You are being programmed.

You are being programmed.


Yes, you.

You are not immune to the effects of social media, tv, advertising and the rest.

Please watch this video, be willing to think about it and at least consider altering your relationship with those things listed (social media, etc) and to use critical thinking.

I’ll add a few more relevant things over time but this video says so much it’s worth just letting what it shows soak in.

This is also worth the watch

There are posts on this site that have many ways you can help this world get on a cleaner, safer, more peaceful and sustainable path.

Please check out the other posts, check the categories or use the search function to find issues, etc.

Or just passively sit and let the suffering continue, the wars to happen, the rights of humans and animals disappear and our planet become unable to support life.
The choice is there, please choose awareness and a willingness to try as much as possible to affect positive, lasting change.

Thank you.

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