A lot of Americans couldn’t find it on a map if you paid them.

If they know anything of what is going on there is a distorted picture painted as if it’s complicated and just has to be what it is.

In reality it is genocide. Plain and simple genocide.

The USA provides weapons, logistics and support including mid air refueling for Saudi Arabian bombers targeting civilians and harming the population and infrastructure of the country as much as possible.

Is it illegal? Yes.

Immoral? Yes.

While one life is too much, how many are at risk?

Well, along with all of those already dead, the UN has reported that 18.4 Million People in Yemen Expected to Starve to Death by End of Year.

That’s a country with only 28 million people to start out with.

2/3rds could be dead by the end of this year. (2018)

Read up, research, GET VOCAL.

Get vocal or admit you don’t care about people and you don’t care how far off course our military has gotten, how power mad greedy people in the arms industry will encourage death and destruction and how bought off corporate press skims the surface and paints a false sense of what is.

Is What’s Happening in Yemen Really Genocide? Saudi Arabia has spent more than three years bombing Yemen into oblivion and creating a humanitarian crisis. But is what’s happening in Yemen genocide?

UN Warns 10 Million More Yemenis Expected to Starve to Death by End of Year
According to the UN, the number of Yemenis in danger of starving to death would rise from the current figure of 8.4 million to 18.4 million by this December. That’s three times the estimated death toll of Jews killed during the Holocaust.

Scourging Yemen

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