Shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy. The benefits, the why, the how!

Shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy.
The benefits, the why, the how!

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There are many reasons to shift to solar, wind and geothermal. Some of those will be listed here along with how you can help it happen and how it will benefit us all.
It will help us all.
Yes, ALL of us. It’s safer for the workers. It’s more sustainable environmentally and economically.
It helps the workers, the communities, our country and our planet.
We can have a good, just and fair shift where fossil fuel workers can be trained and shift and it would be perfect to work in there the making of co-ops, worker owned and run companies. That would make things even better!
The narrative against the change is promoted by those that not only profit to a massive degree from oil and coal (the owners, CEOs, executives, investors) and they have spread lies and junk science to make people think we can’t and/or don’t need to shift.

There is zero reason for us to stay on ways to power our world that pollute terribly, damage our world,our people and all life when there are better ways that, again, benefit us all.

I am updating this site and going to redo and add to the old post so keep checking back, I’ll do this as quick as possible but please keep in mind there’s a tremendous amount of time needed to do this properly so have a little patience and feel free to check elsewhere but please remember some of the info you find elsewhere will be that which is spread by those that profit from us not changing, so check multiple sources, be skeptical, and make sure whatever you are using as a source is not only true and reliable, but is up to date.
I mention up to date because the advancements are so many and at such a rate that even a few months may mean the data is old.

Electric produced per solar panel, per turbine, the amount of capacity of batteries and so forth and of course the cost is constantly getting better.
One obvious example is between 2016 and 2017 the global price of solar panels dropped by 50 percent, so any calculation of the cost to produce x-amount of electricity if using the cost before the drop would, obviously, be way more than it really would be, so take things like that into account.

Price is dropping, efficiency is rising, more people are employed daily in the clean energy market and that will continue.

In 2016 jobs in the solar market in the USA grew at a rate of 17 times what the rest of the economy grew at.

Constantly and quickly manufacturers are making cars with a longer travel range on a charge. Proterra (a USA bus company) has a full size bus that has an 1,100 mile range on one single charge!

We can power our whole world without needing to destroy it.

Of course a sustainable planet means not just cleaner energy production but needs to look at not living just as mindless consumers.  Watching our population, going Vegan (or as close to it as possible as it is much, much less damaging to Earth), avoiding wars, eliminating poverty, having better education and other things on the list, but how we power our lives is one of the biggest things we must do as cleanly as possible, as quickly as possible and we can do it.

There are multiple sections to this post, there are ways you can help, examples of the shift in action and the dangers of fossil fuels, take in as much as you can and share what you can with those that you know.

Ways you can support the shift…

1) One simple way to help is even if you can’t or won’t be buying solar panels or solar shingles or turbines, you can in most places choose who your electric supplies is. Not your energy company that send the electricity to you, but where they buy the amount you use. Check with them, find their list of electric supplies they can use and then check out those companies. Try to find on that is 100 percent wind and solar or just wind or solar. Please avoid “biomass”, it’s often trees just chopped down and burnt as wood pellets and so forth. Technically that can be looked at as “renewable” but just because it can be doesn’t mean it is. They probably aren’t planting as many trees as they burn and even if they do we still lose all the other life in that forest, we waste massive energy transporting the trees or mass and it pollutes.
Wind and solar are the main answers.
One wind only company is
but feel free to check all that are listed with acceptable by your energy company.
So check out the companies, the terms and sign up with one. I did and it actually is slightly cheaper than the cost was straight through my energy company, there was no contract through them and it isn’t even noticeable… I still just get one bill a month, any electric line problems are still taken care of by Duke (my energy company) and they don’t care where they get the energy they sell to me, once you sign up the only difference is you are supporting a company to use, build and employ people in the wind/solar industries.
So please do that.

2) If you have or run a website, check out a host such as
They buy REC’s (which are energy credits) of wind power equivalent to 3 times more energy than their operation uses!

3) Reduce, reuse, recycle, live simply, share, borrow, grow some of your own food.
Just those things right there can carry a massive positive change.

4) Encourage your school, university, company, anyone who invests and so forth to divest from fossil fuels and invest in that which is cleaner and more beneficial to us all.
#BankExit and move your money to a local Credit Union where it’s fully insured just like the big banks but generally has lower fees, higher interest rates they pay you and are more likely to loan to local businesses which obviously what we want.
Find a local Credit Union at
also, how individuals, schools, NGOs, corporations and governments can stop supporting fossil fuels and support clean energy can be found at

5a) The video below has a talk with New York City’s Chief Resilience Officer, Daniel Zarrilli, on the decision to divest from fossil fuels and Clara Vondrich of Divest/Invest, one of the activist groups that helped make it happen. Also, author, journalist, Christian Parenti believes that we don’t demand enough of government but extreme weather will force our behavior to change.

5b) The divest/invest movement website as mentioned in the above video

6a) This video below is a very comprehensive and wide ranging plan for massive change that will address climate change, environmental degradation, employment, rights, sustainability, people’s health, planetary health and more.
It is a full length documentary talk with things added in, it is DEFINITELY worth the watch, please do so, think about it, share with others and get to work implementing what it talks of and what is talked of in the video below this one.
It will require us all.
Below the video is the link to the speaker’s site.

