I/we do not sell, rent, share or harvest information about you or your contact information or anything else.

If you sign up for a newsletter or contact us, your information will only be used to send you the newsletter or respond to you.

In general (not about this site but in general) if you are concerned about your privacy there are many things you can do to secure or at least limit the amount of or dangers of it being seen or used by others.
Some people may just want their privacy, others to avoid the harvesting of info by marketers or various governments, others may have information they deem important for the world to know about and are going to or considering going to become a whistleblower and therefor have an often very serious reason to be secure in how they transmit information.
Some info on that will be shared in a post at a later date but you can find a lot of info on matters of staying private online, on your phone, and more and more you need to look at all “smart” devices, so read up on your own and know that there, in actuality is no 100% secure anything.

You can use more private browsers, search engines, a VPN, secure sites such as you’ll notice how this one has an SSL certificate, and there is much more but as I said, none is 100% secure.

Use common sense and be as informed as possible.

One source that springs to mind with a bit of helpful info is  but, as with anything important, don’t rely on any one source no matter how much you trust it or think it’s comprehensive.

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