What whistleblowing is, why it’s important and how to expose truth as safely as possible.

What whistleblowing is, why it’s important
how to expose truth as safely as possible.

Whistleblowing is exposing important insider information held by a government or organization that must be exposed for the safety of the people or to protect the government or organization from corruption, etc.
The whistleblower is bringing forth information that they may be told not to but they see it’s release as vital and above the importance of adhering to a rule, law or order that restricts the information from being released.

There are numerous examples of whistleblowing and how it has been very beneficial that individuals have understood it’s importance and their responsibility to awaken others to what they know but I won’t be going into those right now.
I am going to share, at first, this one video where there is a call for people to come forward and speak truth and below that I will share a few things about how to attempt to get the information out with as little risk to oneself as possible.

If you are choosing to share information with the public that you are not authorized to share then you must decide how to and you must do that through an informed decision. I do not have all the answers for you. No one person or resource will. You must weigh the personal risks with the benefits to society and the world. I can’t demand you risk jail time but I do ask you (anyone) to be willing to look at life, liberty, the well being, fairness and justice of country, laws and all of our planet as important enough to decide to do what peacefully can be done.
I do not agree with anything other than non-violence and peaceful actions.
Being a truth teller, sharing what the world needs to know is peaceful and it can save lives.
I hope you agree.

Below this video are some links, you can also read up on your own. REMEMBER that nothing on the internet is guaranteed private. BE INFORMED unless your actions are so time sensitive that you do not have the luxury or doing a bit of planning ahead.
Also remember that having multiple copies of everything in various locations is obviously much better than handing over everything to one news outlet or person or organization.

Call out to whistleblowers.

1) Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg is best known for leaking information about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War in 1971, but he also drafted plans for nuclear war as a consultant to the Department of Defense and the White House as detailed in his book, “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.” He joins us in Santa Cruz to discuss nuclear war, North and South Korea and Iran. He says Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal has “no imaginable benefit to anybody, except for those mad men who want to see Iran destroyed,” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia.


Important info for anyone considering whistleblowing.

A) Below is a link pertaining to privacy on the internet. There is much info there, read up and research on your own. IMPORTANT NOTE:  before doing any research or releasing any info you need to be aware of ISPs and search engines saving your searches and what sites you go to. Your employer can also see what you have done online and with your computer.
Google harvests tons of info and censors. Avoid them, use safer browsers, search engines and consider a trustworthy VPN. Much of that is covered at this link, but take into account those things right away.

B) Here’s a list of a lot of independent non corporate media including examples of why mainstream media is not to be trusted.
Some of them may be able to help you expose important info, but again, be informed and research as much on your own as you like.

C) As mentioned above, I am a firm believer in creating change ONLY through non-violence. Peaceful civil disobedience is fine and can be effective, but it must remain peaceful. Here is some good info.

D) Freedom of the Press Foundation protects and defends adversarial journalism in the 21st century. We use crowdfunding, digital security, and internet advocacy to support journalists and whistleblowers worldwide.
and the direct link to some of their projects and tools

E) Here’s a lot of info worth checking reading
“Surveillance Self-Defense
Want a security starter pack?
Start from the beginning with a selection of simple steps.

More will be added either to the numbered or lettered lists.

Please contact with anything relevant that should be added.

Many thanks to anyone who does value people’s rights, peace, holding agencies and corporations accountable and the health and viability of our planet in high enough regard to step up to the plate even at personal risk.


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