that do want actual change are willing to support parties and candidates that align with our values and what we want then we can win election after election from school board on up to national.

If you happen to like a party and they don’t have a candidate for a specific race then one of these other parties may, so always support whatever you want but be willing to look around and support others that are as close as possible to what you want.

Together we are strong.

Don’t forget to watch this video below and check if there is any alliance where you live. If there is not then start one, they tell you how in this video.
Also remember to check all the parties listed above the candidates for them running candidates where you can vote for them. We must do these things if we want a good country and future. Searching out good people for office is part of it since they are not relying on corporate “donations” and so therefor will not have as many signs and ads.
Thank you.

Work together when at all possible.

The Zeitgeist Movement

Here is a GREAT video showing vision and ways to achieve that vision.  Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, a grassroots, worldwide organization that advocates an alternative economic system based on sustainability, cooperation and human need. His most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement,’ delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global activism to unite to replace it. Abby Martin sits down with Joseph to talk about the contradictions and crises of capitalism and what he advocates to save the future of the planet from catastrophe.

After viewing please visit

Click here to go to the home page.


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