6b) The website of the speaker in the above video:

7a) Here is a GREAT video below showing vision and ways to achieve that vision.  Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement (this covers the movement, not the movie), a grassroots, worldwide organization that advocates an alternative economic system based on sustainability, cooperation and human need. His most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement,’ delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global activism to unite to replace it. Abby Martin sits down with Joseph to talk about the contradictions and crises of capitalism and what he advocates to save the future of the planet from catastrophe.

7b) After viewing please visit

More to be added to this section as possible.

Electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, etc…

In September there is the National Drive Electric Week in the USA and it’s fun and informative.

As the organizers say on their site:
National Drive Electric Week, is September 14-22, 2019  and is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Are you considering going electric? Come talk to owners who have successfully done so.”

Here’s a nice list of links that are on the site above but I’ll share here to make sure you see it…

1) Plug In America

2) Sierra Club’s Electric Vehicles Campaign

3) Electric Auto Association

4) Environment America article:
50 State Roadmap for Curbing our Dependence on Petroleum

5) National Wildlife Federation article:
Fueling Vehicles with Electricity

6) Natural Resources Defense Council article:
Grasping Green Car Technology

7) Union of Concerned Scientists article: State of Charge Report

8) Electric Drive Transportation Association

9) GoElectricDrive

10) The Electrification Coalition

11) Plug-In Cars

12) US Department of Energy EV information

13) US Department of Energy Vehicle Emissions/Cost Calculator

More to be added to this section, check back.

Companies, projects and examples of the shift in action…

Many advancements have been made and are constantly happening, so many of the numbers here may already have been made even better.

Apple Now Runs on 100% Clean Energy

2) Collectors Capture Infrared for Energy and Pass Through Solar Spectrum for Agriculture
A Purdue University professor is developing a way for farmers to capture solar energy without blocking the sunlight their crops need.
(And, just as an addition, remember, we also have wind turbines of all sizes, the article seems to look at how much land needed for all our power generation to be only from solar and should add in wind, so less is needed than they say)

3) Hawaii Aims for 100% Renewable Energy, Other States Watching

4) California is requiring solar panels on all new houses.
Though buyers could see their monthly mortgage go up by $40, their utility bills would fall by $80. Over time, a family would save $19,000.

5) GreenGeeks webhosting uses all wind AND pays for 2X that in wind credits, so they purchase 300% of their use of electricity from wind power.
Read about it and have them host your site if you have one.

6) Nuns on Long Island on Sacred Mission to Save the Planet.
“Earth is our neighbor,” said Sister Karen Burke, coordinator of land initiatives for Sisters of St. Joseph. The sisters are using nearly every corner of their 211-acre Brentwood campus as a model of sustainability – from honey-making bee hives to farm-fresh eggs. Now, a new 3,200-panel solar array, the largest private installation on Long Island, powers 63 percent of their energy needs.
The solar array saves the sisters $22,000 a year in energy costs.

7) Carmakers’ Letter to White House – “Climate Change is Real”

More to be added to this section, check back.

Dangers of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and use…

1) I’ll start this ongoing list with this “World Scientists Warning to Humanity: a second notice”
15,000+ scientists from 184 countries signed the warming to us and many more have since then.
Go to this link to read what they wrote, it is as a PDF file, everyone should read it.
It covers the reality, danger and solutions.
Read it.

2) Here will be a few articles that list oil spills and leaks and some cover how few of them, have actually been reported to the general public which obviously means the average person has a false and totally unrealistic view upon the safety of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and use.
  a) Map Displays Five Years of Oil Pipeline Spills
  b) Keystone pipeline leak spills 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

3) Dangers of “fracking”. I will add more to this as I can but will start with this one…
  a) 8 Dangerous Side Effects of Fracking That the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Hear About

But first, let’s take a look at some of the numbers:
40,000: gallons of chemicals used for each fracturing site
8 million: number of gallons of water used per fracking
600: number of chemicals used in the fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins such as lead, benzene, uranium, radium, methanol, mercury, hydrochloric acid, ethylene glycol and formaldehyde
10,000: number of feet into the ground that the fracking fluid is injected through a drilled pipeline
1.1 million: number of active gas wells in the United States
72 trillion: gallons of water needed to run current gas wells
360 billion: gallons of chemicals needed to run current gas wells
300,000: number of barrel of natural gas produced a day from fracking

And at the link are eight of the worst side effects of fracking you don’t hear about from those slick TV commercials paid for by the industry.

4) Energy Transfer Partners Pipelines Leaked Hazardous Liquids Every 11 Days for 15 Years, on Average

5) Pipeline Bombshell: Even Dominion Energy Says Mountain Valley Pipeline Contractor Is Incompetent

6) TransCanada Pipeline Explodes in West Virginia

7) Oil Spill Now Larger Than Paris Ravages Indonesian Island, 5 Dead

Much more is available but we have not had a chance to update.

More to come as possible, …

some of which will be found at…

1) Achieving Zero Emissions Clean Energy How To

2) Clean Energy Is Happening, How You Can Help

3) Trudeau of Canada Sells Out His People And Our Planet For Oil

4) And a holistic view of much of what we can do for a better world…
For Anyone Wanting a Better World, Peace, Rights, Sustainability…

I will list more facts, companies to check out, vehicles, do it yourself projects (some are even passive and do not require panels, turbines be they large or small or geothermal), the dangers of fossil fuel extraction, transportation and use and will continue to expand on it as I can.
Please check back. But don’t hesitate to check around on your own and come up with new ideas/inventions on your own or with others.

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