Trudeau of Canada sells out his people and our planet for oil

Trudeau of Canada sells out his people and our planet for oil.

Yet ANOTHER reason
why we must support the shift
to cleaner, safer solar, wind and geothermal NOW!


Greed. Lust for power and control. A desire to be included in the circle of the rich and famous.

Those are some of the things that bring into being wars, theft of resources, unsafe and unnecessary practices and so much of that which endangers us all, and behind so much of that is oil.
It leads public servants and politicians of all types to start the wars, thieve from their people, ignore national and international law and human rights and carry out fully unnecessary and dangerous behaviors in service to big oil and those invested in it.

Oil is something we needed and still need today but technology has advanced tremendously and has been implemented in enough places and in enough ways that we now have incontrovertible proof that we can power our whole world without oil.
The shift can be away from oil at a rate where there is no justification whatsoever to build any new pipelines or infrastructure supporting oil or coal.

In the USA the government subsidies massively profitable oil companies and will pit their police, intelligence agencies, military and private mercenaries against the people and will ignore any and all treaties, laws and rights in service of oil.

In many parts of the world the same happens.

Now in Canada we see the most blatant example of that with a USA company deciding it was too expensive to carry out a project but instead of that ending it the government of Canada just hands them a ton of money and then takes on all the costs in the future and will try to force the people to accept it if they like it or not, if it is legal or not and if it fits with international agreements or not.

That’s called fascism. Fascism is the marriage of corporations and the government.
If handing the people’s money to a foreign company and then being a puppet to the oil industry and the banks funding all of it doesn’t fit that definition then nothing will.

We MUST support the shift to solar, wind and to a lesser degree geothermal. The fossil fuel industry will claim it’s not possible.
They are lying.
It’s not only possible, it’s already happening. Countless examples are already in place, are saving people money, are offering true energy independence, are safer for the workers, are safer for the community and are safer for our planet and future generations.

Below the video about Trudeau and a few other things I may add, I offer a few links with much info on solar and wind, supporting that which helps and not what harms and other things you can do, but at the top of the list must be moving away from oil and making sure it’s a just transition which does not leave the fossil fuel workers behind.
The workers are not to blame, they need jobs. We just need to make sure they have jobs manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, installing and maintaining these better ways.

We can do it and we must. Every day that we don’t encourage, support, raise awareness of and be involved in the shift the more we will see governments worldwide serving their corporate masters and there has already been enough suffering.

If there was no other way to power our world that would be one thing, but there are ways and some can be found at the links below.
Please check those and others out, use multiple sources for your information and never forget that there are some that will lie to you and those are the ones that profit from the way things are and/or are just parroting what those that profit are saying.

Keep it peaceful but stand up and make change happen.

Trudeau Government Spends Billions to Acquire Tar Sands Pipeline in Canada

Here’s the site (Oil Change International) the man interviewed is a part of

Washington Tribes Vow To Fight Canadian Pipeline Expansion

Video (That is also in the above article):


And, as is common procedure with oil companies, they lied to us about how much a spill there was.
Anyone Surprised?’
Kinder Morgan Pipeline Leak Two Days Before Trudeau Buyout Was 48 Times Larger Than First Reported
“With accuracy like that, we should all be very, very worried.”

Sharing this below from the Water Protectors group on

“We just learned that the Trudeau government will spend $4.5 billion in public money to buy the TransMountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan along with the company’s core assets.

There’s a victory here. Indigenous-led and people-powered organizing has officially forced one of the world’s largest oil companies to abandon a massive tar sands pipeline. Unfortunately, this also means that the Canadian government isn’t just at the beck and call of oil companies, it’s become one.

Like many of you, we hoped that Kinder Morgan abandoning this project would be the end of this fight, forcing Justin Trudeau to reject pipeline politics so we could get on with the work of pushing Canada to lead the 100% renewable energy revolution. But it’s not, and our Prime Minister has gone from self-styled climate leader to fossil fuel CEO.

Here’s the thing about democracy – and using public money to buy this pipeline – Justin Trudeau just made us all shareholders in this pipeline. He just opened a TransMountain office in every single riding across this country, and each of its new executives’ phone numbers and addresses are listed on the government of Canada website. In short, the Prime Minister just gave us the power to stop this pipeline, but we need to get to work if we’re going to use it. So let’s start by asking for shareholder meetings all across the country.

Before this pipeline deal is finalized in the fall, Kinder Morgan’s shareholders are going to get a chance to vote on it, and we want the same thing. If this government is going to pony up public cash for their pipeline bailout, we think people all across Canada deserve the right to have their say. That’s why we’re calling for a shareholder meeting, and we need your help. Send Justin Trudeau and his cabinet a message demanding that they hold public consultations on their decision to buy Kinder Morgan.

One thing to note is that the Trudeau government is still looking for a final buyer for this pipeline — and so far they haven’t had very much luck. Oil companies and banks alike can read the tea leaves: Indigenous-led resistance is nowhere close to winding down. As freshly minted shareholders, let’s make sure our local TransMountain executives hear this message. Join us in asking the Trudeau government for pipeline consultations in every riding across the country.

From ending boil water advisories in First Nations communities to investing in public housing, there is no shortage of ways in which this government could better spend $4.5 billion. If they’re choosing instead to invest in a massive climate wrecking pipeline that doesn’t have Indigenous consent, they’d better prepare to hear from all of us everywhere they go.

I never thought I’d have to say this but we’ve stopped Kinder Morgan — now let’s stop Trudeau.

I’m ready. Are you?

In respect and peace,

Clayton Thomas-Müller”
Group link (not article link) to where the above was shared

As mentioned at the top, here’s a post with lots of info on how you can support the shift to clean solar and wind, more and safer jobs, electric vehicles, true energy independence, see some of the dangers of fossil fuels and how you can support a sustainable way for your kids and all those that follow us.

And here’s a post with numerous ways you can make this a better place anywhere from individual to global.

More will be added, plus you can obviously research on your own and use your own imagination to come up with ways to positively affect our world.

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