Peace Resources

Peace Resources

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We HAVE to stand for and encourage Peace in every way possible.
From personal to local to societal to global.
Our efforts must include everything from raising our kids to how schools influence them, what media and entertainment teach and encourage, understanding how poverty, greed, lack of food and unfettered capitalism and more all the way through business, corporate, governmental and international actions affect us all.

This post can’t include all those things but you can think of and search out ways to move us into a world where Peace and Life, Rights, Love, Empathy, Caring and Sharing are natural.
It is possible and you can help manifest it.

I’ll add to the post and include more links as I can but to start with I’m listing a few groups  you can be a part of and resources you can use.
Please check back but don’t look to me, this site or anyone else for all the answers, many of the answers are in you and many we already know of.
Don’t sit and expect the world to get better without your efforts.
Remember the saying “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”
We don’t need leaders guiding the way, we need caring active people of all sorts bringing Peace into existence in all ways.

There will be a few different sections, each will be added to.

  Some groups and links to check out, support, learn from and join with

if they align with what you feel is right and will be helpful…

(In no particular order)

1) Poor People’s Campaign

2) CodePink

3) United for Peace and Justice

4) Divest Invest (This directly is important for peace as we will never see peace if we have wars for oil and destroy our planet)

5) Peace Alliance

6) American Friends Service Committee has a lot of good info, here I have the link to one section they call “Wage Peace”

7) Veterans For Peace

8) “For Anyone Wanting a Better World, Peace, Rights, Sustainability…”
Info and video of all different types from raising kids with empathy to completely different economic models and much more.

9) This article should be read as it points out how we must stay aware that those that want war and want to control and that profit from suffering try to steer peace groups away from standing against war and for actual peace.
Be aware this happens so that you can make sure any groups you are a part of don’t fall into the trap.

10) Having a clear truthful accurate view of the world is necessary if we want Peace or anything else worthwhile.
Here’s a good list of non-corporate media that can help us see things as they are and not as the corporate world wants us to see them.
Of course you should always check multiple sources and think of what you take in.

More to be added but those above along with what you think of on your own and what you search out is a good start.

Get busy supporting Peace NOW! Not “some day”

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