What one can’t accomplish, many can. We must unify.

What one can’t accomplish, many can.

We must unify.

People aren’t organized.
We may all want a lot of the same things such as peace, decent jobs, a sustainable economy and planet, our rights and so forth but we are not organized.
We are not working together.
We can easily change a lot of the world’s problems if we unify.

We must be willing to be organized, join together, set aside differences and form alliances and coalitions.
The amount of people aware of what is truly going on, aware of the dangers and aware of the desperate need of change in many ways is a decent sized amount, but what are people actually actively doing for change? How many that are aware are actually doing anything?
Very little.
Complaining about the state of things, ignoring problems or posting about things but not searching out solutions does very little to no good.
A small percentage of those that could be pushing and supporting large swaths of people to come together are not in an organized way doing that.

Dis-empowerment, identity politics and complaining but not working on change is at the heart of the problem.

We need to band together which can reach a threshold for the masses to get engaged.
That can work and it’s really the only hope. The machine is waiting for a breakdown to happen and they are ready, boy oh boy are they ready and if that happened we can kiss any positive change goodbye and kiss our planet goodbye because once we are a full blown authoritarian/totalitarian police state there will be no move to clean energy, no move away from capitalism, no move to protect anything and we’ll end up with a dead rock floating around the sun just like all the other dead rocks.

We have to be proactive.

The idea the Movement for a People’s Party has, for example, is a “coalition of unions, community groups, student chapters, academics, progressive parties and left organizations” .

The idea the Poor People’s Campaign and the related efforts of the organizers there has gotten endorsements from the list I’ll add below and that’s what we need. Lots of people from various backgrounds and types but all together. Imagine everyone that wants what those 2 groups (and any other, but just talking those 2 for now), all the people supporting those and agreeing with their goals to actually push HARD to get more people active. Then take those millions and back efforts to boycott or strike or back bills or decent parties and candidates or a move to get military recruiters OUT of our schools and on and on.

We’d be talking tens of millions of people.

We can’t be just complaining and scattered. We can’t just be reporting problems, we need to organize and for me those 2 groups I mentioned (and a few others of course) have the right view.
They both state the 2 parties are a mess.
They both state alliances and coalitions are necessary.
They both state decent wages and health care as necessary.
They both stand for rights, peace and a sustainable planet.
If one looks at that short list there and everyone that agreed on those got behind their efforts we could have massive power overnight.

Greens, No Party Preference and others took back control of Richmond California by banding together and backing what helped them all. They got minimum wage raised twice, cut homicides down by 75% with community initiatives and got a super majority in city council and the mayor’s office by working together.
That is the perfect example. Richmond has a Chevron refinery and they won against oil money. If they can do it so can we a larger scale.

Another thing I see as key is every single time someone shares or posts or talks of a problem they need to offer at least an idea of what we can do to either support it if it’s good or change it if it’s bad AND to encourage people to do that and/or find or think of something positive on their own. We have to be solution oriented. There are tons we can do. Move away from fossil fuels, divest from bad, invest in good, etc, etc, etc but along with that we need raw numbers of people because the bigger it is the more people in the machine (cops, investors, media and so forth) will have connections to those in the movement and therefor not move against the people.

The video with Erica Chenoweth at the link I’ll add below but before a few other links in this comment covers the need for lots of people to join together very well. She’s studied it more than anyone else.

Before that link, here’s the list of endorsers for the Poor People’s Campaign I mentioned and that I would love to see grow. It’s worth slowly reading it and thinking of the amount of people and how many those people are connected to…

350 (dot) org
A Philip Randolph Institute
About Face (Iraq Veteran’s Against the War)
Adalah Justice Project
Advocates for Youth
AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)
American Federation of Teachers
American Friends Service Committee
Assembly to End Poverty
Auburn Theological Seminary
Ben & Jerry’s
Bend the Arc
Beyond Extreme Energy
Campaign to Take on Hate
Center for Popular Democracy
Center for Progressive Renewal/Convergence
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education
Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases
Coalition of Veterans Organizations
CWA Communications Workers of America
Define American
Democracy Spring
Democratic Socialists of America
Disciples Justice Action Network
Doctors for America
Dream Defenders
Earth News Channel
Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
Episcopal Church
Every Mother Is A Working Mother Network
Faith in Public Life
Faith Matters Network
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Food and Water Watch
Fraciscan Action Network
Freedom Road
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends of the Earth
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders
Global Women’s Strike
Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
Green Faith
Housing Works
Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Interfaith Worker Justice
Islamic Society of North America
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Memphis Center for Urban and Theological Studies (MCUTS)
MPower Change
Micah Challenge USA
Micah Institute
Military Families Speak Out
Move To Amend
Movement for a People’s Party
Movement in Faith
Muslim Peace Fellowship
Muslim Public Affairs Council
“National Black Justice Coalition”
National CARES Mentoring Movement
National Council of Churches
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
National LGBTQ Taskforce
National Physicians Alliance
National Welfare Rights Union
Network of Spiritual Progressives
On Earth Peace
Our Revolution
Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights
Partisan Press
Peoples Climate Movement
Physicans For a National Health Plan (PNHP)
Picture the Homeless
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Presbyterian Church (USA), Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries
Progressive Doctors
Progressive National Baptist Convention
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Red Letter Christians
Religions for Peace USA
Religious Institute
Revolutionary Love Project
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
Sankofa (dot) org
SEIU Service Employees International Union
Shalom Center
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Sierra Club
Social Welfare Action Alliance
Southern Aids Coalition
Students United for a National Health Program
The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
The Rabbinical Association
Transform Network
UCC Climate Justice Council
UFW United Farm Workers
UHCANWorking for Health Care Justice
Undocu-Black Network
Union of Reform Judaism
Unitarian Universalist Association
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
United Church of Christ
United Food and Commercial Workers
United for Peace & Justice
United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
United Methodist Women
United National Antiwar Coalition
United Religions Initiative
United Steel Workers (USW)
US Human Rights Network
US Labor Against the War
Veterans for Peace
Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)
Women of Color/ Global Women’s Strike
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s March
World Beyond War

And here’s the video with Erica I mentioned…

The above video is also posted with a lot of other good info at https://together4earth.one/nonviolent-civil-resistance-opposing-repressive-or-unacceptable-policy-successfully-peacefully/

Here are 3 links associated with the Poor People’s Campaign and the organizers of that

1) https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/
2) https://www.breachrepairers.org/
3) https://kairoscenter.org/

A link to the Movement for a People’s Party https://www.forapeoplesparty.org/our-plan/

And please anyone reading this note, I am not saying to only endorse and support those, it hopefully is clear we need alliances and coalitions and you can support anything you want but time is not on our side and since the core of both of those is to unite and they are already up and running I offer those to you.
Take them or leave them just don’t discount the power of the many.



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