Stop junk mail and ads and save some trees real easy!

Waste of anything is unacceptable. Stopping waste in our society isn’t always real easy, but sometimes it is and unwanted mail and ads are pretty easy to stop and it’s worth doing.

Junk mail and those ads they throw on your driveway or in the street) wastes trees, wastes oil (plastic bags, shipping), wastes the energy to make and print and ship and deliver and then wastes the energy to either cart to the dump (and fills up the landfill quicker) or it wastes the energy it takes to recycle the paper, then make it into new paper, then package it and and ship it.

Obviously the best thing is to stop the stuff in the first place. The first step is to REDUCE and then Reuse and then Recycle if something is used, but not even making it in the first place is the goal.

Doing these simple things at these sites listed below will dramatically reduce the waste left in your mailbox. You can also just call or email companies that send you stuff and tell them they are wasting their money as you never buy from unsolicited mail. Explain the waste. It can and does make a difference.

1) Direct Marketing Association opt out:

2) Prescreened/Preapproved Credit and Insurance Offers:
1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688)

3) Call all the companies you do business with and ask that they remove your information from their advertising mailings. You may want to call banks, stores, insurance companies, frequent flier programs, credit card companies, phone companies and Internet shopping sites. Clarify if you want to be removed from all mailings or just those related to product offers.

4) Keep a stack of unwanted magazines, catalogs, flyers or anything else and take some time to call their customer service numbers. Request that you be removed from their mailing list. If you want to receive something from the company, request that you be put on an infrequent mailing cycle.

5) Don’t fill out contest forms or warranty cards unless you know for certain they won’t use, sell, rent or share your contact info.

There is more you can do but those will help for the majority, do a search elsewhere for more if you’d like, I just wanted it easy for folks but if you want to do more then that’s great.
Please do these things now, don’t wait because you may just keep putting it off.


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