They admit it out loud now, they want us sick and they want us spreading disease.

The worst disease is that of greed,
that of selfishness,
that of what we’re told is success.


After the commentary are a few videos, an article and more will be added over time.

I believe most or at least many people realize the focus on profit is the only thing of concern to much of the corporate world.
It’s obvious in countless ways, but they (the greedy, the filthy rich corporate rulers and their mindless servants to money and power) rarely come right out and say in plain language that they would rather see you, your kids, your parents and everyone sick and suffering, dying early and spreading diseases so that they can hoard money and have the power associated with that hoarding.

But now we’ve reached a point where corporate rule has gotten so powerful, so monopolized, so in control of governments, our food, our water and our lives, that they just speak the truth now. The disease of  selfishness, irresponsibility, shallowness, greed, immaturity and dangerous behavior and decisions is not hidden whatsoever. It’s out in the open, spoken now not just in their heads but aloud because it’s accepted (by them and whatever percentage of the population, but not by all of us) as “business”.  Any way to make money is ok with them. ANY way.
If suffering, loss, death, grieving, people’s lack of living up to one’s potential, damage to society, nation or world happens, then they say “so be it, I am rich, I am successful, I win, it’s business

After seeing this disgusting display of how truly despicable humans can be by a psychopathic (no conscience, only concerned for self)  analyst at a psychopathic corporation that want to be top dog in the psychopathic setup we have called capitalism I knew this had to be a post on it’s own which I will add to some but will relate to more in another post which also covers how we can work to move away from this pitiful way of letting the world work by taking a look at and being willing to act on and support better ways such as those listed in and some other posts here.

NOTE: One last thing before the videos and so forth. Some people who obviously are afraid to look at the reality will defend what the analyst said because there are the suggestions to focus on larger markets, etc. The thing that the apologists are missing is the whole premise in the first place was maximum profit is negatively affected by CURING diseases. The analysis never once implied we should cure AND diversify so as to make sure there’s maximum profit AND cure as many people as possible, no, all it said was, in essence, “do not cure” and “find more ways to make money” and once someone has pointed out curing is bad, then they obviously are not going to do a 180 degree turn and say cure as many people as possible. Those larger markets would be looked at my them as the same… curing cuts into profit, so do not cure.

I know we don’t want to admit people can be like that but they can and many are and it’s evidenced in all aspects of our lives and we must change.

A couple videos…

If adult language bothers you then consider skipping this first one but hopefully the real offense is the greed and horrible behavior by people to whom our lives mean nothing and not just a few words by someone making some real good points.
The Goldman Sachs part is a little ways into the video.

Following the video below is a comment that was in the comment section on the video and after watching please read as it covers a couple important things we should look at.

Public comment by “wkmac2” with some good points on the above video on youtube:
“Moving the research of disease and cures solely in the public realm is worth talking about but if we don’t first address the regulatory capture and Corp control of the public space, isn’t this in effect allowing the Fox to move into and live in the chicken house? Let me also add that research and development in the public space should not only be fully transparent but also completely open source and treated as the true commons and not delegated out to privileged and positioned entities. Seems to me the more decentralized the less chance of scarcity and monopoly.”

Corporate Privilege: Premeditated Murders, Civil Fines and Miscarriages of Justice

More to be added.

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